Champs Elysees shooting: 1 police officer killed, another injured in Paris incident

Champs Elysees shooting: 1 police officer killed, another injured in Paris incident

According to the London Mayor terrorist attacks are the norm for big cities. Which totally explains why there have been 0 Islamic terrorist attacks in Tokyo, largest city in the world. EDIT: Thanks for the upvotes this comment triggered a lot of people!

This must not, and never should be, considered the "new normal" for Europe or any civilized society.

Its sad because Japan only let in 27 refugees, and guess what happened? 2 of those 27 robbed and gang-raped a woman.

Seems like France isn't getting a break.

I got to Paris today. Shooter was 10ft away shooting a machine gun. Ran into a store where I'm temporary hiding.

UPDATE: Made it back to the hotel. My family is safe. I looked the shooter in the eyes he short around 30 bullets. Very shaken right now. We hid in Swatch and they helped us out a lot.

And for the guy who asked the I'm pretty sure he was indeed Middle Eastern. He was definitely darker skin.

For those who want to know the story: I am on a gate 1 tour and we arrived in Paris today. We were walking down the sidewalk and we saw police approaching a man with a gun. He then shot the police and shot his gun all around. My family ran into swatch a store right beside us. We hid for about 2 hours with a couple of other people. We got out the back entrance with the help of some officers. Called an uber and went to the hotel.

I think we know why



Random act of violence. We may never disentangle the motives behind this attack.

This shooter just killed the EU.

It's because you get into thought-police territory very quickly.

"This person might do something bad" does not hold up well in court, and the minute you allow it to, you allow anyone to get arrested under the pretense of "might do something bad." Because who gets to define "something bad?"

It's infuriatingly shitty, and ISIS knows that.

The government does nothing against it. So why should it stop ? The guy who did it tonight was known by the police. Like almost all the terrorists so far. We know who they are, but we don't do shit.

police have already said they suspect it is a terror attack, based on the MO (as reported on BBC news)

edit 1: the gun used by the shooter was an AK, also a 'suspicious package' has been found (source: Telegraph)

there are two shooters; one shooter is dead, one is 'on the loose'

edit 2: unconfirmed reports that a second new attack in Paris has just happened (source:Reuters)

edit 3: 22:14 police have now said that they believe the attacker acted on his own (source: ITV news)

Would that be the Muslim mayor of London?

Do you have a better source on this? Tokyo Reporter is tabloid journalism that's been compared to Penthouse and National Enquirer. When I tried googling information the first thing that came up was RT. I found articles on Reuters and other reputable outlets that recognized the low number of refugees admitted by Japan. But none about the two man gang rape or robbery. Just want to make sure this is true and not propaganda.

edit - yes, downvote the guy asking for a legitimate source, thanks trolls

ITT people of reddit are more concerned about how the timing of this terror attack will influence an election rather than the terror attack itself. It's pathetic how Europe has accepted terrorist attacks as just part of the norm.

"oops, I accidentally brought my AK with me and fired off a few shots!"

Of course its not an accident..

"His motive may never be fully known..."

Three days before the elections :/

To be fair the European Union has proven itself remarkably inflexible at dealing with issues that arise, whether those be issues of security and borders or issues of things like banking and economics. Let us not forget that the EU was generally unable (or possibly unwilling) to help Greece in any constructive or meaningful way, and it was unable to force the Greeks to act in a way that would benefit them and at the same time demonstrate that they (the Greeks*) had the capacity to fix the issues which caused the Greek collapse in the first place.

How does the election of Le Pen start a race war?

An armed robbery? Get fucked.

What were they planning on stealing? A baton and a fucking notebook?

This is not how armed robbers operate. Nor would the response by the Police and Emergency Services have been so severe if this was the case.

This a coordinated Islamic Terrorist attack, plain and simple.

But don't worry- we'll be told it was either:

A) Nothing to do with Islam

B) A right wing false flag attack to galvanise support for Le Pen

C) Someone with mental health problems.

Fuck mainstream media and fuck the left for dragging France into this cesspit of political correctness, whereby challenging the violent, intolerant Islamic faith labels you as a 'racist' or a 'far right extremist'.

