Discussion: Obama Gives Farewell Address

Discussion: Obama Gives Farewell Address

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Registered Republican, proud to have voted for him twice.

Best line: "If you get tired of arguing with strangers on the Internet, try talking to one of them in person."

He just energized a lot of people to oppose the next administration.

President Obama it has been our privilege to have you. We took the competency of your office and caliber of your character for granted. I fear decency has left us for now. We are going to go backwards and sideways for a spell, I think. Your light has unleashed some darkness in response. But you have inspired the best of us to do more. And we can, and we will.

Obama sometimes made the wrong decisions, but he always knew what was at stake and made sure he understood his choices. He went through eight years without a single meaningful personal scandal and few from the people below him. He shared his thought process openly even when security and politics required him to keep secrets. He apologized for his mistakes. And he reached out to other people at every opportunity.

His greatest shortcomings were imposed by a flawed, failing political system and a world offering him a bad-to-worst range of options. He was a model leader for a modern democracy.

Man, this guy can talk. I'm not american but this guy truly inspires me to be a better person in my own country.

Just realizing that Obama is sandwiched between the two worst presidents in modern history. Man, the history books are going to fucking love this guy.

Every chance we won't hear another President as charismatic and suited for public speaking as Obama in our lifetime.

I can only hope I have another president in my lifetime 50% as good of a guy that Obama is/was. I was proud to serve under him in the military.

I don't understand, Obama literally shut down any hate for Trump tonight, why the hell is his speech getting attacked now? Goddamn, he's already leaving, grow the fuck up.

I was crying by the end of it, my god, I wish we could have this man as president for 8 more years.

We failed him. WE FUCKING FAILED HIM. We Millennials put him in office with a strong Democratic majority in Congress and when our delusionally high expectations weren't met we thew a fucking temper tantrum and let the Republicans fuck everything up in 2010.

Remember in 2018: GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

No cheating sex scandal like most other presidents

Was a minority

Did good and bad with a blocked congress

Passed healthcare reform (good and bad)

He served as a role model for Men, Men of Color, and Presidents everywhere.

I'm going to miss Obama. I didn't like everything he did, but he's a fantastic motivator and I do think he's very level headed and a stable force in the White House.

I think one thing he has proven is he does transcend party in many ways, and I think had he run again, he'd have beaten Trump easily. It was nice to hear him address the plight of the working class, even the white working class, which is something that could've held the WH for the Dems had they done that during the election.

He'll be missed. Thanks for a great 8 years.

Ugh, listening to President Obama speak is hard, knowing the human catastrophe that'll be succeeding him.

"Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we can."

And that was the moment I burst into ugly tears.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks Obama.

No, Trump pays prostitutes to piss on things for him.

I wish this wasn't happening.

Listening to this speech... I'm really going to miss having an adult in the white house.

Trump will tweet his farewell speech: "Dopey, overrated @BernieSanders put the kaibosh on my re-election plans. Can't believe he's not dead yet. It's unpresidented. Bye, losers. Love."

The world will miss having a mature, humble, level-headed and intelligent man as leader of the world's largest economy and most powerful military. It frightens me somewhat that his polar opposite will take his place in just 10 days.

Thanks, Obama.

I don't ever comment on any post, but I have too much respect for this man. It was an honor having you as president Mr. Obama! And for one last time from me to you, God speed! :)

I will miss you and your family Mr President. You are a true American original. And what a class act. Your place in the American Pantheon is assured.

I know, it's hard to understand all those complete sentences and big words. He didn't once say the greatest, the best, the smartest or SAD!

Don't leave us to these mad men :(

I can objectively things are better now than they were when he entered office. When he started it was kind of hard to find jobs, but I see most of my friends working today. Education wise, we're better off too. Millennials are the first generation with more believers in evolution than creationists. High school dropout rates dropped under him too.

Thank you President Obama. I won't forget your service to this country.

Issues instead of parties, I would assume.

I loved the expansion of NATO right up to Russia's borders and the numerous "Colour revolutions" overthrowing Russian friendly Governments and the new Governments just happen to align with the US and give cushy jobs to Democratic Reos family members, causing Russia to push back and create a civil war in Ukraine! Love that moment.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Just in case, because you obviously need a review of history:

The Rose Revolution in Georgia happened in 2003 (6 years before Obama was in power)

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine happened in 2004 (5 years before Obama was in power)

The Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan happened in 2005 (4 years before Obama was in power)

Please, explain to me how these revolutions were Obama's fault in destabilizing the former Soviet Union and how he just made Putin stoke civil war in Ukraine in response.

Coming from someone who generally identifies as a Republican, and based on policy, not personality, would have voted for Trump, I can say I am going to miss him. Some of his policies like the ACA and the Iran Nuclear Deals may have had their flaws, but his undying commitment to his values in the face of a challenging political landscape is admirable.

Obama is truly such an inspirational person......I was legit crying the whole time through his farewell speech....The thing I love so much is how he makes me feel "safe" like I am in good hands. Im really going to miss that feeling.....fucccckkk :'(

Obama tweeted this an hour ago, I really hope we can all come together and work together to make ...

God damn it I'm not even American (Aussie) but I watched the whole thing and was crying by the end of it. Barack Obama has been a once-in-a-lifetime figure, I'm gonna miss him.

I honestly can't imagine Trump coming up with a single sentence that sounds anything like any single sentence from this speech.

There goes a better man than me. Farewell, I'll never forget these years

Thanks Obama

People are really hating him over at Yahoo saying he either totally screwed the pooch or did nothing. The reason Republicans are in power is people forgot how we were when Bush left office. They don't have memories, just prejudices.

Jesus these comments are atrocious

He defended the INNOCENT muslims. If you watch the full speech you'll see that he explicitly condemned radical islamists and terrorists.

I am so proud to say that Obama is the first president I voted for. The hope he gave throughout the last 8 years will carry me through until 2018.

America is supposed to be about: the ability for the strong and capable to excel beyond the pitiful and weak

A far cry from "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Serious question: How is your life any worse than 8 years ago?

Watch out guys the Trump hounds are here!

Yes, MAGA, High Energy, Bigly and "I peed on Russian prostitutes" is much better.

Gonna miss having this guy at the helm, a steady hand and thoughtful manner is too often taken for granted.

It was a fantastic speech but at the very end, when he wrapped up with the "Yes we can" to "Yes we did" conclusion I wish he would've finished it with a "Yes we will", just to bring it into the future.

Fantastic speech. Absolutely proud to have voted for him both times. Will noticeably and very sorely be missed.

God speed you Mr. President and thank you for being a man of true integrity and character. Sir, you will be missed.

He Jackie Robinson'ed the hell out of the Presidency. Never lost his cool and was always one step ahead. Much respect!


Everyone stop saying shit on Reddit that you would nowhere near have the balls to say to a fellow human's face.

That's the acid test - would you actually risk getting punched in the face or otherwise assaulted for an offensive stance or statement. If not, you're a coward for spouting your shit here.

To Obama this speech is like handing your baby over to a hyena.

Fuck, I can't believe it's happening in less than 10 days.

this "discussion " . is a shit fest.

I am going to miss the greatest president of probably my Whole life time . 😭

An all time low? Did you forget about the whole civil rights movement and everything that came before it?

The voters took the Obama years for granted.

And here we are.

One of the top 5 best presidents of US history. He will be remembered for many good things, a beacon of hope and progress around the globe.

The world thank's you Obama, for keeping it at peace, for solving 2008 economical crisis, and for integrating the global comunity into a big civilized fraternity.

A few months from now many Americans will be ashamed of having voted Trump the Clown, and then people will realize how important was Obama.

Lol wow, you really have some deeply seated issues you need to resolve in your life. Please just tell me you dont have kids that you are raising that deals with your shit...

Edit: You made it about Race/Color. Now imagine a Black person saying the same thing about another White President who actually was Hollywood, Reagan. Have you yet? Good. You now share the same mentality as that person who is of a different race. Can you live with that?

@FLOTUS is gonna be just copy-pasted tweets from the previous handler.

And as we all know, muslims are not human beings /s.

The president we needed, but not the one we deserved.

The one thing that I hope this speech does is inspire people to be vigilant, vocal, and vividly imaginative about our politics and our democracy. The reason why one of the finest statesmen in our nation's history has to hand the keys to an unspeakably bad person is because we as a collective denied our better angels and gave in to the fear that we have of others. The majority of Americans are tolerant, compassionate, endlessly ambitious and accommodating people, but they became apathetic or anguished by our politics and ceded them to the extremists. In the next 2 years, we're hopefully going to see the "real" Americans (that is to say, those full-hearted people I talked about earlier) rise up and reclaim the promise of this nation.

i might not have agreed with all of his policies but damn it he was a good president who handled the office of the president with class and dignity. he represented america on a global scale very well and he truly cares for this country and everyone who lives in it, regardless of their race. I am going to miss a president who acts like an adult and can speak coherent sentences and doesn't go on a rant everytime someone criticizes him. I am going to miss having him as president. I'm glad he said he is going to stick around and be active. We're going to need all the help we can get. Thanks Obama.

