Cuba Says President Trump's Speech Was 'Loaded With Hostile Rhetoric'

Cuba Says President Trump's Speech Was 'Loaded With Hostile Rhetoric'
Cuba Says President Trump's Speech Was 'Loaded With Hostile Rhetoric'

The whole speech felt like he was about to announce the Bay of Pigs 2: Electric Boogaloo

I don't really see what the point is, the past admins failed to collapse Cuba or force it to change.

The Obama era deal allowed some real economic change that in turn would of helped Cuba and America. I just don't understand this...

It's so obvious that he is doing this to streamline business and also just his personal mission to dismantle everything Obama did in office, good or bad.

Mr. Trump hates literally any deal he wasn't paid for.

The republicans who hate regulation.... Are regulating. I just don't understand

Republicans don't hate regulation. They hate regulation they can't profit from.

Or that has Obama's name attached to it. That's kept him up at night for the past 8 years.

Florida is a swing state and there are a significant number of anti-Castro Cubans (mainly Republicans) who want Trump to be tough on Cuba.

No, he's doing it for the hardline Cuban community in Florida that votes strongly republican

Is he going to hold Saudi Arabia accountable? Is he going to hold Qatar accountable? No. Just another Obama policy he is getting rid of. The hate this man has for Obama for picking on him is unbelievable.

For those who didn't read the article

1) US will not lift sanctions on Cuba until it releases all political prisoners and respects the Cuban people's right to freedom of assembly and expression.

2) Cuba must legalize all political parties, and allow free and internationally supervised elections.

3) US will restrict the flow of American dollars to the Cuban military, security and intelligence services

Very hostile...

He is currently running for president, which allows him to collect campaign contributions for the 2020 presidential election.

According to media, there has been an election coming up since Nov 9

Their president is Fidel Castro's brother.

Holy shit you were serious

His name is Rául Castro, and he's 86 years old.

Got an election coming up, has he?

Isn't Castro dead? Then again, this is politics so logic doesn't apply

Business as usual when dealing with Saudi Arabia though. Never mind that they buy weapons and exert their power on others in inhumane ways. Move along. Move along.

"Trump said in a speech in Miami that the U.S. will not lift sanctions on Cuba until it releases all political prisoners and respects the Cuban people's right to freedom of assembly and expression. Trump is also calling for the legalization of all political parties, and free and internationally supervised elections." Seems pretty reasonable

I think the point the rest of everyone is making is that this will just continue the status quo and that under the Obama deal, slow and positive change would've happened.

The fiestier brother, if I might add. The hardcore republican Cubans make my head swivel in their logic.

Am Cuban as well and I burnt too many calories from my head shaking.

Trump "Release your political prisoners and have elections."

Cuba "Whoa, let's not be hostile here."

they also only care about "human rights" when if fits them on a strategic level

This is Trump. He is nothing short of an assclown. He clearly has his own agenda and could not care less about what people think.

He has his little trove of yes-men that follow him around telling him he is amazing and people who don't like him are uneducated minorities.

If this guy is actually going to be in office for 4 years, America is fucked because I guarantee he will start a war to get re-elected.

His policy is to attack Obama, not much more. If this were Bush's EO, he'd never have done this regardless of substance. When you're at 35% in the polls and can't get anything done, and 35% of the country just wants to stick it to the liberals, you just find meaningless things to poke at because those 35% are 70% of the republicans and they won't impeach him if they're going to lose from a primary challenger in their gerrymandered district.

"Slogan: Keep America Great"

You can't make this stuff up.

Like when Clinton ignored Rwanda, or how the entire world has been ignoring the genocide in the Congo?

No one gives a shit about people suffering in a 3rd world country if there is no geopolitical aspect to it, that isn't limited to the US republican party.

I was seriously uneasy when Marco Rubio mentioned that every time he talked to Trump about Cuba, Trump mentioned the squad sent in for the Bay of Pigs

You're conveniently leaving out the part where the Cuban people are also cut off from more opportunities to improve or even legally escape when the US cuts their government.

