Classic dad

How are you going to pay your child to do something dangerous, film him right before he does it, then miss the shot as it's actually happening? Always keep filming, that's what my Dad did.

It's like you filmed everything but the gold part

Kids is now dead after the cow hulk stomped his head into the earth

Dad: he's trying to sneak up on that steer over there and jump on its back. As soon as he does im going to lower the camera so i troll this gif so hard.

Mr Clark later edited the post, adding: 'Just so everyone knows, I didn't actually think he would be able to sneak up on him, and if he did I didn't think he would jump on him!

From the article. What a fucking idiot. Parents, your little kids trust you. They don't think you're going actually tell them to do something hideously dangerous, which is why when you tell them to do stupid stuff, they do it.

It's fucking ridiculous that this dad put his son's life at risk to film a stupid ass video to get virtual points on the internet. What an idiot.

My dad was filming me snowboard for the first time. I fell and twisted my ankle. I waited the bottom of the hill to notice and help. He was pointing the camera elsewhere for 15 minutes so I picked myself up and went inside.

Saw the tape later. It was a fucking crow. Just a regular crow for 10 minutes.

Man, that could've easily gone south for that kid in the worst possible way.

Man, you're not kidding... he could've easily spooked the cow early and been out $20.

Jump on the back, head goes splat.

Classic dad ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Apparently this guy posted it on his facebook, with the caption:

'I only wish I had videod the last 3 seconds, he hung on for a few more seconds!! Just so everyone knows, this is his pet steer he hand feeds every day. And Asher is perfectly fine....And he's says he a tough ole cowboy!!'

That glorious sense of non-regret.


LPT: If you're going to be a terrible parent, at least keep the camera steady.

ahahahaha classic putting your toddler in mortal danger prank

Didn't want any blood splats on his new tuxedo.

If he had have been spooked earlier he probably would have jumped up and kick both of his back legs out (they kick hard too, definitely would have broken some ribs/his jaw).

Source: I grew up on a farm, their natural reaction is to kick out their back legs when they're scared and running. That's why if you're herding* cattle you should never stand directly behind one.

Hey you dropped your arm.


And yet Mom recognizes the problem and does not interfere.

damn straight

There has to be a video, right?


Hey, hold it right there!



The toddler would probably do a lot better in that situation than your step dad. He could make it at least 40 feet.

Hey you dropped your $20.


How else would he become an expert in bird law if he doesn't first understand the birds?

Video cuts out exactly where the gif does. I am unsatisfied!

Is your dad Charlie Kelly?

I'm sure he instinctively freaked out at the thought of his son becoming a mangled corpse and went into action. Total amateur.

Well to be fair these are Australian cows, so they are probably venomous

How you gonna fire that gun without an arm?

Cows are actually responsible for a large number of deaths every year. iirc they're the second deadliest animal in Australia actually. Definitely not a good idea

🔫¯_(ツ)_/¯ Hey sir, please put the gun down this is reddit police!

(。々°) Whaaaat?

Just blood splats on his child's camo pajamas

All I care about is if the kid got his 20 bucks.

My step dad got launched like 20 feet away by a cow's back legs. Broke his hip and jaw. Had to have it wired shut for a while and never did walk right again. He was also 6'6" and like 250lbs

🔫¯_(ツ)_/¯ Don't worry, it's just an optical illusion.

Are you really gonna shoot the guy who's got your arm? \¯\(ツ)/¯

All I see is rubber boots and a floating head.

that, and because sharks live in the ocean and people do not

Seriously. Do you know how much candy you can buy with 20 bucks?

Daughter: That's not safe. Mom: You're right Emily, is not.

Dad: It will be a valuable lesson.

Dad gif.

Cows kill more people every year than sharks. Maybe this is the explanation.

Broken ribs and his jaw?

This isn't a 200lb farm hand.

A kick from a steer delivered to a child isn't going to break a jaw, it's going to borderline decapitate him.

I think the dad deserves a good time away from both of his kids

Farm people are used to the ever-present spectre of death. All you can do is laugh

Really, with all the shit that can kill you in Australia, cows are number two?

I'm incredulous.

Smart father, now he lost 20 bucks, but he won't have to pay for his sons college

What pajamas?

I think your emoji has a brain deficiency

He's saying that since he survived dumb shit, that everyone survives dumb shit. Therefore it is completely safe.

You'll always hear people talking like this, because the one's who didn't can't. It's survivorship bias.


like 7 or 8 at least

If that kid gets hurt or even killed that dad just filmed his own guilty verdict.