Enjoy watching American freedom die.

Oh wait, only Republicans would be enjoying that.


A year ago you were a homeless 20 year old trying to enlist. I'm sure you wisely invested all your scrounged cans and soda bottles until you could bootstrap yourself up.

Edit: Four months ago you were also homeless in Denver after the military said no to you.

One of the greats. Thanks Obama.

I was born by the river in a little tent. Just like that river, I've been running ever since. It's been a long time coming, but I know... a change is gonna come

It's been real. Thanks for your service.

Only a candidate as awful as Hillary could lead America to follow Obama with a buffoon like Trump.

Loved the reference to Washington's Farewell Address. Didn't agree with a lot of his policies, but I'm gonna miss the guy.

Too bad the only book Trump reads is speeches by Adolf Hitler.

Probably was tired of tax cuts for the rich and ground invasions of foreign nations built on lies.

And this is Obama's fault how?

Obama kept to establishment lines

When the GOP is trying to dismantle the country and sell the parts to the highest bidder, an establishment centrist ain't a bad choice.

At some point in the next four years, you're going to have to start defending Trump on his own merits rather than whining about HRC.


Of course it's his fault... He had the audacity to president-while-black!


An open mind. I congratulate you sir. You vote for who will serve the people the best, not on party lines. And if they fail you punish then. Total respect sir.

I kind of half-watched it because I've seen him talk so much I was kind of expecting everything he was going to say, but when he started talking about Michelle I couldn't help but watch. He's such a great man with real humanity and love in his heart, and it was so beautiful to watch him honor the person that stood by him for so long with a standing ovation in the background. It was a wonderful moment.

Found the racist.

The motto for 2017:"I'm one with the Force,the Force is with me"

He said the exact opposite of that. "Now I've lived long enough to know that race relations are better than they were 10 or 20 or 30 years ago, no matter what some folks say."

Apathy has consequences. Orange-skinned, narcissistic and dangerous consequences.

LOL. What a shitty comment.

I mean it's really hard to misunderstand something not flinging insults. I'm going to take a lesson from this speech though. You're upset about something. Tell me. Maybe we can have a dialect about what we disagree on.

So this is what the internet would've been like had it existed in 1933

Yeah because Obama had a shit sandwich given to him walking into Office. The country is in a great place compared to where it was 8 years ago.

You're a perfect example of the people who think money is the only thing that matters, and who elected Trump. Your success didn't come because of who you are, it came on the backs of those who work for you.

It doesn't make you special, and it doesn't care about you at all. The wealthy care only about becoming more wealthy, and people, countries, and everything else are disposable to them. Including you. Trickle down is a myth that you're about to learn about the hard way.

Considering he was summarizing his accomplishments as president and bidding farewell, it would have been very awkward for him to not use the word I.

here is a life pro tip: if your philosophy requires that you consider the people who disagree with you as brainwashed or 'sheeple' you need to re-examine your assumptions

Still faaaaaar better than the 8 years of W. Obama was establishment and it showed, but at least the country didn't fall apart on his watch.

I just wish Obama was as progressive as conservatives think he was.

President Obama gave a thoughtful, somber, inspiring and articulate speech about the past, present and future of our nation. Meanwhile, hashtag GoldenShowers is trending @realDonalTrump

Obama's speech...gave me chills. This was a speech about threats to democracy. It was a speech about combatting facism. This speech is going to be talked about forever. Listen to it again. He touched upon the fourteen facets of facism without inciting and without blame. It was a beautiful, defining, important speech.

I'm sorry, fascist, I can't hear you over the pavement you're eating.

someone completely different in terms of negotiating, speaking, etc...

We're going from eight years of "Wow, what a powerful speech"

To four years of "What was he even trying to say? I feel dirty and stupider"

I'd rather not taste anything golden after what I found out tonight...

Ah yes, soon they'll be succumbing to Trump's drone strikes. Such an improvement, right?

