That tail! Pigs wag their tails when they're happy??

"Becky get OFF my ear dammit"

"But it's so soft"

"sigh I hate you"

Looks almost like a propellor to me

Pigs always wag their tails when happy regardless of who they are raised around. Unfortunately, it is common practice in the meat industry to cut off pigs' tails as piglets, so many people have never seen a pig with a tail.

Pigs are incredibly smart and most animals with tails tend to swish them faster when happy or engaged.

I saved this pigs life when he was 9 weeks old and did all of the pre-adoption medical work on both of these animals. I named them Piggie Smalls and Moose. I believe the pig's name is now Dexter.

Ready to take off.

Where to captain?

To the promised oinkland.

Since modern farms tend to pack animals together in close quarters with no opportunity for mental stimulation, it often leads to many behaviors that we wouldn't see in pigs that were given adequate space. One of these behaviors is that they tend to bite on one another's tails, which can lead to infections and other medical issues.

There are a half-dozen comments here about people bragging about how they want to eat the pig and your problem's with the one person who says they don't want to eat the pig?


I bet the pig learned it from the dog. Same way a cat will act like a dog if raised around dogs.

Thats not a very nice thing to say to your mom

These people know how to enjoy the life.

They also pull out the teeth of baby pigs and castrate them. All without anesthesia of course.

This is a piglet getting his tail cut off.

This is a piglet getting his teeth pull out.

This is a piglet getting castrated.

Basically pigs live in a real life Hostel from the day they're born till the day they are slaughtered. Eating bacon is like patronizing the Hostel.

Pigs are sick of dogs eating their ears. Oh how the turntables..

Sure, but is that really a justification? There are lots of things we could do that hurt others but benefit ourselves which I think most people would say are wrong - raping, murdering, exploiting, etc. But if a rapist said "Hey, rape feels good" wouldn't you say "So what? That doesn't make rape okay."

Obviously this isn't a direct comparison, just showing how the justification cannot be applied consistently, which is usually a danger sign.

Link to Okja on Netflix for those who haven't seen it. It is a really great movie that came out last month.

I needed this today. Thank you


Videos and stuff like this make me not want to eat more as much.

This isn't a farm pig.

I'm not preaching I'm just thinking out loud here but It's GIFs and videos like this that make me realise that if given the chance, animals like pigs, cows, and sheep behave just like domesticated dogs.

They could be just as intelligent and just as loving if they were provided with the same amount of training and care that we afford to dogs.

We don't eat dogs, but we have no problems eating all the other animals. We bring these animals into existence and we keep them dumb and confused. We take their children away from them. They have no idea what's happening around them. They must be so scared.

I don't know. It just makes me feel so sad for them. It actually makes me tear up a little thinking about it all.

I still eat meat but I'm trying to eliminate eating pork, beef and lamb as a starting point.

Pigs consistently score higher on intelligence tests than dogs or cats. They were just never domesticated in the same way, so we don't have a lot of contact with them. Plus, they tend to grow to unmanageable sizes, so they don't make the best pets.

Some breeds of pig appear to pass the "mirror test", which is used as a marker for whether a species has an awareness of "self". The test involves seeing whether the animal can eventually understand that the image they're seeing in the mirror is a reflection of themselves and the environment around them. These are tests, which both dogs and cats fail. Anything "alive" can be labelled as sentient, but having a sense of self makes you a "sapient" creature who is on closer footing with humanity in terms of emotional and mental development. We tend to have different standards regarding how we treat those creatures, which is why most people find eating dolphin to be detestable.

Elephants, Dolphins, Corvids (some species of crows, magpies etc.) and Chimps are the other species who pass the test.

This is why it's so easy to go vegan. For the animals, for your health, for the planet :)

Wow, you were not well received.

Yeah, it is incredibly sad to see, but something that people should be aware of nonetheless.