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The ironic meme I posted to LSC on an alt is at ~200 updoots and ~95% upvoted.

Fucking dead.

I've always assumed /sub/neoliberal is paid front subreddit, probably a reddit, google, or democratic party campaign testing ground to see if they can effectively control media in the internet age. Personally I think the net is a lost medium; capitalists own and control all of the infrastructure around it, and are doing an incredible job of controlling the narrative to one that doesn't threaten their property.

I can't deal, I actually can't fucking deal.

Shh! Don't call me a mom, I'll never be able to get the Macron flairs to stop following me.

"okay but it's 2017, women can do anything, why do we still need feminism???"

Fifteenth, by which I mean to say it's my fifteenth birthday today.


I've seen various arguments on here that even if we don't know the logistics of single payer yet, it's really smart politically.

But I don't buy that either, and here's why:

I have a really hard time believing that there's no backfire effect to throwing all the Democrats out there to advocate for single payer and none of them have an answer to the not-exactly-obscure question, "how do you pay for it?" That seems like it could weaken the entire downballot for the Democratic Party.

Meme about men being fragile -

(74% upvoted)

Oh Reddit. You do such a good job of never exceeding expectations.

Bernie Sanders is a NEET. He sits around all day jerking off to anime and doesn't even have a real job. He gets government welfare and blows his food stamps on strippers and weed. Bernie Sanders personally offends me because he spends all day prostituting his wife for beer money. I spend all day working hard in the coal mines just so this autist can afford to get his failed dick sucked by black women. Seriously WTF is with his hair? He looks like a typical commie who was probably born in Kenya with Obama Hussain. That is why Bernie Sanders is a NEET

Hot take: TND is /sub/neoliberal's mom. He comes along and participates in discussion and bugs us to upvote things. If we don't listen to him, he becomes disappointed with us, motivating us with our sense of shame.

Shame 🔔🔔🔔

So, I can help neoliberals reach 5000 comments, I am going to post very spicy hot take enough to cause schism.

Hot take: It is morally wrong not to design your baby and you should try to make youry baby more intelligent and handsome as much as you can.

Second hot take: abortion is no big deal and forbidding embryonic stem cell research is inhumane for preventing more research which could have saved lives.

Third hot take: Transhumanists did nothing wrong.

There was fourth hot take, but that would going to make me look like Hitler and this sub is going to lynch me, so I am not going to post that one.

Trump's ACA policy is no longer repeal

If this keeps Dems don't even need to win elections anymore.




I just cancelled all of my weekend plans to drive up to NY this Friday for a Hillary Clinton book signing the next day at a Costco in Connecticut.

Told a date our plans for Saturday have to be delayed cause Hilldawg. If she doesn't take it well, it was never meant to be.

No, Hitler had a terrible economic program that would have inevitably led to collapse. Some great posts about it on r//askhistorians, may even be in the faq.

Hot take: growing the economy by confiscating property from the Jews is wrong.

hot take: ShareBlue are less partisan than FOX

>Hillary releases book


>Hillary gets interviewed about book

Ugh why is she talking so much about herself

Broke: Abolish the House of Lords Woke: Abolish the House of Commons

(except no fox hunting pls)

Arguing with my pro Brexit, but arguably 'neoliberal' friend, he keeps on talking about the EU's protectionism. Specifically tariffs on non EU products, agricultural protection etc etc.

Ik in this sub we live the EU a lot, but we never seem to talk about their protectionist policies.

Someone is downvoting the feminist meme by DITS and we're not on /r/all/rising yet which means it is probably y'all.

Judging y'all for this.

Ringo Starr said he's pro-Brexit

WTF I hate the Beatles now.

why don't we advocate for something like a "$15 effective wage?" If we're actually pro EITC and not just anti minimum wage, it seems like a good way to frame it.

even if the SOMC has no idea what they are doing, they have to pretend to know what they are doing in order to maintain public confidence in memes

How am I never first

I am sure this /sub/news thread on automation will be highly nua-

Osborne is salty

I never thought I'd say this but I miss the Paul Ryan/ trump shitposts

One thing that definitely needs to be automated is a robot that shoots people in the face when they use the technical and specific term 'serfdom' to refer to anything they don't like because they remember hearing it in middle school history