No, he means that minorities aren't shoved to the side anymore. It angers him that black people are being treated like, well, people.

Hey, it's cool to meet another Russian Redditor here! 🇷🇺

He said the exact opposite of that.

Man, the history books are going to fucking love this guy.

I believe you're right, but, in the (hopefully) very unlikely case that the US goes COMPLETELY off the rails and becomes something very different, just remember that the winners write the history books.

Enjoy this farewell address, it may be the last one we see for a long time. The next will probably be delivered on Donald's behalf by his chosen heir, following his father's death.

Really sad one of his daughters couldn't be there because of an exam. If I were her teacher I definitely would have helped her attend her father's farewell address by postponing it or making it earlier or something.

I also firmly believe it is completely inappropriate for a government to mass spy on it's people.

Welp, its all over now - nobody to blame but Trump & Republicans from now on...

His speech was awesome. My favorite was when he addressed the thinking that everything was corrupt yet no one wants to participate in politics and how people seem to antagonize people with opposing viewpoints.

Absolute nonsense. Bush/Cheney would have never done the Iran peace deal, opened up Cuba, or not intervened much more heavily in Syria, for examples. Please keep dumb fallacies of equivocation to yourself

Presidential Election.

What a total narcissist

Just wait until you see the guy who replaces him.

Farewell good sir and godspeed. You served well for this country and for your fellow citizens.

Yeah it would be way better if he did it off the cuff and sniffed a lot.

These people have a knee-jerk reaction to Democrats, don't mind them.

Clinton didn't get the GOP a majority in congress.

Are you joking? After you get a taste of Dipshit Obama's gonna look golden.

The recent Trump news has brought the paid election accounts back out from the dust, and the elevated drama has t_D users in full attack mode so they can feel like they have support and that the rest of the world is just like them instead of it being just their dark corner. It's scary when you hear everybody else say you're wrong and present reasoning behind it. You start to doubt your convictions.


Thought about the Obama's 8 years and the movements that came of it. Long ass post, but if you're willing to read it. Let me know your thoughts.

I have to say I understand now why so many people exclaim that Obama has been divisive or that he “hates white people”. Because he is indeed speaking in a way that is much more flattery to minorities. This however was intentional and almost overdue by a politician. For some time now, while minorities have received increased rights and acceptance in society, they have not heard the highest leaders in the land speak to them and the issues they face. To try to understand their culture. Because of this, the vast majority were not impassioned by politics. They didn’t care about the decisions made by those leading the country, since it didn’t seem that those leading the country cared about them. By most measures, most still are not as focused on it. Obama recognized this, and began to tap into that gigantic voter base that had no prior allegiances or entrenched opinions to one side or the other in order to create the driving force behind his campaign. This is something that was another leap we as society had to take, that perhaps society has illustrated we tried to take too soon. We needed to take the mature steps to becoming a society that included the increasingly large percentage of outsiders into our national discussion. Keeping them just on the outside of the inside joke that was our democracy, we were holding ourselves back because of the fear of the unknown. Obama helped dissolve that barrier simply by the way in which he spoke and by the verbal inclusion of the ideas of minorities around the nation. He openly acknowledged they existed in a manner that seemed natural and not like the will of an over bearing friend who just makes you feel crippled. It was this attitude that made so many comfortable with the way he spoke and gave so many hope for the next “change”.

That really is what each part of our society wants regardless of what direction it is in; change. And he inspired so many new voters and supporters that they got to be included in the discussion of which direction. He wasn’t the first to try to do so, but he was the first person in a long while that they were willing to listen too. Whether this emerged out of skillful political tact towards an end goal or out of a genuine desire to lift them into the national conversation to help progress his vision of a more productive and mature America is a debate that will go on for many years ahead. Most realistically, both were involved more than either side will admit. What he may not have taken into account or ignored, is the way this new movement of people into the national discussion would evolve. Confidence from minorities within the society, gay marriage. Acknowledgement that fringes of racism still existed, discussion began as to how best to treat the ailments this portion of society faced But also… BLM creating fringe movements of violence, mass shootings, new waves of hyper-feminism, and extreme politically correct attitudes were unfortunately the loudest and most newsworthy. When this is what those entrenched in the right see, especially in a conservative bubble perpetuated by social media algorithms and the will of conservative media. They see a president whose presence took place at the exact same time these frightening things are happening and attribute them to his direct actions. In truth, these bad things are simply a chain of evolution of things outside of Obama’s control. Movements are like a great species over time, constantly evolving. Eight years was a long time for the movement to change in infinite direction far beyond the control of one man. The right correlated the two directly and saw their perception of anarchy under his reign. At the same time, one of the way the movement evolved was that it fed into the spun narratives on those on the far right far more easily. They finally had a face for all their claims. Over Obama’s presidency, the rise of the Tea party and far right movements became stronger and more prominent. These movements collided with a conservative population whose ideas were fed by a filtered view of the Obama movement’s evolution. This created the right we have today and the kind of dialogue you see from the most vocal people of that association. This pushback which grew from just tiny portions of society 8 years ago is evidence to say that while the change Obama brought was inevitable and even necessary for our growth as a nation, it may have come at a time when this nation was not as ready for this leap as it could’ve been.

