I saw her at a party after WonderCon 2016 and she was AMAZING. Her voice is perfectly annoying and her mannerisms are very comical. The only issue was that she had a real goldfish in the bag so some people were upset with her for that. It's good to see she switched things up and went with a fake one. Apparently she's been portraying Darla since nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

She was at Disney's D23 expo yesterday. She also spoke with an annoying voice, it was great.

You son of a bitch, I came here looking for the intricate backstory of this cosplay and you bamboozled me.

Porn has ruined pretty much everything I look at.

Okay wait, shittymorph and the usual karma reaping response of "" aside, Amy Adams does this stuff?

That hair is super impressive. Wondering if it's a wig or wires and lots of hairspray.


His name is Buck and he's here to fuck.

I'm a piranha!

Ruined, or enhanced?

I think that fish is dead

Gotta be a wig and lots of hair spray

this gif was the most incredible thing i've seen all day

The girl from finding nemo

I have no idea who this is supposed to be

How in the flying fuck do you get me every single time? After you bamboozle me I get shittymorph shy and check usernames for a few days and then BAM I'm blindsided again.

Implied? That's explicitly stated more than once


Hi Anaheim Convention Center. I'd recognize that carpet anywhere.

10/10 would fuck


"...she's been portraying Darla since nineteen ninety eight-"

Wait didn't that movie come out in-ohh for fucks sake.

Well friend, today keeps on giving. Let me introduce to you, /sub/asspotatocucumberdog, please come and give us a visit bud!

Yeah, in the movie it's implied that the dentist kept having to get her new fish as they're always dying because she abuses and neglects them.

from da amazon

I don't remember her... Is this from the sequel?

Edit: I got down voted for not remembering and asking a question? Wow... That's kind of sad.

Edit 2: whoa, people are still voting it seems. Turns out this is from the original, guess I ought to rewatch!


I always get the biggest grin on my face every time you get me. This does not get old for me.

Darla's exterior braces were on her upper jaw, not her lower. Worst. Cosplay. Ever.

You too though about a gangbang in fish costumes...right guys?

Care to elaborate?

Does she remind anyone else of the girl Leo marries in catch me if you can?

Seriously what the fuck is this guy saying it's like the premise of half the movie

She ruined it for me by wearing her headgear on the wrong jaw. It is supposed to be attached to her upper teeth.


Every comment I read that I catch a feeling it might be you I check the ending, and it isn't.

Then it gets me. Every time since who knows how long this has been going on.

Finally a subreddit that caters to my interests


What's actually in the bag?

Edit: Okay, let me clarify. It's obviously a plush fish, but what's it filled with? It isn't water, is that a some sort of prop material?

Yeah.... She didn't even whore it up and I went to the dark place....

Your name is Buck... right?

It looks like that hair can withstand a category 5 hurricane

Ain't nothing confusing here


To refresh your memory.

Omfg I was just thinking about your posts the other day and wondering when I would stumble on one 😂

Not to mention the orthodontic mechanics.. headgear is meant to restrain the forward growth of the maxilla. Things are gonna be all jacked up hooking up to the mandible.. Worst. Dentistry Cosplay. Ever.


Amy Adams!

That is the most obscure way to mention Amy Adams.

I've never noticed before now, but I'm kind of annoyed that Nemo pops his head out of the water and takes a big breath in the sewer.


stay with me on this, ok?

he's a fish.

Edit for your edit: "Do you mean he takes a deep breath in the water or out?" the person you replied to said "Nemo pops his head out of the water and takes a big breath" silly.

And you came to fuck, RIGHT

Holy fuck go do something permanent to yourself


Lifeofshel on instagram, she's also Anna in Mickey's Mandalorians. Very cool girl and awesome cosplayer, and square dancer....

Please stop hitting me.

Jeez, I sure as fuck am glad I'm not alone lol I saw Faye Reagan and about 5 guys :/ I'm gonna go take a shower now...


I can smell it just thinking about it.


I like Mohawks but I usually prefer them on heads, not asses.

feels guilty seeing gif

Oh it's a Disney reference

Feels guiltier

Sees comments

Oh right it's the internet. I'm fine.

You know it's true bro

I'm going to guess 'nothing'. The "bag" looks like a thicker hard plastic and I bet the fish is just suspended from the top of it. Overall the should be lighter weight than a bag filled with water, so its easier to carry around all day and she doesn't have to worry about it spilling.

Why do I keep falling for this???

She's from the original.


it always bugged me, especially after a scene they stress how they couldnt breath outside water in the dentists office.

Let's take a video of someone talking, turn it into a silent gif and not put subtitles. Genius.

Don't get me wrong, the guy is an artist. I enjoy every time, but how do I never see it coming.

Maybe they do?

So no source to actual video/audio?

Google Rule 34.

Yea it works that way. As soon as I stop looking at names it seems to happen again.

If you have some mixed feelings about disney princess, I can recommend you this

If you have some mixed feelings about disney princess, I can recommend you

u/in--utero said "Then stop watching so much porn you fucking loser ass male"

Dude wtf you can't go around giving away our secrets.

0/10 your chances.

Because you haven't flagged his name in RES, and you won't do it because it's not as fun. It's like a game.

God damn it!

Looks like it's a sheet of Perspex that she's taken a heat gun to.

Now isolate the pixels!

I think she's the dentist's niece or something.

That's the joke

The new Reddit game I play is if I get fooled by one of his posts I stop redditing for the rest of the day. So far I haven't made it past 30 minutes of Reddit on the days I get bamboozeled by his posts.

This that the same guy that played father Mulcahy on MASH? They look kinda similar








Always prepared

I tagged him in RES with a giant pink wall of text, so I always see it coming. But I read it anyway, because I love how he weaves it in there so well.

Many times when I absolutely needed hair that wouldn't move I'd use water and Elmer's glue. If you thin it properly, it still dries hard/firm, but doesn't get the white pasty look. Used to spike my hair that way when going to shows.

I can't believe some people don't know Dory Gets Lost backwards and forwards.

It's clearly Disney princesses as cement mixers

I really hope you are a very obvious troll because looking at your comment history makes me fucking sad and worried for the future of our society.

But in the scene he pops his head OUT of the water to take a breath, which does not make sense, because he is a fish.

Go on.

That sounds terrible

"Wasn't Finding Nemo not released until two thousand and... ...wait... you got me again"

Slow down there Hulk.

I'm glad we could help you! Thanks for checking it out.

Its @lifeofshel on Instagram!!!

How has she made it sexually appealling?! She is wearing a baggy shirt, braces and a cartoon wig!

excuse me while i fail at being meta https://www.reddit.com/sub/AskReddit/comments/6njg8y/what_fetish_do_you_think_doesnt_exist/dka9zd...

hey careful you'll put wear on the bridge

Oh man I have the weirdest boner right now