Confirmed! Comey's memos were Federal Records!!! They are eating their own now that the leakers are on notice. Comey is in way more legal danger than Trump could ever be!!! I bet Comey is mildly nauseous again!

Confirmed! Comey's memos were Federal Records!!! They are eating their own now that the leakers are on notice. Comey is in way more legal danger than Trump could ever be!!! I bet Comey is mildly nauseous again!

There are no memos, Comey lied. He lied to get the Russian Investigation, and it worked. He makes me nauseous of how he abused his power and perverted the FBI

Comey is completely boxed in. He either deleted his memos which were government property or he lied about the existence of the memos under oath at his hearing. Only an immunity deal can save him and then everybody from the Obama admin and DNC goes down.

Well he gave Mueller something as he said it under oath.

Comey is fucked, but I don't think he rolls over. Comey is the patsy. But won't do jail time because republicucks won't allow it. Jugears and the Beefslab walk. Lynch and Rice are black females, so muh racism/sexism. They walk too.

Justice isn't blind, it's cucked.

It's arrogance from power and connections. Comey has been covering for and been protected by the Clintoons for 20+ years. Comey is an arrogant cunt. He thought he would just skate free of his fuckery when the Beefslab got into office.

Hubris is almost always the downfall of powerful men.

I don't like to give him ANY credit, but how is it possible an FBI director could be this stupid not to realize this?

The wild card is Sessions. He is mad and the Clinton Foundation may be who pays the price. Bill Clinton may finally have bit off more than he can chew on this electronic age of records. The 80s and 90s playbook does not work these days.

Can you ELI5 what's going on here?

Always be wary when a city boy starts trying to act folksy.

Gonna either be a lot of recusals, or the whole things gonna get shut down.

(please be #2... Please be #2)

I don't think Sessions is as strong as originally thought to be. He may prosecute but I doubt it. It's one big fucking corrupt club in that stinking city. I don't think Sessions will open the pandora's box.

I love the God Emperor but I'm pessimistic about any justice being served in our federal gummint. Best I think will happen is that the fuckery is exposed and the cunts thrown out in embarrassment.


Like Hillary and her fake accents.

Comey will turn on Clinton and Obama. He will lose his reputation but, no legal trouble.

or else the swamp monsters all get drained into prison, that would be nice for a change

So Comey violated the same laws that Hillary did? Dear god please let him be fucking arrested.

Yep. If I knew nothing else about her, I could tell just by that that she had no integrity.

Mueller is a rat POS who is not interested in incriminating anyone but Trump.

Leaking government records is a crime. Destroying government records is an extremely serious crime. If Comey made up the memos then you have to assume he destroyed them. Jail time.

The deep state worked very hard to get Mueller installed, don't even think they will give up now - no matter how blatant they have to be. They will get Trump - if we let them.

The GOPe is doing its best not to make eye contact till the awful deed is done hoping they will be able to fool us into believing they are just inept buffoons when it is over. Don't let them, call, write, email every day.

Make a form letter and a long copy list and send it out every hour - give them no peace and convince them they will not be in office ever again if they do not act to defend us and our president. 70% of the American people are on our side.

I don't think it's that Sessions is not strong. It's that he is a stickler for the law.

Pizza party is over folks! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

So he can't give up memos and has to admit he destoryed them... Which is bad.... Or admit he liked...which is worse.

Either way the more we can make him squirm the better.

He should take Putin's anmesty deal lol

Also I love how my phone auto filled out anmesty deal after I typed Putin lol

He probably did write up memos after being shitcanned. But they aren't contemporaneous. If he didn't feel the need to write memos for Loretta Lynch, what makes anyone believe this crock of shit.

He will tragically commit suicide in 3, 2, 1...

He stated under oath that they were written in an unclassified manner because if they were written as classified, releasing them would be slow and complicated process. Pretty sure Comey used the general phrase of "I have turned everything over to the special counsel" without specifying the memos. Plus, he gave his buddy copies, so this is now a full blown Keystone Cops situation now. And these jokers are running the country needing us to believe Trump is the problem?

But, she's no ways tarred ...

The real answer is Trump trolls everyone until they play themselves doing something they shouldn't in an attempt to take him down.

Every fucking time.

why cant he backdate some fakes?

would they have had to been logged in computer system or something? and he cant do that now since hes been fired?

get ready for an exciting week! indictment time!

I put nothing past what Trump could know or do. I mean, he has Iran now attacking ISIS in Syria while we shoot down Syrian aircraft and the Russians wondering what has happened.

would they have had to been logged in computer system or something? and he cant do that now since hes been fired?

That sounds reasonably accurate. Maybe the Trump fired Comey when he did just to lock him into the 'memo' story. Maybe the "tapes" Trump mentioned in his tweet were recordings of Comey plotting to contrive said memos in an attempt to legitimize his (Comey's) lies.

He's admitted to leaking information gained during his official duties as FBI director.

Hope he enjoys prison.

This Comey guy isn't too fucking smart is he?

Chaffetz referred Bryan Pagliano to Sessions in February for prosecution and still nothing. No investigation is even needed for him. He ignored multiple congressional subpoenas and was held in contempt. I won't hold any faith in Sessions until I see some people held accountable. This is one example that is a slam dunk with no effort needed. I'm still waiting.

Hot sauce keeps her active.

He's never had to be smart. He's just had to be crooked. Which he is.

There's a conspiracy that Trump was warned about possible Comey complicity in helping the DNC and Hillary, and keeping him on was a ploy to garner access to the methods Comey used to convey info to DWS and Podesta, etc.