Read the Quran. It's jam packed full of violent verses that specifically encourage this kind of terror. The west needs to wake up before it's too late.

Importing incompatible cultures on a massive scale without giving them time and a reason to integrate is not an old normal.

That is literally the history of France from about 1608 to the 1970s.

When France started its colonial blitz it offered citizenship to colonized subjects in order to quell the unrest that accompanies having one's homeland conquered.

There are tons of Muslim Algerians in France because back in 1830 France conquered Algeria. About 20 years later, tired of the resistance of some bitter natives they offered citizenship to anyone who would swear allegiance to France.

This kept the violence down so France could exploit the natural resources of Algeria.

They offered token citizenship while stripping the country bare, taxing Muslims at a higher rate than French settlers, removing taxes from the region thus depriving the country of the resources to develop or educate its citizens, and severely limited the rights of Algerians to serve in government or vote.

Then after WWII, the Algerians had enough of the quasi-military dictatorship ruling over them and started agitating for independence. A series of massacres by the French army turned into a full-blown rebellion and in 1962 independence was gained.

France forgot one thing though: for a century they had been granting citizenship willy-nilly to anyone who supported their activities in the country and after independence all of those citizens started "returning" to France from the place that was now no longer France.

In France the immigrant communities were treated pretty much the same way they were in their homelands. This led to them being more impoverished than the average Frenchman despite the fact that some of the communities had been in France since way before independence.

Poor, second-class citizens are really easy targets for radicalization and many of the recent attacks have been carried out by French Algerians whose families have been in the country for generations.

And that's just one example of how France has been importing (and exporting) incompatible cultures for centuries. There are many, many more.

It is a very old normal.

Unless the 1800s (and prior) isn't "old" to you.

Hard to fight it when it's allowed to be imported by the thousand every day into Europe.

Do you know anything about Japan?

If you are arrested and charged in Japan, it's basically as good as being convicted.

This attack is terrible. But we have to remember that it is a small price to pay for the cultural enrichment and vibrant diversity that Muslim immigrants, refugees, and naturalized citizens bring to Europe. We need to find out how French society alienated this man so much that he felt the need to lash out.

Importing incompatible cultures on a massive scale without giving them time and a reason to integrate is not an old normal. No civilization has ever done that and survived long. Compatible cultures are a different thing entirely. Let's face it. If all these migrants and the 40% "refugees" among them were buddhists, we wouldn't be having these problems in Europe.

I still believe in a multicultural society. But I no longer believe all cultures are equal.

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It's the normal one for countries that allow mass migration of muslims.

If the EU refuses to deal with the cancer of Islamic terror ( and it hasn't yet) then it deserves to fail.

As well it should, considering the Left's position seems to be to pretend the Muslim problem doesn't exist or, worse, apologize on behalf of it. That makes the far right appear sensible & pragmatic. The Left could adjust their ideology so it dovetails with reality.

I want to wish health and good luck to the policeman and his family.

To tackle a problem you first have to acknowledge it. And that's something many leaders refuse to do. Especially in Europe, even though they publicly admit on TV that the multiculturalism has failed.

Stay safe stranger.

He's not wrong. As long as this ideology and those that are more apt to adopt it are permitted into an incompatible culture, this shit will keep going.

That's not what he said, you're being purposefully disingenuous to push your jingoistic message. If you actually bother to read the full quote and not take it out of context he said big cities need to be prepared to protect their citizens, what is so wrong with that. He also said “Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.”

What you're misquoting actually goes more like

"It is a reality I'm afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things," he said. "That means being vigilant, having a police force that is in touch with communities, it means the security services being ready, but also it means exchanging ideas and best practice." He added: "I've had a sleepless night thinking about all of this and I'm sure the Mayor has as well."

Problem with this dude is that he shot cops in 2001, was a known bankrobber and served some jailtime for those events and now was right back at it and did this crap while under active surveillance.

It's messed up and you can't really do much more then have a close eye on them without throwing law and order out the door and putting people you suspect to be like this under permanent lock and key.

Do you have an article or link for this?

it's terror, i.e. political violence. Off course it has political ramifications.

