Costco sells Jack Daniels by the barrel

Costco sells Jack Daniels by the barrel

"Hear me out honey. I know we've been working towards a down payment on a house, but I decided to use our savings on this barrel of whiskey instead."

I wonder if they've ever actually sold one.

Wait, I can go to Costco and buy a goddamn 6-pack of whiskey bottles without anyone looking at me like I'm a raging alcoholic?

Someone else posted that it's $517 cheaper than buying the cases.

Edit: some googling suggests this is very wrong.

A 750ml bottle of single barrel is roughly $50. This barrel holds about 250 bottles. That would be $12500.

That's a huge saving.

You can't afford NOT to buy it!

Not just bottles.....handles.

Can someone figure out the cost effectiveness? Including the fact that you gain a barrel

Just dip into the Cuba fund.

Woah. Now everything in that picture is bigger than I realized.

My friend's parents bought one when they celebrated their 30th anniversary.

Although, they didn't go to Costco. They flew down to the distillery in Tennessee and selected their own barrel of Jack's top-shelf shit. JD made them custom bottles with their names and dates on a small silver tag that hung around the neck of the bottle. They gave bottles to all of their friends at their party and turned the actual barrel into a table.

All in all I heard it cost them ~$20k

All i need now is a drill & a straw.

You can get booze super cheap in Cuba. Like 3 cuc for a litre of cheap rum. It's actually pretty tasty because they use sugar cane.

I believe you get 40 cases of 750ml bottles, plus an empty barrel.

I'd be losing money buying the bottle!

Seems worth it tbh. But I am currently drunk on whiskey so ask me again in the morning.

There was a one-armed cashier at my local liquor store in college, and I'd visit once or twice a week. I'd always buy a Benchmark handle, because I was broke and loved some booze. And Benchmark isn't that bad. One time, after a particularly good paycheck, I came in and bought a single barrel Barton. One-armed cashier pulled me aside and asked if everything was alright. He thought that was my 'peace out!' bottle and worried about me. God damn, I loved liquor stores.

Alright, well, I used to run an organization called Felches Against ALS. I did cam work, and I would do felches with my partner THE STAG and donate the proceeds to ALS charities.

Well, we brought some other people on board and we were doing a lot of felches and bringing in a lot of money and it was great. But then things got all political and egos collided. You know, total Behind the Music type stuff. "People are only tuning in to see my felches! My felches are the star!" "Oh, yeah, then do a solo show and see if that's true!"

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I agree with this. One of my cousins brought us back Cuban rum and it was one of the best things I've ever drank.

The liquor store should be a judgement-free zone, no matter how much you buy. Everyone in there is either buying liquor or making a living from it.

I just did a quick google search, and that is actually a decent price. Most things I saw showed prices starting at 10k.

Seriously, my parents bought one for Christmas a couple years ago. Gave away the bottles as business Christmas gifts. Customers loved it.

Please Shoenice, please.

I'd be losing my house buying the barrel.

This is true. It's a stamped and authenticated barrel. More of a collector's item than anything else. It's also a special order pay up front kind of deal. When we got the memo it was 10-11k but that was a few years back. Source: Worked for Sam's club when they started this.

Had an uncle inquire about buying it. Costco told him you don't get the barrel. You get 40 cases of jack daniels. That it's actually illegal to sell unbottled liquor so you cant just buy the barrel and tap it. They told him if want the actual Barrel call jack Daniels they might sell one.

Go buy something on Amazon as a surprise for your sober self.

Ah, so as I suspected, the barrel is just a prop to sell the equivalent in cases of bottled whiskey.

People can't judge you if they're pushing a cart full of industrial sized mayo containers.

Unless you're in Alabama where Costco can't save you shit on alcohol because of Jesus or something.

You also get the barrel.

Yeah, but you probably have to buy 6 pack of them.

I mean, I've never felt judged in a liquor store. They even wrap up my oholic beverages in a judgement free bag.