However, hindsight is 20/20. It’s tough to say that the seeds that grew the far right movement would have completely gone away anytime soon or that mistrust of the establishment which didn’t appeal to a great portion of the nation would have washed away. One could also say that throughout history, the biggest leaps were always taken with significant opposition, like a stock correcting itself slightly after a leap in share price.

I do believe, however, that the growth of this nation and the rest of the world, two entities which converge closer every day, is still on a path of net growth. Something we will only see after we can look back at this period of time ages from now. We’re not known for being the most patient species, but history does take time. So I understand why they look at Obama’s presidency in such a dark light. While I don’t sympathize with many of their ideas, I do sympathize with the reason they fell into them. I think it’s a trap that all of society falls into in different ways. The trap of wanting to filter out outside knowledge to maintain tradition and what makes us feel comfortable. By and large, being right makes a person feel comfortable and confident, and anything that stands to compromise that, we shove away. True confidence is the willingness to acknowledge that we could be wrong and that other valid viewpoints exist. Bravery to do this is what drives us forward.

TLDR: Try to understand people and why they got to their beliefs. There are reasons people on the right feel the way they do and it's not just because they suck. Obama started a movement and that movement evolved in ways no one could have ever seen on both sides both good and bad. Conclusion: We're still heading toward's net positive growth as society largely because of him. We will realize that ages from now.

"Do I not destroy my enemies when they become my friend?" -Abraham Lincoln

Is Moscow cold this time of year?

Thanks Obama. :D You will be missed.

Seriously. And a respectable person. Not a disgusting pig like the incoming buffoon.

You know that healthcare before Obamacare was in fact cheaper but did not actually cover anything, the largest reason for bankruptcy was medical costs although 40% of them had insurance.

It was his time to reminisce so the usage of "I" was entirely appropriate. In a State of the Union address it would be different.

Yet another comments written in silly Trump baby speak... SAD!!!

You probably don't know lots of stuff I am guessing.

I'm kinda sad he didn't pardon snowden

He definitely got dealt the shittiest deck of cards of any president in my lifetime. He leaves popular in this shitstorm of a divided country? Yes absolutely history books will love this guy.

You don't understand what the phrase "all time low" means do you?

You know, I think Snowden did expose a lot of things that needed exposing to the public. I appreciate that unlike some other leakers he sent things through the media so that there was more of a balance between public interest and keeping classified info secret. Yet, I also firmly believe it would be completely inappropriate for the POTUS to pardon someone who acted against the government's interest.

He's probably an old-school Eisenhower/Teddy Roosevelt Republican, which is much closer to Obama than today's GOP.

If you do not like a narcissist you are in for a bad time.

Wars not started by him. He was in the difficult position of either pulling troops out and letting the situation fester; or staying and letting the American and global sentiment against occupation rise and letting resentment among locals increase. Everyone acts like it was real simple.

I was there in Grant Park when he gave his acceptance speech and watched his speech tonight. He'll be missed.

I thought he said the opposite of that. I thought he was saying that, although it may not seem like it, we've made a lot of progress on racism in the last 40 years.

EDIT: Here's what he said, as per the transcript: "For white Americans, it means acknowledging that the effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn’t suddenly vanish in the ‘60s; that when minority groups voice discontent, they’re not just engaging in reverse racism or practicing political correctness; that when they wage peaceful protest, they’re not demanding special treatment, but the equal treatment our Founders promised."

Even your TLDR is too long to read.

