Daddy! Daddy! I Need a BEAR HUG!

Newfie: Body of a grizzly. Soul of Winnie the Pooh.

holy crap, it looked like a small puppy until it turned around

My friend used to have a Newfoundland that didn't go around hedges, she went through them.

It's true. I've had two Newfies and the only time I've seen them anything but calm and happy was when an angry dog got away from their owner during a walk and lunged at one of them. Being twice its size, my Newf just upended the other dog and the owner came running up, apologized profusely and we went on our merry way. Loved that dog and besides that moment I've never saw an an ounce of aggression out of them.

Hell, even in their Wikipedia page it says they are known for their calm dispositions.

We have neighbors that have two. First time I was in the back yard he came through the fence to see me.

This doggo keeps getting bigger and bigger as the GIF goes on.

Its a dog that embodies the true Canadian spirit.

The Canada Goose could take some pointers

My upstairs neighbors have three. The first time they moved in, they would go through the ceiling to go downstairs.

That's no doggo, it's a woofer

I got a great dane/lab cross (supposedly there is newfie in him). And he does the same thing where he will awkwardly stare for awhile before he finally pushes himself on to you for attention. Which usually means cuddle time till he falls asleep.

My cross-continental neighbors have four. The first time they moved in, they would go through the ocean to see me.

I grew up with a Newfoundland from the day I was born until I was 13. Most caring and loving dog I ever knew or had. And ironically, he was terrified of water.

My internet pen pal has five. The first time I messaged him they teleported into my home.

My telepathic correspondent at Alpha Centauri has six. The first time our brainwaves connected we morphed into another dimension together.

Ah geese here we go again

My best friend has zero. I have yet to see him.

Your newfie must have been broken

Newfies are such great dogs. Such big love bugs!

What are you talking aboot??

Newfies are adorable!!

but what is a subwoofer?

A woofer whose woofs are of especially low pitch.

My Newfie is very much a cuddly bear too. They just don't seem to be aware of their own size.


ah geese, here we goose again.

My family has always had a middle to small poodle as a family-dog, the current one weighs 3-4kg.

When I was in the military I was a K9-operative, my dog weighed 52kg's... I miss being able to pound his ribcage like a boombox and he loved it, all the while this 3kg poodle falls over if I use half the force

Nah he was just a big pussy. He would also completely lose his shit if he heard fireworks

What did we do to deserve dogs.

The mental image that conjures is precious!

It's largely a breeding thing. Responsible breeders of large dogs would, usually at least, not breed dogs that showed aggressive temperaments. They didn't want to produce 150 pound dogs that might flip out and eat a baby or something

My Lab tries to eat fireworks.

The 'Great 4th of July Accident of 2009' was memorable for all. Little fucker chewed his leash off (never chewed anything but dog bones his whole life up till then) as my buddy just lit an artillery shell. He ran up and knocked the cone over ... pointing straight at the group.

I've never seen 15 drunk adults move so fast in my life. The god damn shell bounced off the side wall of the house and exploded in the field not far away.

Helped them hunt when we didn't do much else. Worked with them as partners. They helped when we needed it and they "knew us when". So now they get to lie around the house and get pets and treats.

They're like Paul Allen. Paul Allen helped Bill Gates start Microsoft but couldn't stay with the company... but he was there when they needed him so now he gets to lie around and have all the treats he wants.

That made me gaggle

I love how that's a porn subreddit but the top post right now is a hippo's mouth.

My buddy has one that likes to take people out at the legs. You're standing there talking and the next thing you know he's knocking you down by walking between your legs.


"Oh my, it seems I'm under attack. Shall I retaliate? No, I may end up hurting him. Well, I suppose this strange looking feline cannot cause me too much harm, maybe if I ignore him, he'll start humping the tree in the corner."

That dog looks like it's perpetually warm.

I don't have a newf but I have a mastiff named Atticus. 150 pounds and the biggest baby in the world but he's my best friend and I love him dearly! I've had big dogs my whole life and it always seems like the bigger the dog the bigger the baby!

I had a newfie for a few years and was in a similar situation to you one day except he didn't bother even looking at this dog that was frantically barking. Hands down funniest thing I've ever seen, tiny rat of a thing starts biting and barking at him and he just stops to smell some grass

Big, grizzled, lovable, and a tad ugly. A true Canadian indeed.

I thought for sure the chair was going to tip over


Looks like a Newfoundland to me.

Haha this is a perfect description of what my English mastiff does!! He'll climb onto the couch next to me, stare at me for a little bit while I try to concentrate on my laptop or whatever, then just flop his giant head down onto my shoulder for snuggles. 😊

Also the shedding fur.  So much fur.

I lived with this guy....

More pictures, imgur album ...

Also the shedding fur. So much fur.

I lived with this guy....

More pictures, imgur album ...

My best friend had 3 and one of them was so big he had his own gravitational field, people used to walk on him and eventually a small town formed on him and the built a railway and then he died and the town eventually rotted away. Awful times.

Too meta for me.

When they're freshly groomed, they're so snuggly and soft...

I guess they kind of are like Canadian men.

Haha. When I give my guy a sneaky shot to the ribs he knows it's play time :)

My sister has a little labradoodle thing and will just fall over if you even touch her lol.

How do you think Canadians stay warm for the winter? Gotta snuggle between my fuzzy boyfriend and my husky.