This isn't only about a clash of political ideologies, Mr Pubes.

He has a giant grudge against Obama and his policies. I honestly think a huge part of it is because he made Jokes about him during the White House Correspondents Dinner way back in 2011.

Haha yep, Raul was always considered (along with Che) to be the "most Communist" of the revolutionary leaders. He's also enacted much more sweeping pro-capitalist measures since replacing his brother.

Funny how the world works.

Talking about what Cuba’s done to their own people is hostile.

Yeah, he pulled that stunt a few months ago, once again breaking with longstanding traditions of fair play. Nonprofits technically can't speak out against a political candidate without running the risk of losing their nonprofit status. Fucking dirty scheister, he is.

As /u/ThePorcupineWizard pointed out, that statement isn't accurate. As long as they don't specifically speak out about his campaign for president, they're in the clear. Still, I stick by the dirty scheister statement, though.

ITT: people who didn't read the article but hate trump so much this is another platform to blast him.

The things he mentioned are positive changes... of course Cuba would be upset.

1) US will not lift sanctions on Cuba until it releases all political prisoners and respects the Cuban people's right to freedom of assembly and expression.

2) Cuba must legalize all political parties, and allow free and internationally supervised elections.

3) US will restrict the flow of American dollars to the Cuban military, security and intelligence services

Watch Obama's correspondents dinner speech about him, he was certainly quite aware of Trump.

US Cuban's generally hate the Castro regime and the Cuban military (Castro's for lack of a better term, goon squad). Both of which seized the country in the 60s, seized personal and business assest from cubans and still hold tyrannical control of the country.

Source: Am first generation Cuban/American.

TdLR: lf somebody took your home, your business and all your money, and you had to leave the country with only a suitcase or face probably would still hate them 50 years later.

The classic Cuban American position is against anything that could benefit the Castro regime - but now a large majority of Cuban Americans are against travel restrictions and the embargo. Almost no young Cuban Americans are hostile to easing of tensions with Cuba.

Edit: source

Elian Gonzalez.

Yep only the old timers are really strongly against the Cuban government. Young Cubans that were never born/grown up in Cuba are sort of indifferent and just want to be able to visit family or easily send things to relatives still on the island.

May be the only Cuba fact he knows?

It was Reagan's slogan, so he didn't even make that up.

When the word "Boogaloo" stops sounding funny

So maybe never

yet people think bombing Libya, Cuba or North Korea would be about "saving" or "helping people", its become a big joke. and its SAD. to see when people still support wars of aggression based on lies we have already seen over and over.

This is a crazy thought, but you all might try watching his speech and seeing what he has to say about the deal first-hand? So far normalizing relations with Cuba hasn't done much to help the Cuban people, but it's done a lot to bolster the Cuban military. I'm pretty sure that's the main sticking point.

He played the original Black Ops

And "make America great again" is just a rip off of thatchers "make Great Britain great again", which makes far more sense.

No shut up it's hostile don't you understand it's in the title.

depends. if theyre nth-generation immigrants to america? they typically inherit their parents hate for the Castros without reading into what the facts really are. im a first gen american, so i know from experience lol. you just kinda hear your parents or grandparents say that "castro destroyed cuba" etc and thats about it.

still in cuba? mostly supportive of castro. view him mostly as a revolutionary that, although not perfect, brought independence to cuba after many many decades of being controlled by either Spain or the US. also ended the fascist US puppet dictator Batista's regime and ended the practices of slavery, and helped with bringing poverty levels down, as well as increasing literacy rates, healthcare, etc. cuban government's far from perfect, but cubans still in cuba largely recognize that the US has severely undermined the economy of the nation at many points and don't necessarily blame Castro.

He made several jokes, and they were hilarious.

Republicans are conservative authoritarians pretending to be libertarians. If you want consistent "republican values," see the libertarian party.