As much as I disagreed with many things he did in his presidency, the man can speak and motivate like no other person I have listened to and I commend him for that and will def be missing a good public speaker. After his speech I feel empowered as a American citizen to educate, advocate, inform and have discussions face to face with people more often. Def enjoyed that he made it about American's and how WE are the only way things move forward, didn't expect that either from him. I enjoyed the many jabs at SJWs, Internet Keyboard Warriors, and the generation of people stuck in their bubbles, never really expected that from him tbh. I hope the best for him and his family's future.

Now to prep for the next 4-8 years with someone completely different in terms of negotiating, speaking, etc....and I think that is going to be a weird change in itself.

A good man and a good president. Unfortunately for him and his legacy, the actions of Donald Trump will bounce back on him. Obama's place in history is hanging on Trump's politics and their consequences.

But yes, he did.

Yahoo message boards are filled with the most idiotic far right morons on the Internet, outside of breitbart.

Like slavery? I would say that is a low point.

The difference these 8 years have made, I think, is the conversation about race relations has shifted and it is getting covered by the media.

So you voted against trump? Honestly, what about him or his policies will make the country great?

You mean the patriot act?

Remember,2018 is the last chance at saving any chance at progress in this country.

If by "fireman" you mean an angry vagrant who thinks his piss will put out the fire, then yeah.

But, as the president said, we all need to leave our bubbles and engage with people who disagree with us. With that in mind, I'm curious: how exactly did President Obama set the house on fire? From what I can tell, the country's doing pretty well.

Wow, you guys are creeps.

And Donald can't even fucking read.

You didn't win the popular vote, just remember that.

supply side Jesus

Go figure your barometer of great is all about you. You seem like a wonderful person. Go pat yourself on the back for your social Darwinism view and narcissistic lack of empathy. You must be one of those christians?

Trump didn't raise stock. Uncertainty raised it. It will crash. Just like it does everytime a republican moron runs this country. The recession we had will be sweet compared to what is coming. Enjoy your little shitty raise it won't last long.

We need more people like you. Thanks.

I'm not a fan of the drone bombing and middling intervention throughout the Middle East, but I'd take that every day and twice on Sundays over the idiotic invasion of Iraq. "Bush-level" is ridiculous.

nice job troll.

Found the propaganda victim.

Yep - I remember a president who didn't listen to intelligence briefings either and a R majority in congress and how that all worked out - but hey, give 'em a shot, amirite?

It's all relative, like you said. He is loved by liberals because of his positions relative to modern republicans and modern democrats. I agree he has been a failure of furthering progressive values. But you can't really view his tenure outside of the context of the republican opposition and democratic corporatism. I think anyone else would have been worse. Look at what is passing for populism now.

I love how Obama is consided a liberal. I'm not 100% sure in what ways but it appears that label has stuck. But as a liberal myself I give Obama credit where it is due and criticism where it lands on him. I get tired of being an Obama fan when I point out some things like the budget for the last couple of years are not his fault. His budget submitted in February was voted off the floor with seconds and never even looked at. But using drones to BBQ a wedding to kill a few bad guys is rarely mentioned? I dunno dude I love your post. I think Obama is an establishment Democrat. He has done many things but over all he protects the status quo most of the time. Then again I don't think Democrats are that progressive. Oh well sorry for the rant.

I was just wondering.... Will Obama have to turn over the @POTUS twitter account to Trump? Cuz I was just reading a bunch of celebrity tweets that used @POTUS, and I was wondering if that handle may one day belong to PEEOTUS Donald Trump.

just curious, what specifically did you not like about his presidency and how did it negatively impact you?

Please don't go.

He also started in a tough spot, with two wars that he couldn't really withdraw from.

The generation after the baby boomers came of age, leading to a lot of problems - at least lending some to the high living at home percentage.

And the biggest financial crisis since 1920 also happen'd right when he took office, and crashed the global economy for years. Most western countries have a relatively significant debt because of it - and USA probably most of all as it was where crash originated.

You can't just spout those facts as if in a bubble. And the same can be said for people claiming him to be one of the five best presidents.

I think based on the hand he was given, he took the US in a better direction.

killing Bin Laden, trying his hand at health care reform and taking at least a few steps forward(though we need to go further), ending the Cuban embargo, taking a stand on climate change, etc.

I'm not really sure what more we could have asked for

You misspelled arsonist.

His foreign policy might have been weak, but after a decade of war and near economic brink, can you blame him for trying to avoid conflict. You've gotta wait at least a few weeks after the heart attack before going back to pizza