I grew up around farm animals and this is a ridiculously dangerous thing to do. These animals can be very clumsy, and can easily seriously injure or kill you without meaning to. It doesn't matter how much the animal knew the kid, one clumsy stomp and the kid is finished. He may be a rancher, but that doesn't mean he isn't a fucking stupid father.

that is extremely aggravating. I doubt he has yet to realize that his kid was pretty close to ending up dead. And one of the most annoying things is that if the kid did die he would have gone "how could I have ever have known!" and the mother would have gone "why did god take our baby from us!".

If he doesn't film it, then it never happened and he doesn't have to pay out the $20

They thought you were there to feed them. Seriously.

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

She even laughs in the video but at that point I don't know how she would.

I always wondered how they ended.

The Dad's voice sounded exactly how i imagined it.

Don't mind me  🍆💦 ¯\(シ)/¯

My dad always steered me the wrong way too.

Get the video first provide help later.

first provide help later.

Is your dad named Abraham Zapruder?

What's more ridiculous - putting your child in serious danger OR posting evidence of doing that to the internet?

They shake hands and eat a sandwhich


What an incredibly irresponsible piece of shit. One kick to the head from that steer and that kid is dead, on film.

A kid that size? That's not broken ribs or jaw, that's dead kid.

I feel like this is the same kind of dad that said that they didn't have seat belts when they were kids and they turned out just fine.

He fell off the backside as the steer stood up to kick off running. What if that back leg connected with the kid's head? You're saying there's no real risk there?

this is his pet steer he hand feeds every day.

Because that will make a difference when the kid falls off and the steer curb stomps his head into the ground.

They paid it $20 to jump on a steer's back?

It's really shocking actually. I don't think this is a case of being a softie city boy just one kick could kill or permanently change that lil boy

That what we're sayin

That and getting trampled. Really it's just because there's so many of them. But it's not all by accident. A majority of "cow attacks" are actually coordinated. Straight up murdah.

Seriously though, i live on a cow farm.. These things can and will kill you, even unintentionally, if you scare them / antagonize them and don't have a safe place to get to.

Would not surprise me if this kid was seriously injured.

Less evidence for the manslaughter trial.

That's like $50,000 to a 4yr old

Yeah they're fine, because the ones who died aren't there to tell you they aren't fine

I'm upset that this sub didn't exist

It's like when the porn trailer ends right before the cumshot

It's only $140 to the dog.


It was that exact moment Dad realized how dangerous the stunt he coaxed his toddler into doing. That instant regret mixed with concerned dad reflexes kicked in. Im betting this was a one week couch sentence by the wife.

I worked on a farm, and had a bull run after me. He could get seriously hurt.

Then again, whatever, he'll probably be fine. Life is dangerous.

I will never understand this mentality of "we/I did stupid shit as a kid and we/I turned out okay" - of course most of the time it's fine, the entire point of danger is that you're putting yourself in a risky situation where something easily COULD go wrong. If we've learned better/safer ways to do things, or learned that some of the shit you did isn't safe, then it seems pretty silly to continue saying risky behavior is fine just because nothing bad happened to you personally.

"Let's video this then stop recording as soon as the real action starts!"

You ok buddy?

Yeah kind of the opposite of what I wanted to see but you do you. I want to see if he's ok.

But he still got the 20$ right?

Nurse: "So what's his name?"

Mom: <sneezes>

Nurse: Got it. The doctor will be in to see both of your shortly.

Mom: <sniff> Wait. His name is...

Nurse: You get some rest dear. The doctor will only be a minute. <Nurse exits>

As someone who has grown up on a farm even the most docile cows will kick out their back legs as they run away when they're scared. Sure he probably wasn't going to turn around and charge him, but he's going to kick him in the face when he runs away.

Kids is now dead after the cow hulk stomped his head into the earth

Friends lost a dog that way.

It's like when people tell parents to vaccinate or have their kids wear seat belts. Common sense is stupid.

Or something.

Yeah he catches one to the face and that kids gonna die.

Or like my Uncle, he always filmed me and the other boys when we were around.

It's a numbers game. There are tons of caows and farmers are intentionally around them. Not like dangerous animals you tend to avoid

When I was a kid, me and my friend snuck onto a field where there were cows, they spotted us and I shit you not, they lined up and started towards us, not running, jogging, in line and at the same pace. Like some trained military soldiers.

We of course ran and jumped the electric fence. One of the scariest moments of my life, I swear they intended to murder us.

Edit: Just came back, am confused.

The little boy was just ignorant. He probably won't try this again.

It's called Survivorship bias..

All the kids that died in horrible accidents are not here to tell their story.

I was waiting in horror for him to get kicked in the face.

One of my aunts got kicked in the head by a steer when she was a kid, and four decades later she still isn't quite right.