Did not win the contest

Did not win the contest

Perfect meme execution

Took me about 3 months of listening to iHeartRadio to realize the 5 minute delay on stations. Tried to win so much stuff lol.

You can't see the waterless cup of noodles all burnt which is the entire point of the picture.

Has the microwave always been cut out of the meme. I think it's a pretty important part of the picture even though most people know its meaning anyways.

Use TuneIn instead, most of the iHeartRadio stations are on there plus a lot more, and even a few exclusives, plus no delay. Also you get stations from outside the US.

I've always thought his face said pretty much everything.

Pre-taped Call-in Show

You might like this Mr. Show sketch:

That's probably because you know the meaning of the picture already and have seen it with the noodles not cropped out. If you were to see a picture of just his face you would have no idea he had just done something dumb. You'd just think he was a kid staring at the wall.

What the fuck am I doing with my life. I have have better things to do than read Reddit reply threads.

Why does this meme now cut out the microwave?

What do you mean, the microwave isn't cut out??

All those free audiobooks ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ Edit: there is a subscription, but with how much I use it it feels negligible. So much cheaper than other services

Y'all know why they hold contests on the radio like this right? They use the amount of calls they get as a way to roughly quantify the number of active listeners at that moment of time. They do these on the hour daily to see when they peak and drop in listeners. This is all for the stations to price their advertisement rates and to collect some data.

The more you know! :)

I'm assuming so they can censor anything that needs to be censored

I was wondering this same thing. Either it's because it's so popular now that people know the meaning of it and it's not necessary anymore. Or it's been cropped without thinking about how the key part of the picture and it's meaning is cut out.

I dont, so please keep them better than this, because i will read shit like this every time it's posted. edit: I have no selfrespect or control, pls dont make people like me go through this.

Plus, library cards are free and you can check out audiobooks on your phone with Hoopla and Overdrive.

why do they put a 5min delay?

Wow, not even close. We do contest to try to increase our listenership. You can't tell from the number of callers how many listeners you have. That's why we have ratings.

Because only 12 people commented on it

You know a lot of old fashioned memes like this would've cut his face out of the pic and put it on a colorful background so I think you're stressing about noodles too much. You hungry bro?

The delay and censoring is done by the radio station. They would have the FCC to fear if language got out over the air, that isn't a factor with podcasts.

Yeah, I do the opposite - constantly trying to rewind live radio

Negative. Any delay on the station itself is done before the stream goes out. The delay on the stream comes from the processing on the servers before it gets to a listener.

Source: used to work for iHeartMedia.

You probably already know but , their are more episodes on Netflix. But it's under a different name , (w/ bob and David )

When he unpaused his show after he didn't win, I'd bet.

Wow, it's been so long since I've see  the whole microwave

I did this once during a radio stations "best of" hour. Boy did I feel silly.

Well, if it's a podcast, all you have to do is rewind to the start and try again until you are the 6th person.

I know. I was only wanting to find out if the meme always had the noodles cropped out (except when it first became a meme) or if it was just this one.

Damn that's pretty cool

I honestly really disagree. The whole point of this meme was doing stupid shit with bad consequences, ala the burnt cup of noodles and instant regret.

It's about knowing "I fucked up", not "I had a brain fart".

I never knew there was burnt noodles in the microwave until I read your comment, his face just screams "I done fucked up"

You know you have to go to the station to get the stuff right?

The consequences of burning ramen isn't that bad though. Unless it's literally his only food option, and now he's got nothing to eat for the rest of the day?

Its pretty good, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the original series. If you want more classic Bob and David watch Run Ronnie Run

Idk about all this, the meme is called "MINOR Mistake Marvin"


Yeah I know about that๐Ÿ’œ This is just great for people who don't want to wait and maybe already do audible or purchase extra credits from audible every month like I was doing.

You don't know him from the Alvin & the Chipmunks live action series?

Help me too, thanks.

You can get audiobooks?