This isn't true. I'm Cuban, was just in Cuba a month ago to visit family, and they do not support Castro. The general view there is that whatever they're soing just isn't working. They want modernity, they want to not fear being reported to "el comité", which is basically a neighborhood Communist surveillance squad that reports any non-Communist activity. Example of non-Communist activity includes trading a cooking pot with a guy who owns cows for a gallon of milk. This is a black market, forbidden trade. If you're caught you face fines, a black mark is put on your government file so you can't work for the government anymore - aka, can't work because they're practically the only employer in Cuba - and you may even go to jail.

People aren't supportive of the Castros or anything they've done. Not anymore. I met so many people who told me just about the same thing. We have to laugh about it, because if we don't, we'll cry. It's shitty to live in a neighborhood where 75% of the buildings are on the verge of collapse. It's shitty to worry about food everyday. It's shitty not to be able to speak your mind without worrying about censure and punishment. They know that.

And all that bullshit about literacy and healthcare is a joke. The hospitals don't have equipment and the schools have literally disbanded all over the country, especiallly rural areas, for lack of funding.

And I am not one of the hardline conservatives mentioned above. In this country, I'm very left leaning. I'm all for government social programs that work. Help the needy without compromising markets. Beautiful. But Cuba doesn't work, and anyone who pretends it does, or is, is either a moron or a Communist party member who's getting theirs from the regime at the expense of everyone else. All those old Cuban mansions business magnates used to have in Havana? Yeah, occupied by government party members. Hypocrisy is a way of life there.

market socialism is not pro-capitalist.

Also Cuba won't let him build a hotel, apparently.

Economic liberalization is good, but not when it increases funds for the Cuban government and therefore their hold on power.

No and no

Exactly. The donated money remains his even if he doesn't run. It's literally setting itself up for legal bribery. "Donate to my campaign and I'll be more favorable towards your needs"... except then he doesn't run, and pockets the money (or even just what's left over) and walks away like he didn't just take a "subtle" bribe.

That's not rhetoric. That's a list summarising the points of the speech and entirely leaving out any rhetoric involved...

"Cuba says"... the country has spoken!

Saying he has an agenda is giving him too much credit.

allows him to collect campaign contributions

allows him to collect campaign contributions launder money.


Would have

So I assume he is demanding the same for Russia, Turkey, Philippines and any other two bit dictatorship he is busy admiring?

Cuba "Release your political prisoners that are kept illegally on my land."

Trump "Woah woah woah... don't tell anyone about that."

Dirty scheisters like him are why "longstanding traditions" don't mean shit. It's either a law enforced with the full violence of the government, or it's a mass hallucination providing an opportunity for the sane to profit.

so, the dictator government guilty of countless freedom and human rights violations crying trumps speech is hostile..


I imagine what would happen if Cuba says that will impose sanctions on US until it releases all prisoners from Guantanamo or all the new "slavery" prisoners. Or that the US should allow elections without the influence of money. And what about Snowden?

Ps: I know that this sanction would not impact the US, I am just talking about a moral view.

Imagine if he didn't and trump didn't run.

This could be put in the history books as "the most destructive joke of all time".

While Trump is partially motivated by pissing on Obama's legacy, I think that this reversal of policy has more to do with pleasing exiled Cubans (like Rubio) in Florida. They're a major force in Florida's Republican party, and most of them hold a deep-seated grudge against the Castros for forcing them and their ancestors off of the island. Opposing the Castros secures the loyalty of that voting block, and therefore gives the Republican Party an advantage in a crucial swing state.

Cuba "We can't release prisoners from Guantanamo"

i believe you are completely correct about the Correspondents Dinner (how does he carry such a huge grudge with such small hands?!) but i also believe that Obama's entire presidency was an insult to Trump because Obama is black and still managed to be president first. it flies in the face of Trump's entire worldview.

Cuba didn't say that. The Castro dictatorship said that.

They complain about "mean" words, while our president holds them to task for their political violence and oppression.

Obama did in fact make fun of Trump at the correspondence dinner, I'll edit with a link


Edit 2: sorry that took so long, I found it immediately but I had to rewatch it

"Unfair" deals is a way of him saying "fuck you" without having any constructive counter proposal ready. In fact, this admin barely has ANY detailed and well reasoned policy to put forward - it's all a bunch of "fuck this, fuck that. And oh, fuck that one too."