However, you frickin' buy some o'douls from the grocery store and they ask for your AA coin....

I was making beer and cheddar fondue for a baby shower.

Can we possibly make that two straws?

The fuck's a felch?


wooooo look at mr fancypants here with his "paycheque"

Welcome to Canada

Somehow, I don't see that way of raising money for charity getting a lot of traction.

But my last name is Meoff

Tell me more about your username please.


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Yea I find it has a nice sweetness to it. I've never had that in rum from Canada.

(Edited to adjust for correct bottle size, 750mL, not the 1.75mL bottles stacked around the barrel; and to adjust downward the consumption rate by one drink per day).

240 750mL (25 oz) bottles works out to 4000 servings (using a standard alcohol "drink" of 0.6 ounces of ethanol, or 1.5 ounces at 40%).

Let's say you're a moderately-heavy but consistent drinker, 3 drinks a night, and in an average week you might share about 50% more with friends / family, so you drink / share 32 drinks a week on average. This then supplies 125 weeks worth of alcohol, or 2.4 years.

Assuming you invested the $8600 in fairly safe investments (commercial paper, 4%) from which you withdrew approximately $69 weekly to purchase your alcohol instead, at the end of those 125 weeks you'd have $411 in your account.

That $411 represents the effective difference of the present value of this purchase: In other words, by not investing the money, that $8600 barrel actually ends up costing you $9011.

If you buy directly from Jack Daniels they'll put your name on the bottles.

You can wear the barrel as clothing once you finish it!

Might be worth it if you run a bar or hotel (or have a serious drinking problem).

But you are buying all the whiskey from a particular barrel.

Thank Christ you asked this I assumed everyone knew bar me.

God, fuck sams club.... Costco for life.

When the apocalypse comes and the world goes all max max, I'm going to start a gang that pillages, rapes, and plunders. The only requirement to get into our gang? Gotta have a costco card from before the world went to shit. Our enemies? Any son of a bitch we come across with a Sams Club card, dusty and ruined in the remnants of their wallet they keep as a keepsake from the olden times.

Thank you for doing the math. Also it's a single barrel and not a blend so it may taste different than the run of the mill jack Daniels. There is also the option to resell the barrel as American whiskey barrels actually increase in value after having whiskey in them. Hella deal over here.

I used to do that on Ambien. Ambien has terrible taste in nail polish.

You can buy Cuban rum in Canada.

I work for the parent company. Trust me, we have. We don't sell a shit ton but we do sell them. You hardly ever find one person buying them though. It's usually a group of guys going in on one. I mean, who can drink 40 cases of Jack. I can't and that's my go to drink.

Haha, you should try PA liqueur laws. Anything as strong as whiskey can only be sold in state operated liqueur stores.

edit: apparently other states have similar laws. Canada too it seems.

I sell sugarcane and sugarcane byproducts.

Reminds me of the time my mom came back from Costco with a full sized glass shotgun filled with alcohol

I've got a straw for ya ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

There's an offset cost to 250 glass bottles though.

I appreciate the info, but it makes me sad...

Apparently you don't get the barrel. (question6) You do get the "barrel head" though, which I assume is the flat disc of wood on top. You also get a bunch of other stuff like a plaque and things.

As for some math:

$8600 / 40 cases = $215 / case

$215 / 6 bottles = just shy of $36 / bottle

$36 is a little high for Jack Daniels, but a great deal for Single Barrel Select. In addition, according to the site, you get to select the flavor profile of you barrel in one of 4 ways so you can really get a personal variation of Jack Daniels that suits you, which is cool.

Finally, the pricing Jack Daniels lists on their site is $10k+ for this service, so Costco is giving you a sweet 14+% discount. When that adds up to $1400, I'd say that's a bargain.

EDIT: one can safely assume that, since you get to pick your barrel and have your name slapped on it, the bottle you are purchasing is a better product for you than even Jack Daniels most expensive bottle, Single Barrel Proof, which seems to run around $70 or so. Value!

Where a McDonalds #5 is 17.50, but a Irish Pub beer and bangers, peas and mash is 10. WTF Canada. edit: typo

Make it three straws and we have a deal

Ouch 34 bucks. I paid 3 cuc for the stuff I bought and it was good. Which is about 6 bucks Cdn.

My grandma bought a Tommy gun filled with vodka as a decorative piece and my alcoholic grandfather drank it the night she bought it and filled it up with water.

Well if its going to be that kind of party I'm going to stick my dick in the mashed potatoes.

I mean not drinking it would be a waste and you know vodka goes bad if you don't finish the bottle

I'm way too high for this

no the barrel comes in a giant bottle like one of those tiny pirate ships

Yeah me too. I wanted a big barrel on my counter with one of those old taps I have to hammer in with a mallet. Then when I die from alcohol poisoning, my friends and family can finish it at my funeral and burry me in the barrel. Oh well....

According to the tour guides at the Jack Distillery it's the same as buying single barrel select and they bottle the entire barrel for you then ship it to whatever liquor store you prefer.

I don't swing that way buddy. Unless you've got a fiver.

I'm on the serious drinking problem side and looked at it and wondered how long it would last.

Bad for repeat business if they sell you your "peace out" bottle.

They give it to you in glass bottles, but you also get the empty barrel.

I've asked the Costco reps before and their response was, "We wouldn't stock it if someone wasn't buying it."

Well yeah, it's single barrel Jack - more expensive than regular jack. Also generally a lot smoother

I'm gonna imply that they (the cashier) were indeed all right since their left arm was missing?

Nothing like getting drunk prior to choosing a barrel of alcohol.

You can't afford NOT to buy it!

Found the marketing major here.

Oh wow

Ahem, 4 straws.



You under estimate our alcoholism.

They'll actually send barrel samples to the store so that customers can pick one out. Some distilleries will let you come to the warehouse, take a tour, and draw samples directly from the barrels. That's how Beam does it, but they mainly do that for retail/restaurant buyers.

Christ on a bike...

Room for one more straw fellas?

Isn't all rum made from sugar cane?

Taste the sweet, not the beet.

5 straws, and we can start a party

What? Bah, if I were to do this then I'd want to have the keg with a spigot in it.

But if you buy the barrel directly from the distillery they let you taste test a few barrels and then pick which you like best to have shipped to you.

I bet the barrel has just been refilled with the blend.

Don't tempt him, please

If you got the money for it, that's actually pretty cool.

As a Canadian you should recognize the Trailer Park Boys reference.

But at Costco I get to taste chicken nuggets, and microwave cheese burgers.

40 cases a barrel at $8600 a barrel equals $215 a case.

This is also the Single Barrel Select, which can go for like $70 a fifth.

But Ambien knows the best places to hide your car keys.

Just another drinkypoo randers

Username checks out

You also get the barrel, the jack Daniels distillery flys a specific flag for a day in your honor, and your name goes on a wall at the distillery.

You can get it straight from the maker, and they let you select your barrel after tasting several

As a Canadian I get a kick out of Americans talking about Cuban this or that...

I honestly think the taboo of their products is really biasing opinion of quality.

Honestly, I haven't smoked a Cuban cigar I've liked yet and Cuban rum is just another normal offering on the shelf like anything else.

Username checks out

They have to bottle it for you, iirc. So you get both!

Probably hit rock bottom much quicker with that much whiskey...might actually drink yourself straight.

Hold my beer... I won't be needing it anymore!

Dip into? What monsterous Cuba fund would consist of $8600+. Pretty sure I can vacation there for 5 nights all inclusive on half a paycheque

This guy amortizes.

I hope I'm not the only one who can absolutely see a few decently well off people pooling money to get this for a party, along with another couple thousand for other booze. Or maybe it's meant for weddings. I'd totally go to that wedding.