"Christmas was over 4 months ago asshole"

"Christmas was over 4 months ago asshole"

Lady:You gonna let him talk to me like that? Junkie Boyfriend-who-doesn't-wanna-get-knocked-the-Fuck-out:just pick it up, I love this clip!

Fake viral video.


Isn't this the same guy that attacked the people for using Food Stamps? I swear that guy that looks like a junkie is the same character! Edit: included video: it was about steak and food stamps..

edit 2: they are even wearing the same hoodie?

It's a staged video http://www.phillyvoice.com/northeast-philly-mans-fake-dog-poop-fight-goes-viral/

This feels really staged to me. Too convenient, reactions too mild, one-liners delivered in too-scripted sounding a way. I ain't buying it.

Stolen fake viral video.

*looks at cameraman

"Nope, you on your own sweetie."

He said "I told you to pick it up".

Props to him for doing the right thing and not just sticking with his gf

It is staged. There is another video exactly like this with the same if not similar people about Food Stamps and the guy tries to take their food away from them.


Edit: The Philly Offensive

Philly accents are awful.

it's a bit wierd that they're using the baby as a prop, when he doesn't have any fucking idea of what's going on.

Holy fuck, this guy is insane! It's harsh, but I kinda like it.

edit: so I guess it is staged, but it's still funny as hell. Kinda giving me a trailer park boys vibe.

edit 2: