Dad didn't tell us how to live. He showed us.

Dad didn't tell us how to live. He showed us.

Hot dad bod ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

OP we're gonna need more pictures of your dad in a tight swimsuit to properly analyze this picture.

Your dad invented the "full time teacher & mom/dad but I get summers off" pose.

Dad is packin for sure (sorry OP)

Dad is packin for sure (sorry OP)

No no no

Is that ever since you became a father?

Well of course, that's just your standard size dad dick.

Username... might... shit, I can't tell. No. Yes? Fuck.

Sorry OP, the people on Reddit can be cruel sometimes. Making you think of your dad's sweet, juicy package that your mother loved so much.

Um. Your dad is packin'. No need for banana for scale.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the jungle cruise pool. 10/10 would buy.

"Where's dad?"

"Oh he's outside, being 70's as fuck."

"Happy Father's Day, dad! FYI... the Internet is impressed with your package!"

can confirm.

Source: My dad was a teacher and looked like this dude in many pictures as well. Same pose, if I remember correctly.

OP: Hey Reddit, check out this picture of my dad!

Reddit: OP, check out your dads dick!


You're right. How dare they sully the innocent images of childhood and replace them with thoughts of Dad being all huge and throbbing, as he rams himself into mom? That's just rude.

That's 80's

Well, that used to be the standard size dad dick. They've gotten smaller.

If OP's dad isn't circumcised you'll have your answer...

"Hello, 911"


"Yes, there's an emergency. What I am seeing currently is a merciless execution of a redditor by another redditor"

Edit: The mandatory Aloe Vera.

"Hello, 911"


"Yes, there's an emergency. What I am seeing currently is a merciless execution of a redditor by another redditor"

Edit: The mandatory

So here's my Dad last November. He's badass and I'm proud of him. and here's the original photo

So here's my Dad last November. He's badass and I'm proud of him. and here's the original photo




He is a dad. He will wake up when it gets silent, because he knows that somethings up when that happens

100 mph for 10 months then you try to turn into a potato to trick your brain into wanting to teach another year

what does the gay community have against large pecs?

This is only going to increase the inappropriate posts. Lol. He's still a fox.

The gay community would definitely love this guy's body because he has proportionately large arms, not large pecs, and has an even, thin layer of fat softening up the definition of the muscle just slightly.

This is such a beautiful photo. All the love is so clear. :) I grew up in a broken home and now everyone lives so far apart. I really hope I can start a big family full of love like this someday. Thanks for posting this.

And tighter.

This is my sister from the months of June - August, and then from September-May it's complaining about going to work.

You might not be straight

And if he is, we still won't really because he looks like he's probably from the US ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Start of summer: I can't wait to be rid of those fuckers.

End of summer: I kind of miss those fuckers.

First day of school: Why do I come back to these fuckers?

I can attest to this, but for a different reason. I was dating a gym nut and his chest was HUUUUGE.

When we'd cuddle I couldn't lay my head on his chest unless I wanted my neck to be at a 90° angle. Uncomfortable as fuck.

Edit: fuck you, too, autocorrect.

Many women are the same way. It's irrational, but for some reason they feel that a guy with big arms+shoulders and a flatter chest "looks natural" and a guy with a huge bird chest "looks like a gym rat". Idk. Just a thing.

exactly why I don't work out... just thinking of the ladies

I would ride...

He looks like Jack from This is Us

Here, you dropped this \.

Yup, definitely 84-88.

No way in hell he is sleeping through 3 kids screaming and splashing beside him. Fake News! Sad!

We're gonna need more pics of your dad....for science

"Wait. He might still be alive! Just badly badly burned."

For science. Sexy science.

That's actually a really great FD present.

This is why we cant do nice things here

They just looked bigger because you were smaller.

Wait you're not the same user! You're just a phony! A big fat phony!

And that's why you are just thinking about women.

/u/zangor creeped on what he assumed was a woman's Reddit account to find something to talk about like a no shit neckbeard after she made a lewd remark about OP's dad's cock and now everyone is talking about magic and shit

Did someone say my name?

Can confirm. Silence means they are either sleeping, dead, or they are into something they shouldn't be.

I'm straight and I'd fuck your dad. Looks like a fuckin sexy underwear model out a 70's fashion magazine.

Everyone in my neighborhood had his exact pool

Dude this looks like my dad.

Daddy is the banana for scale ;)

(goes to submission history)

Hmmm...alright. Building a mill deck always seems like the natural instinct for new players for some reason. What are your circumstances? What format do you want to play (casual?)? Are you playing with your friends or at the LGS?

wait... are we talking about the tobacco in his lip? Or his large looking dick?

He aged well!

That's a dad's bod, not a dad bod.

You posted a picture of your dad in tight-fitting shorts to reddit. What did you think was going to happen?

In all seriousness though, your dad clearly has a massive dick.

That's just...I really shouldn't have laughed.

Don't feel sorry for OP, feel sorry for OP's mom.

Some say she still can't walk properly to this day

I love your username.

Y'all are hungry dickpigs!

You don't make it through after a burn like this.

I have seen weaker burns kill better men.

So you're saying he's got great stamina too?

Dad's dicks in the late 80's, early 90's -- they were bigger. I think there's something shrinking dad dicks. That should be on 20/20.

I had the exact same one when I was a kid.

What just happened


Or bcuz he has a huge schlong


We should ask for more pics, I mean it's whatever just saying.

Today I learned that my taste in guys is the same as guy's taste in guys. How has no one mentioned that jaw either?

No idea what above poster is talking about. Gay dude here and I love big luscious pecs, as do most gay guys I know

This post is so wholesome yet it's buried under a pile of dad dick comments. Thanks reddit.

Dammmnnnn daddy

Lmao that's hilarious

My shoulders are really wide so I have the opposite problem. I have a lot of chest muscle as it is but it's spread so thin that it looks flat relative to my arms.

Whatever girls say they like (or guys on Reddit tell you what girls like) you'll find just as many that think otherwise, what with them being people with varying opinions and so fourth. I've heard many call me out on this and think the over-sized arms to chest ratio looks weird and unnatural, like I just curl everyday.

Surprised you only have 2 other siblings.

That Magnum P.I moustache.

Super hot dad!

At least we can look at nice things here, thanks OP

Shit dude. Your dad looks like an awesome man.

(Ps: I apologise on behalf of all the thirsty redditors.)

It's the obvious huge dick that calls my attention.


-The Gay Community

Dads typically fall into three main categories and nine subcategories. That is why so many dads seem similar. You must also take the era into account, as fashion trends can increase the appearance of homogenization. Finally, my degree in Dad Studies is paying off!

Oh man...running a marathon in loose shorts. I imagine everyone else gave plenty of space so they didn't get thwacked with that hammer he was swingin.

No, Sully! Nobody invited you!


Stupid sexy science...

I'd let him spoon me while we take our Sunday afternoon naps together.


Damn, I naturally have a big chest and I've even been called out on it as if I was purposively was sticking out my chest. Good thing I'm dating a girl that likes me how I am. But it could explain why I've had bad luck in the past.

Thick. Solid. Tight.


Is this Hunk-dad posting week?

While I want to make out with bee-keeper dad's beautiful head all day long, I also wouldn't turn down a make-out session with OP's dad's "head" at nighttime.

I know, I need Jesus. Good thing OP's dad is here.