Does she know?

Does she know?

She knows. She most definitely knows.

Ah from the Lindsay Bluth collection

This is advertising.

She absolutely knows. FTFY


"Do you come with the vodka?" - every guy (and possibly some women)


She absolutly knows.


Someone who's name is a Parks and Rec reference making an Arrested Development reference.

Wanna do karate in the garage?

She "abslutly" knows.


You're suggesting they've photographed this attractive female in a deliberately provocative pose? I dunno, sounds like a far fetched theory to me.

Oh you tee hee hee hee!

In this case "Vodka may cause SLUT" ?

I'm disgusted; only a sith deals in absoluts...

Edit: fixed phone trying to deal in absolutes rather than absoluts

Her period is the only thing that stops her.

Alcohol ads are required to come with a warning in the US.

To be fair, that's not wrong

It's a Shemalé

My boner knows but doesn't care.

You might say it full stops her.


And then used it to sell a product? Who would dare!

Please, no one would make an ad that had a derogatory word in it on purpose. Besides, Absolut (TM) doesn't need to advertise like that, the product speaks for itself. Made with all natural ingredients, Absolute (TM) a rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit.

No I'm a 7' inflatable bottle of vodka.

My guess here is that we are talking about a staged photo with the goal of achieving viral marketing.

Which means congrats(?) to the marketing firm.

Do you come with the vodka?

Oh you tee hee hee hee!

Macklin...You sonofabitch.

Fuck that Fuck You.


Let's dispel the notion she doesn't know what she's doing. She knows exactly what she's doing.

In highschool my friend ran a golf tournament drink stand next to a car you could win. We started keeping track after a certain point and only 8 groups out of 48 didn't make a joke about her coming with the car.

I'll try being a slut, that's a good trick!

And a product so closely linked to moral and responsible behavior as alcohol? They'd never!

Not everyone is afraid of the Crimson Tide

Oh you tee hee hee hee!

Sounds like its been drinking vodka.

If anything, it should be encouraged

Do you come with the slut?

Thanks Professor Common Sense!

But also with protection. I'm all for killing the double standard and letting girls do what they want without slut shaming, but as it is with guys, sleep around irresponsibly and you'll eventually contract something.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Moses himself parted the Red Sea

I really struggle to sympathise with blokes who have a problem with periods. Just put a towel down and adjust your activities appropriately. You don't have to have a full-on menses fetish; nor do you have to bury your mouth down there and slurp. But there's a broad spectrum between that and running away in disgust, flapping about and retching, and somewhere on that spectrum you can find a happy place.

My g/f (and indeed a couple of exes) has some real horror stories about guys who made her feel guilty and dirty because of her periods, and I get utterly livid when I hear anything like that: it's 2017, for god's sake. If you really are repulsed by periods then at least have the decency and courtesy to acknowledge that the issue is yours to deal with, and don't try to blame your partner who's already feeling messed up enough by the fact that you've just rejected her because her vagina makes you feel sick.


I'm guessing absolut vodka knows, picking out those dresses so it could look like it says slut in some of the pics people would take. Gets them paying extra attention to their brand. Absoslut for the skank in all of us.


Fixed That For You.


Life pro tip: never tell the obvious joke that jumps to mind when talking to service people. They've heard it a thousand times and will want to throw up on you of you say it.

Whatever you're drinking, if it tastes like that I don't think it's Absolut...

I doubt that. But all I know is I could go for an Absolut vodka and cranberry right now. You take 1.5 oz. of Absolut and 4 oz. of cranberry juice, mix gently mix a spoon and serve chilled.

Funny think about the internet - not everything revolves around the US

Quickest way to get drunk, using natures straw.

You're telling me someone on Reddit likes both Parks and Rec and Arrested development? What are the odds!?!?!

Fixed This For You

Isn't that the rule, though? Until proven otherwise, assume everyone on the internet is a male American?

Actually, since the bottle is in English and uses American proof measurements (not British), it's probably safe to assume that this is targeted at the U.S.

Did you and me just become best friends?!

Also, 86 is best year.

Isn't there a /sub/hailcorporate location where this would get yet more upvotes?

You can use any cranberry juice, but I prefer Ocean Spreay™ Good For You® Cranberry Juice.

What are jew talking about?

For some reason I want vodka now...and some sort of loose woman! Advertisings the best :)

Fixed that for you

I love alcohol! Really brings out a person's morality!

You seem like someone I would get along with.

Assume just about everything here is said in a sarcastic tone. If it doesn't make sense as sarcasm, then you can assume it's legit. We be a salty bunch.


Once I teach it to suck up liquids, it is unstoppable.

Goddammit, take my upvote

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh, hey brother.

This is where the fun begins


Photo was taken at the Cloudmir re-branding party


No but it helps.

While body shaming is always a really horrible thing to do, menstruation is a little gross. Ladies, a little warning is much appreciated, as a bloody penis can be a real mood-killer.

Does that apply to viral marketing like we see on reddit?

Assuming the picture was taken in the US or that it was even posted from a US location. The TTB has no jurisdiction outside of its borders.

In Sweden Slut means end, so I thought that the vodka bottle was empty..

Yep, this is where I get off

You'd be surprised how uncommon it is...

Do you come with the tee hee?

You could find out. Report it to the TTB. They did not include a warning. Unlike most agencies in the US, the TTB does not play around. They could be fined or at the very least the post would be removed.

What does FTFY mean ? (is not my native language.)

I wont edit cause i dont regret my mistakes, but apreciate your corrections

It's being posted from a five year old account with pretty shit karma. Kinda like mine. Highly doubt it was sold out.

And you seem like some llama that I would get along with.


Oh you tee hee hee hee!



I know her! I know her! She was a bartender at a restaurant I worked at when I was 18 in Guilderland, NY called Jacob & Anthony's Prep Kitchen. She moved away to California only a few months into me working at the restaurant, but everybody at the place was bookoo crazy about that girl. Very hot, and she knew it too, totally fun person to be around, very vibrant.


contract something

Symptoms may consist of marriage or child support.

Her face is like "fuk, they know now"

My dad does this.

item doesn't ring up

So I guess that means it's free HAHAHAHA


ヽ༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ ノ

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

"It's a Shemale"


"We've got a shitpost on the internet that fails to meet US advertising regulations. Whatever you're working on, drop it! Let's roll boys!"

A pun thread! The skyy's the limit!

Fun fact: slut means final in swedish. Making the indication that absolut is the final vodka you should have.

She belvedere knows. FTFY

lol implying that companies would admit to advertising via paid schills on social media.