Clinton Body Count Reminder: 18 years ago today, Hillary Clinton had JFK jr. killed so she could remove him from the the NY Senate race. Sad.

Clinton Body Count Reminder: 18 years ago today, Hillary Clinton had JFK jr. killed so she could ...

the clintons would never kill anyone for power..cmon now

JFK was about to sign the order 11110 which was going to give the power of printing money back to the treasury + Operation Northwoods

Lincoln tried--> Assassinated

Andrew Jackson--> Survived several assassination attempts (ended the Fed) James Garfield--> Assassinated

Source: US Presidents Murdered By The Rothschild Banking Cartel In US history Private Central Banks were closed 5 times. I believe that is Trump's ultimate goal, coronating him as the greatest president ever.

I recommend:

JFK (Film by Oliver Stone)

LBJ and the Killing of JFK with Roger Stone

A century of enslavement: The secret history of the Federal Reserve

Fun fact: I just drove by Jekyll island today and learned that's where the federal reserve was created. In WWII the entire island was ordered to be evacuated by the federal government and they seized the island. Weird, huh?

I knew that was a hit immediately, the story was super fishy (a hit hallmark, gotta send the message). RIP

I remember I was watching the news all day that day, and then one of the reporters started talking about something fishy and the other ones on the panel with him started shushing him but he wouldn't listen, and then they got very aggressive about shutting him up, expressing shock that he'd talk about whatever it was they were forbidden to speak about. That was the last day I watched a mainstream news broadcast.

Jumping in late, JFK DID sign executive order 11110 and the treasury DID issue debt free currency (almost 4.3 billion dollars of it) and interestingly less than 24 hours after his assassination The Fed ordered a recall on every penny that the treasury managed to issue.

Theres no doubt the Clintons are shady scumbags, however I think this one is a bit of a stretch.

I hate HRC but JFK Jr took a plane above his pay grade and went night flying with vfr license. overconfidence meet death

Come on man, this kinda post brings the community down. I'm a pilot, and what happened to him was common for inexperienced pilots.

I know. Now and then I try to find it. The guy was sitting all the way to the right and I think it was three others, at least two were women, and they get all frantic trying to shut him up and when he finally stopped one of them was like "JEEZ" because she couldn't believe he was trying to go wherever it was he was heading. Then they went to commercial. I don't remember which channel it was because I was switching frantically all day. The guy looked kind of like Al Franken to me.

That would be a great find on YouTube.

Read The Creature from Jekyll Island

You forgot/s

look up the Clintons associates death list, they knew an uncanny amount of people who died in plane crashes.

spez: downvote all you want but this list from here has 16 plane crash deaths out of 186 deaths associated with them. Wake the fuck up, they have and will cross any line or do anything to get what they want.

I'm not sure he even flew into imc conditions, crossing the sound towards the vineyard on a clear night can still cause spatial disorientation due to lack of a horizon. The vineyard is fucking dark at night, the airport itself is a black hole approach on rw24. The theory is the graveyard spiral got him. I agree, as a commercial pilot this post is fake news.

I've been flying to the vineyard for a living for 7 years now. What happened to him is very common amongst inexperienced pilots over water at night. It was a Piper Saratoga, a piece of shit. Not some finely tuned first class aircraft like the article describes, it had a basic six pack and Loran C navigation at most. Hillary's body count is breath taking, yes. But this isn't one of them.

spez- article also says world renown pilot. Hahah he had a private only and no instrument rating. He was barely a pilot.

Gary Oldman for the win.

The guy sent me a source that said "resist the Jews" on its banner. If you think that the WW2 can be boiled down to the Rothschilds, you obviously haven't researched your history. It had more to do with WW1 than it did the Jews.

Your news site literally says resist the Jews. I've studyed the worlds wars enough to know it's not just about "those dastardly Jews."

No instrument rating, over water, at night?

Not surprising.

A second opinion on the Kennedy crash

I know correlation does not mean causation,
But 180 suspicious deaths does raise some eyebrows

I know correlation does not mean causation, But

Exactly. It's unfortunate but low time pilots who fly in coastal areas shouldn't be over water at night.

Friendly flight instructor here. This absolutely. He took a high risk activity and raised the stakes. With his experience level and a difficult flight...well, he was in over his head.

Sad case, but far from two bullets to the back of his head. This situation is sadly all too common. I don't know of anyone whos familiar with aviation who suspects the story as false....but im sure conspiracy theorists can dig one or two people up.

Yeah Georgia has a LOT more financial power than people realize

Right...WW2 was because of the Rothschilds. Why learn history when you can say stupid shit.

Please just go ahead and put the evil bitch down already and free the American people from her evil tyranny.

I'm with you. clouds or not, over water at night can be the same thing as being in IMC conditions and it WILL fuck you up if you're a VFR pilot.

The flight path is the same exact thing my students do when I have them try to fly the plane with their eyes closed which is basically what you're doing when you're not trained. I do this so they see how serious it can be. Even at 1000 flight hours I still find IMC to be disorientating at times

Hitler's family lived on LI during WWII. Que scary music