Chaffetz seeks charge of ex-Clinton aide in email inquiry. IT'S STARTING GUYS!!!

Chaffetz seeks charge of ex-Clinton aide in email inquiry. IT'S STARTING GUYS!!!
Chaffetz seeks charge of ex-Clinton aide in email inquiry. IT'S STARTING GUYS!!!

Holy FUCKNUTS, the comments on that article are FUCKING CANCER. What the FUCK? I thought Utah was pretty based / conservative? MAH GAWD!

Fuck em ALL. I LOVE Chaffetz!!! And I'm SOOOOO STOKED about this.


Muslims do jihad


"Apparently, Chairman Chaffetz and President Trump are the only two people in Washington today who think we should still be investigating Secretary Clinton," Cumming said in a statement. He added: "The Oversight Committee can't afford to be distracted by political vendettas against Hillary Clinton while our constituents are begging us to conduct responsible oversight of President Trump."

Is this guy a joke? Can someone tell this fuckhead that millions of people hate her guts. What a bubble this guy lives in.

Theyll crack this egg and make a pizza omelet. Small fry will give up Hillary for reduced sentence.

Salt Lake is as liberal as San Francisco, they are hyper concentrated there. The Trib is Utah's liberal paper, the Deseret News is owned by the LDS Church. The people commenting there are not supporters, nor would they be, but Utah's districts make a democratic challenger unlikely.

I thought Utah was pretty based / conservative?

We are! It's that damn ShariaBlue bullshit in action.


Idk but it's about to fucking BURST

He's already been held in contempt of congress I believe for ignoring subpoenas. Now that they're back at him he's going to fry.

Definitely. All cuz people are still going after Hillary, CTR will follow and defend their "queen"

He doesn't live in a bubble. He isn't delusional or in denial. He has an agenda fed to him and he delivers it in almost every hearing he's in. Not 100% of the time, he can ask some serious question but most of it is grandstanding on the strongest or most recent democratic talking points. Fuck Cummings. His weird hands freak me out.

This is it, pedes!!! The break in the case we have been waiting for. This means, without question, that Hillary will be going to jail.

Attacking the IT server admin is Hillarys worst nightmare. If you know anything about the IT guy in sensitive industries, it's the one guy that has ALL your dirty little secrets and the one guy you really don't want to piss off. I've never met an IT guy that didn't backup every communition three different times, making sure there ass is covered. People always blame IT for problems... always, so as a species they have learned to CYA better than anyone.

Brian pagliano


Also salt lake is cucked to shit. You guys gotta own that

I think it already has to an extent. They're just fucking lying

This ugly fucker Elijah Cummings needs to go.

Salt Lake City Tribune could just be the local left leaning newspaper. The article starts off drawing a false equivalency between Trump's conflicts of interest that he is immune from anyways as POTUS and the SOS exposing top secret information to foreign interests while knowing with 100% certainty that what she was doing was not allowed. Not everyone in Utah is a conservative Mormon, especially in SLC.

The entire article is slanted to make it look like Chaffetz going after Pagliano is completely unreasonable.

This is fucking amazing news, I hope its true. I can't wake until the cuck media is forced to cover the prosecution of Hillary's paid goons.

He'll give himself a heart attack eventually with the amount of irrelevant race-baiting bullshit he tries to spew each time he has the magic talking stick.

The lake's salt concentration must have quadrupled since the election.