Once Trump became aware of his channels, he was axed.

Love this!

Say hi to Bad Vlad for me...

What else would you expect from a Clinton/Obama lackey?

The memos were made up, don't exist.

Him being locked up would be a nice start.

IF the memos exist, they would be a part of the special counsel, and so would not be released until the counsel is done.

That's how Trump picked off his opponents in the Primaries. As soon as he made Rubio and Cruz snap at the Detroit debate, I knew it was over.

Not sure if he actually destroyed evidence like she did though. Still, we can't let shit like this just slide.

Ah shit, if that happens then the lying MSM will blame it on Trump admin.

Eventually MSM, Never-Trumpers, Primamry opponents, DNC and Clinton all decided that they'd bring him down by any means necessary.

Problem was the "means" kept waking people up, making it have the opposite effect.

I also think something's up John McCain's ass with all his sneaky shit during the Senate testimonies. Something feels wrong with the way he phrases his questions. That, plus he is the Republican go-to guy for MSM interviews to make them seem "balanced," and his clear anti-Trump bias, honestly makes me think the SOB has a vendetta on Trump ever since Trump mocked him. I wouldn't be surprised if something turned up with his name on it.

Spicy! (yet not at all)

hopefully we begin to respect the rule of law again. what are the chances comey gets off just like clapper did?

clapper was even later appointed to investigate exactly what he was accused of doing for obama.

And the cold chai! starts seizing

Agree. McCain is a slippery fuck. Remember the Keating 5 ? He's either reading from a script given to him by his handlers/puppet masters, or he's such and old cunt that he doesn't know where the hell he is at any given moment. Or, it's a combination of the two.

Either way, McCain needs to go.

Yes! This ^ pede's advice is right on the money!

They can't even be used as evidence anyways! It's just like a fucking police report - its total hearsay.

He is as corrupt as Comey (maybe) and he doesn't want people digging around in Comey's FBI history because it would uncover a bunch of Mueller's dirt too.

I was going to make a joke about what Snowden would say to Comey once Jimmy accepted asylum. Turns out old Edward condemned Trump for firing Comey. So either he knows something, or he truly was a limited engagement and CIA asset.

Seriously. Yea I'm getting really sick of all this "possible" stuff existing, apparently just floating around somewhere. I want shit on the surface. Everything needs to stop being hypotheticals. That's causing so many problems from actually getting solved so our man can do even more work than is already being done. Goddamn. This shit pisses me off so much.

I think he recorded all the conversations and thinks Trump did the same. Then went over them to see how he could spin it.

Supposedly the only people with the memos.

Comeys buddy, maybe Muller supposedly

The FBI should have them since its an official record and was typed up on a classified laptop. But apparently they don't.

Clapper is a piece of shit that needs to rot in jail with Brennan.

Well he gave Mueller something as he said it under oath.

Probably just an innocent picture of Mueller out with the boys having some pizza. Calling in a favor from an old chum from back in the day

Comey also said in the beginning he had memos and that story evolved. I would discount anything a swamp monster says.

Well no shit.

When I worked for the government as a soldier, GS, and contractor anything we typed up on government equipment belonged to the government.

It shouldn't take an investigation or court order - it's in the goddamn regs!

It's well beyond put up or shut up time.

there probably aren't any memos

Aka: they don't exist...right?!?

All immunity deals lose efficacy if there is any wrong-doing on the part of the Special counsel. He (Mueller) should recuse himself, as he's a close associate of Comey's, in fact they were both found to have conspired to frame an innocent person in a case they were both working on.

I have to agree with you T.S. but I have to say also that I am enjoying seeing Comey getting it from all sides.

Oh, hamurgers...

Here's hoping that someday we get to know what the liberals were holding over this guys head.

Snowden is obviously a plant if you ask me; hence why Hollywood made a movie glorifying him. Where's Assange's movie? Exactly

Always keep in mind that there may be negotiations taking place - the MSM would never touch it, and too secret for alternative media as well.

Mueller will give him immunity.

Hot sauce in the bag swag?

The funny thing is Trump knew nobody'd know how to react to a serious Presidential candidate who held no emotions back. Yet his controversial statements continually pale in comparison to everyone's passive-aggressive, painfully awkward reactions to it.

He won... and is still winning his battles... because his opponents (including likeable Republicans like Rubio back in the Primaries) waste all their time, energy, and political capital tiptoeing around their true feelings/intentions that are obvious to all of us, and when they finally play Trump's game, it's too late because Trump calls them out for being insincere up to that point, and their political/public support comes to a screeching halt.

Even someone as politically radical as Bernie had an actual shot at the Presidency simply because he knew how to hide his intentions and appear genuine even though I could bet you my life savings he doesn't actually give a shit about the poor.

It's the rules of engagement. Trump knows them. Bernie kinda knows them. But nobody else had the balls to play the game from the start. That, or fresh "political outsiders" would step into the scene and ride on Trump's coat-tail into office (did somebody say Eric Greitens??), ironically making them appear insincere, yet still electable.

He wiped them with a cloth and then smashed them with a hammer after giving himself immunity.

You miss the point that they don't have to be classified. Classification has shit do with it. IF they exist, they're evidence, simply BECAUSE they exist, hence don't fall under FOIA.

Iran support Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. Just 'sayin.

yeah, but did he intend to?? :/

Well now he just has to have a firm grip on the soap.

Wait is this real?

Spez: holy fuck

But does Comey keep hot sauce in his man purse?