So serious question:

The original film this meme was taken from came out in 1984. Everyone younger than 33 was born after the joke started, yet this hasn't died yet.

"Where's the beef" has run it's course, "sock it to me" has died, but this meme continues to be the default sequel title decades past its due date. When do you think it will finally die out of the public consciousness?

Also, inb4 relevant xkcd.

As a dem I would feel 1000x better if the second party was Libertarian. At least you guys wouldn't actively try to start wars or restrict civil liberties. I don't agree with your economic policies, but at least we can have a civil discussion on that.

People think Trump's reasoning is hard to grasp but for me it's simple. He's dumb as bricks and seeks only to enrich himself. The dumb as bricks part comes with the caveat that in his mind, he's the smartest man in the room. Which means he thinks we're all dumber than him. Which would make us all really really really, really fucking dumb. I think the same holds true for most of his supporters, except they're mostly broke.

Because America suddenly became great again the day of his inauguration. All their issues suddenly evaporated because he's that good at making deals and fixing everything. So good that it doesn't bother them when he goes golfing like it did when Obama did it.

Translation, he's not a black democrat.

I've spoken with many Cubans about this over the past few years and their attitude on the situation varies, but many of them would greatly prefer an easing of relations and hostilities. Simply because introducing market reforms in Cuba (which has been happening) is probably the best chance for progress and the future of the island. They're easing up on their state-control and moving towards a more regulated market economy. For everybody who is concerned about communism and what not, this is one of the best steps that could possibly be taken and a lot of people hope that it will really start to pay off within the next generation.

But, no. These hardliners just want vengeance rather than a solution. You're concerned about communism huh? Well better block Cuba off from the world market as much as you can, because that will surely help them change their ways after 70 fucking years of the same, right?

Any person who supports the Castro regime, supports human right violations. If you do not truly understand what is happening, don't say you don't understand what Trump is doing. Go and actually find out how most of the citizens of Cuba live. A country where taxi cab drivers make way more than Dr.s, where tourists drink out of bottled water and citizens are dying of thirst because they only have access to contaminated water. The Castros have to go.

Your tl;dr is almost as long as your first statement

just because the person above quoted a description of the general intention of the speech does not mean it was not hostile.

not supporting either side in this situation just wanted to point that out.

There's more at stake with Saudi Arabia. Cuba is like an open pawn in chess.

Well he's been on the campaign trail since Feb. 18, this guy doesn't seem to need an election to get out on the stump. He's a hard worker.

this coming from the country that jails dissidents

cuba can fuck themselves

Oh no, he has one, he got it from Paulie in Goodfellas: "Fuck you, pay me"

Well cuba is a communist dictatorship.

Picking on him? Obama was no more aware of Trump than he was of any other reality TV star.

He has the best no scopes, nobody no scopes better than him, believe him.

People criticize him because it's applied selectively at his whim. Why not sanction Saudi Arabia rather than sell billions in arms if Trump opposes regimes killing people

I'm pretty sure Guantanamo was a thing before Obama. I wouldn't blame either one.

So basically "Stop killing people that oppose you or we won't lift sanctions".

How very evil of Mr. Trump. It's weird how much pro-Cuba stories get upvoted on reddit and how much anti-Russia stories get upvoted. Both have merciless governments with corrupt leaders that have anyone that opposes them put to death. But Obama liked Cuba and Russia helped Trump so I guess only Russia is bad and Cuba is pretty alright. Hopefully your post gets more upvoted than the 30 "he's just doing this cause it was Obama's order" posts.

That journalist dinner really did a number on him.

Work hard, play golf hard?

Marco Rubio is anti-castro.

He's on the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigating Russia tampering, and obstruction of justice.

Cuba has no freedom of speech, religion, or politics.

But sure, Trump is the hostile one

If Cuba allows a trump tower they can probably get out of all sanctions

It's ironic the biggest human rights disaster in Cuba is literally a US base.

would of


He's allowed the creation of private business.