Cheat meal

Cheat meal

Metabolism probably isn't really the right word. More like activity level.

Bj to your face? What?


Whenever I do a cheat meal, it's either poutine, frappuccino or a whole tub and BJ to my face. After meal prepping all week with chicken, tilapia, green beans, broccoli...your damn right I don't wanna cook lol

damn, 4k cals

You jelly

Yes but the bodies innate ability to do these things is what were referencing with metabolism. Hence the common misconception that I'm not fat because I have a mystical metabolism that saves me. Instead of people properly understanding the body.

Instead of properly identifying calorie usage via activity.

The metabolic function is the culprit. But her activity level is the reason it functions that way and is commonly lost because of the normal use of the word metabolism.



Protein, protein, protein

XD Ben and Jerrys. It wouldn't let me edit on mobile

people do whatever the hell they want for their cheat meal. go figure

doubt it! it probably rifled through her before she could leave the restaurant