Other dog - "FELINE?! U FUGGIN WOT M8?!?!"

Dachshunds don't walk, they strut, and an offended dachshund is the picture of wounded dignity.

The Newfie I had as a child would routinely abandon us on hikes and just go lay in a stream. We would go on an entire day hike and come back hours later to a new water feature where Samson had damned up the stream with his body. He would lay there until we came back and they happily get in the truck for the drive home. These dogs just love the water...mine would just go swim 15 yards offshore in a mountain lake and float like a giant black haired log until we called him back to eat.

That's absolutely hilarious. I have great memories of my Newf growing up where she had no clue what to do with her water rescue instincts. We'd jump in the pond and she'd get so worked up she'd jump on top of us, clawing the hell out of you. It was funny once we learned how to get away and above water again. She wouldn't let up either until you let her gently grab your hand or held her tail or collar so she could pull you to shore.

Man I love that girl. I'll be so sad when she passes away, even though I haven't lived at home in the better part of a decade.

Fun Fact: Nana, in Peter Pan was a Newfoundland dog in the original book. Not a St. Bernard.

Oh change it back to "him" please, that was beautiful :)

That adorable pup doesn't know his own size.

Hahaha damn. I can just imagine your Lab cluelessly playing while you all scrambled for your lives


Jogging might be rough over long distances depending on the surface they are running on and the temperature due to all their fur. I never did it but I don't know much about it so don't take my word as gospel.

What I do know is that they are real strong animals. If a newf doesn't want to move it's real tough getting them to move, and if they get excited they can drag you around like a doll if you aren't careful. If you aren't confident with their training, you can use one of the pronged collars (even though they look nasty) and if used properly it isn't harmful (at least this is why my vet told me). Most of the time though mine were fine on a leash.

For a split second I didn't see its face and thought it was an actual bear.

So gentle, they move man to poetry

Be forewarned their slobber could end a drought, that is if thick slimy dog slobber was useful.

They are called 'Newfies'.

TIL Paul Allen is a dog.

And thus, a supermassive black newfie was formed.

I have an irrational hate for people calling themselves their pet's mom or dad.

My Newfie passed away yesterday. This makes my heart so happy and sad at the same time. Newfie's make the world a better place.


so much BOOBAGE

My mom had a Leavitt bulldog that would do something similar. Except he'd push furniture out of the way to get to where he wanted to be, like when he pushed the couch out of the way when I wouldnt let him walk between me and the table.

That dog was awesome. 90+ pounds of pure muscle that thought he was a big brown throw pillow.

I took my Newfie to the pet store yesterday and he was so scared of a stuffed dog (albeit it was a full sized yellow lab so maybe only half his size) that he hid behind me the whole time we were at the store...

We had a Newf for 14 years named Sirius. One of his funniest moments was when he yanked my brother's French toast off the table, ate it in one bite and then spat out the fork.

Be careful when you speak of the one whose name we shall not mention. Least of all, his soul!

Credit: /u/dusty_electric_sheep

Credit: /u/dusty_electric_sheep

I can't believe how many people have Newfies! I totally agree with this

I remember a Newfie from my childhood, that started crying whenever you jumped into water. She then jumped in to save you. Good times.

Beware - having a Newf may ruin you for all other dogs! They love the water, but generally aren't known for being high energy dogs on land. Think giant, furry couch potato that sheds and drools. A water supply is an absolute must if they jog or hike. Bad things happen if they overheat. Mine is the sweetest lovey-est dog I've ever had. Enjoy!

According to /sub/rarepuppers , a subwoofer is a water dog.



Nailed it.

Oh heck yeah, my newf will lay out on the driveway until she's just a pile of snow. On the other hand she hates the summer.

No, that's Tim Allen.

So what you're saying is you don't actually have the master list.



...we have a dachshund, she will give you a death glare is you try to push her, let alone making her fall.

Upvoted for the menta image of a massive black dog coming crashing in through the ceiling.



My cousin's have always had at least 2 newfies at a time. The only time I've seen them get upset is when something posed a threat to my cousin's, especially when they were little.

I used to have two Newfs, one who lost her eyes to Blastomycosis. She was an entire elephant stampede embodied in 200lbs. of fur and slobber and love.

My girlfriend has 0. That's right, she doesn't exist.

Now in Vantablack!

So much wisdom over here...

My lab mix is scared of the weirdest things. Fireworks and pretty much all loud noises, fine. Stationary shopping carts, evil that must be stopped at any cost. Yesterday I bleached a small garbage bin and left it in the middle of the kitchen floor to dry. When he walked in and saw it he stopped dead in his tracks in the doorway and lost his whole damn mind, I've never seen him bark so much.

The wiki newfie has a boner

Go Tigs!

Just a tip, you need to press enter twice in order for the letter to go to a new line.

What dog is this?!

True Newfoundland spirit.

Dog's are great I am able to read his body language pretty good and get it within 2 guesses of what he wants. The only downside is he isn't poofy but has lots of loose skin. But I think all the skin flabbiness makes up for how awesome he is to cuddle with. Since he just melts into a puddle across you :)

Atticus, man what a great name for a Mastiff. Love Mastiffs.

Breed wolves

Don't own one but the guy that lives 3 houses away from me owns 2 and he (little bit larger than the newfies) walks with them every morning with a leash, they seem fine with it. His wife (on the tinier size) runs with one of the newfies every evening, that one seems fine with it too.