Wait, wasn't that how it worked in the American elections? Everyone who didn't vote for the old rich white woman was a racist misogynists?

Really? Are you seriously implying this is a false flag?

The idea being it will increase hostility towards Muslims in France and they will be more inclined to go join ISIS in their controlled areas. Once they've all returned to the caliphate then they take over the world. Or something, I guess.

eta - I guess the plan is not to take over the world, just get like halfway there and trigger the apocalypse. This isn't a joke, it's literally their goal (though not for a while - baby steps). Also I get the feeling some people replying feel like I agree with the sentiment about "Le Pen is what ISIS wants therefore Le Pen is awful". I don't. I'm not really up on French politics but reddit tells me she's the French Trump. Based on that - if a loud mouth politician and their supporters makes you feel unwelcome in whatever country you're in, and the next logical step in your mind is to pack your bags and head to syria for some wholesale raping and murdering you probably don't belong in a civilized society anyway.

Ugh, does this mean i have to change my profile picture to a France flag again? Oh well, pretty much routine now...

And just like that, terrorism is over. Thank you for your service.

Violence is the old normal. What's new is the proliferation of information.

Meh, this is where the left really lost me this election cycle even though (I think) I'm at least classically liberal.

It's hysterics. Wanting to enforce immigration laws and demand that immigrants assimilate to Western values does not mean people want genocide. Absurd accusations like this just push people farther away from your point of view.

Jesus didn't do this

So much this. The absolute worst thing the Left has done is consistently mock and ridicule the right and brand them as "dangerous" while this shit is going down across Europe almost weekly. They need to adapt their way of thinking a bit, no one is asking them to go full on nazi, just at least acknowledge there is a very real problem with ISLAMIC terror in Europe that we can all agree on. This sticking fingers in ears going LA LA LA WE CAN'T HEAR YOU is just absolute insanity and quite frankly, fucking dangerous!!!!!

Fishy? Not at all. It's because people get banned and labeled as a nazi/racist/whatever for calling out radical islamic terrorism. No joke. A lot of people have throwaway accounts to speak their minds.

I mean, it's not like they're wrong or anything, but it's not 'politically correct'.

Let's be real. We knew it wasn't a Presbyterian carrying this out.

say it with me:




In Washington, President Donald Trump said it "looks like another terrorist attack."

"What can you say?" Trump said. "It just never ends."

If you don't vote LaPen it's suicide for France

Well depending on who wins that election, that will change. The West is currently undergoing a sharp right wing shift in response to this continuous fuckery. People are tired of this shit happening and nothing being done about it.

That's an entirely adequate paraphrasing. You're being absolutely silly.

They literally have 1000's on terror watch list. Think of all the ones they do stop and then realize why importing 3rd world Muslims that hate the west isn't the brightest idea.

Call white people racist. it isn't. A non-muslim saying "big cities need to be prepared for terrorist attacks" is not the same as saying "terrorist attacks are normal"

I don't think anyone denies Islam has a terrorism problem, America declared war on it a decade and a half ago, people just say blanket suspicion of Muslims isn't the way to solve it

This opened my eyes. The EU acted to protect private German interests at the expense of one of its own member-states.

Yes, Greece lied. That's a sunk cost. The EU is supposed to fix problems like this, not put the thumbscrews on Greece so Deutsche Bank gets its money back.

Who would imagine the group saying this is a problem that needs to be dealt with would boom when this once again proves it is a problem that needs to be dealt with?

People, this is obviously not true Islam, this is an isolated event. This is obviously a false flag attack because a person I don't like is most likely to win the next election. Racist Europeans are obviously the ones to blame for this isolated incident because they aren't tolerant enough.

But in all seriousness, the fact that this is normalized by the liberals, the media, and the governments, and almost an every-day occurrence, is absolutely abhorrent.

Europe, get your shit together.

Anyone that doesn't vote for Le Pen is a sexist misogynist. There. I said it...

Because when the government "does something" against people they "know" to be terrorists before they commit the crime you wind up with places like Guantanamo bay.

Isis exploits this, it is an underhanded tactic.

Stop fucking shooting cops... Jesus.

