Criminals tried to stop a car in Karachi

I like how he goes from "oh shit, oh shit" to "weeeee".

His accomplice in the background just casually walks off.

Like, ffs Ahmed can we just rob someone without you riding on their bonnet off into the horizon for once..


No one seems to be talking about the other guy on the bike. He just goes "Yup, we fucked that one up, act cool and walk away like nothing happened...."

Now crash into a wall


I hope he lived and became a functioning member of society.

Edit to your edit: I agree with you. But I don't think my statement, and your edit, are incompatible.

I hope he died

Edit: Listen people, I know you don't like it when you're not in your safe space, when I say things about people that you think are mean. But have you seen the videos of criminals in South America shooting innocent people to steal cars like this? This happens all the time in South America and pardon me for sounding like I want to be mean to a car jacker. The driver had no choice because the criminal could be armed.

I can show you the world~

We call it a hood. You are thinking of the boot.

"welp, time to find a new partner"

Whole new meaning to "ghost ride the whip"

If you steal, you are. Stop taking advantage of other people's hard work for your own selfish gain.

/sub/behindthegifs will be pleased that 50% of the work is already done with those waving hands.

I thought it was common knowledge that criminal behavior peaks around 18 and slows down into the mid 20's, and then drops the hell off.

Here are some FBI stats.


_ carpet

~ drunk carpet

/ carpet on viagra

The driver should have braked hard then accelerated hard and run the bugger over.

This could be the best possible outcome

Chances are he was badly mangled however when he became one with wall

His accomplice didn't even try lmfao.

Too many people on this planet.

Love the Jazz Hands!

is the tilde representing the flying carpet? if so, pretty neat!

"I've made a huge mistake."