Guess it's that time again...

Guess it's that time again...

What race are Muslims in France?

Second shooter was spotted first at Mark & Spender then Ladurée, be careful if you're around those stores.

This CANNOT become the new normality. We must wake up and address the issue of Islamic terrorism in a new way; we need to secure our borders and halt immigration.

Yup. That is not by accident.

Everything like this pushes it's demise incrementally closer to reality.

Light up buildings.

Oh for fuck sake here we go again :(

with how reddit is, it's really really hard to know if you're being sarcastic or not. i truly hope it is sarcastic.

2 fresh accounts in a row with purely political posting background.. seems fishy..

But I agree, France has a big time radical Islamic terror problem

Reset the counter boys.

It already is the new normal bro

They've shown intense idealism... they view society as a current condition on the way to their ideal.

They're inflexible because they are ideological at heart

The notion of the eu is a notion of universalism of truth and the inevitability of such universal truth. All conflict is an intermediate reality to the stable state of man.

The problem, politically, is that those in charge are those who believe the most in those universal truths (which may not itself be truth). This is Europe's problem. It's a philosophical fault playing out on its people

Yet people act like Trump is literally Hitler for taking measures to prevent this

I can honestly say I'm proud to have someone that's not just letting this happen to the country that I was born in and love.

They want to kill infidels. Stopping refugees from flooding in would hopefully decrease this. If not, bringing in more refugees definitely wouldn't help economically nor socially.

Pretty sure we've had a "war on terror" for more than a decade, saying nothing's been done is an indictment of the right wing governments that started it.

Well then, they'd better vote for their own continued cultural suicide! That'll show those Islamists!

actually plenty of jews and gays are ready to vote FN because they hate Islam more than the extreme right. I know it sounds crazy but that's the reality in France.

Cop killed: workplace violence

"We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form."

Burn candles.

It may be the better direction for France right now seeing how the left's policies clearly aren't working.

Since the probability of a Muslim terrorist attack is so low, let's import millions of them it'll work out fine guys.

Not only is getting guns illegally impossible , but is also immoral . Not even criminals would stoop to that level

Annd it'll break up the EU which doesn't bode well for NATO either.

You wouldn't launch them very far away. With a trebuchet however...

If this turns out to be a terrorist of a certain religious background, what's the reaction?

Frikkin Amish at it again.

Here's a start. Take everyone on the terror watch list that's not a citizen, and kick them out.

Fuck political correctness in the ass sideways

Change Facebook profile pics.

France has a big time Islam problem.

I cannot be bothered to argue big against this quality post, just keep one thing in mind: Right after an incident like this there are all sorts of theories coming up, it is the task of the police to bring clarity. No idea why some people still expect to get the full and correct story in under an hour.

Don't worry, if it is United will make sure they sort it out.

This is about 700 yards from the Arc de Triomphe in THE busiest section of the city. If you ever visited France (school, family, exchange, etc.) you have walked right where this happened.

France, Germany, Sweden.....

Yeah, amazingly most people with a functioning brain stem are able to parse out that we have a terrorism issue with a disproportionate number of terrorists coming from a specific region and adhering to a specific religious ideology without saying some magic words like harry fucking potter.

When you Ideology teaches, convert or die it's not going to happen. Islam is not about free will.

?????? I usually go to BBC when something like this happens and they always refer to suspected terror attacks as such

Well, to solve a problem one must first recognize there is a problem.

You're ok with Islamic terrorism as long as it's not right before the election, I take it.

nah, I'm pretty sure they like the current politicians that allow them to come and go freely as they like.

Just use this as your profile picture, that should cover it.

Just use as your profile picture, that should cover it.

You are way more likely to get hit by a car or die in a fire, if that makes you feel better.

Stop shooting people in general

You do realize how difficult it is to lump praising an unpopular/deadly/tragic world event in with actionable terrorism, legally speaking, right?

If you do that, you make it insanely easy for corruption to take charge--Stalinist KGB, Gestapo secret police, those people dying of Polonium poisoning conveniently after criticising Putin... all because they accessed what the state defines as "radicalizing material."

Finally a factual response. Thank you.