Catching a foul ball

I love the ending when he triumphantly hold up the ball and the audience cheer.

"It never touched the ground!"

When life makes it harder than it should it be

This guy is pretty good too EDIT: Here's an interview of him talking about it one of the all time greats

one of the all time greats

Girl: well I love baseball, want to catch a game sometime?


That kid is still the slickest I've seen. What a good con, impress the girl keep the ball.

Holy shit I never realized in all the times that I've seen this that he gave her a different ball... what a smooth motherfucker. Gets the bitches and that sweet ebay money.

"Step back son, watch and learn." "Nailed it dad/s"

...but when you're unwilling to give up.

This is the look of a super assassin whose reflexes betrayed his identity in front of 20,000 live fans plus television.

He's like "shit whose watching this? I have a whole family to move with me this time. God damnit"

And then there's this person

I'd like to think he's really superman, and this is part of the bumbling character he plays.

When you go to a baseball game after not leaving your cubicle for 10 years

Then there's this guy in the red and blue shirt. Means well but wreaks havoc.

Then there's in the red and blue shirt. Means well but wreaks havoc.

You're not my dad

I'm glad the girl found it endearing and funny.


Fit dude, well dressed, with hot girlfriend. I would guess office with a window.

That presentation of the ball at the end is pure showmanship.

That's my purse, I don't know you! one of the all time worsts

one of the all time worsts

Instant rage, every time. Hate that awful woman.

She looks like a good catch for him

It looks like it didn't go his way once.

who care about a foul ball on ebay

I'd like to think you didn't just rip off one of the top comments on imgur in hopes of some sweet sweet karma.

Is that Thunder Dan? That's an everyday feat for such a super human.

Hope she doesn't slip through his fingers.

Keep being you Philly...

She's got that "I need to speak to the manager" look.

He was literally the only one going for it, and he still almost let it get away.

See there is a backstory to this foul ball. This was actually the foul ball that put that batter into the record books as the batter to create the most amount of fall balls ever over the course of his career. Really that ball should be in the Hall of Fame. But I wouldn't be surprised to see that ball up on Ebay some day and getting some high bids.

Don't be. She got shamed/booed out of the stadum and the kids got a signed ball from the pitcher.

That boy ain't right.

Per your username, I think you just loved it when everyone held up one hand.

Whoa which stadium has a dedicated area with bar stools and tables? That's awesome

Yes that happened. Also her husband divorced her and shortly after that she took a vacation to Egypt and got the curse of the pharaoh.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt:

The pop-up was definitely misplayed. But those suckers can be tough.

The second one took a tough hop at the last second off of someone else's hand.

Short-hop off the railing...another tough play.

It doesn't help he's a nerd in glasses with his shirt tucked into jeans at a baseball game, but this is the price you pay for sitting in the first row in foul territory down the third base line.

I felt that one from here..

Wow..of all the times I've seen this, and I never caught that. That kid is even smoother than I originally thought.

He claims he was just drunk.

Don't even type it. If Kanye becomes president then it's your fault.

Or hit him in the face

That was me the day I graduated college. Just sorta happened and I'm standing there with a hotdog like "Wait? I did this? I don't know what to do next."`

Hot chicks love windows

Well now I'm mad.

The concussion exam

Her: "Where am I? What is my purpose?"

Them: "you sell churros"

Her: "oh my god"

I've seen this gif a bunch of times but I've never noticed him smashing the woman's beer.

Yankee Field

Ah yes, one of the finest venues in MLB; up there with the likes of Fenway Field, Wrigley Center, Camden Gardens, Kauffman Grounds, and the Dodgerdome.

Did the ball really go his way so many times in one game!?


Or this was the final nail in the coffin that turned the girl into a bitter, jaded psychotic killer.

Best I can do is 5$.

Who knows what else happened after the gif ends. I can't imagine he makes it back to his seat without somehow ruining the day for at least two other people.

She's beyond that. She's got the "I'm going to dispute the price of every single item you scan through and when you are done I'm going to customer service to have them do it again and then I'll call for the manager when you don't give me that toothpaste for $5.95 instead of $5.98 and then when the manager says no as well I'm going to ask for a full refund, leave my cart full of now melted frozen aisle goods for someone to restock or throw out, and then storm out of the store yelling that I'll never shop there again even though I'll be back next week to do it all over again" look.

I only read the last line to make sure it wasnt hell in a cell.

He did exactly what he was supposed to do. He kept his eye on the ball the whole time.

The best part about this is the little girl who didn't get the ball won't grow up to be a piece of shit.

Tropicana Field: The stadium with....a dedicated area with bar stools and tables

I've seen that gif before but it didn't have the Dan Majerle graphic, that's really funny.

Tampa Bay

We need an AMA from this kid, its been awhile now. Over under 500 chicks he's banged since this, place your bets.

that subreddit has 23 subscribers and 1 post which is a 2 minute youtube video of someone unsuccessfully trying to login to Runescape

Thug Life

I enjoy the version

Gotta fill it up with something


Happy Birthday, Adi, you piece of shit.

He's good with his accounting

Even at the end he says, "oh yeah I played little league. I CAN catch!" Dude give it up, its okay to say you are a nerd and can't play sports. You obviously have money if you are that close at Yankee Field.

That boy needs therapy.

Dammit Bobby!

Like this?

Then, I believe she was banished to the shadow realm.

Eat another hotdog of course. No one gonna tell you what to do.

Went to a local minor league game a couple of years ago, and during one at bat the batter must have fouled off 5 or 6 in the same spot right behind where I was sitting. The spot was the roof of the concession stand, where it bounced down to the concourse. Normally kids will scramble and grab the balls. Not this day. This day, a middle aged drunk guy kept grabbing the balls by the sheer fact that he had three feet on the kids, and giving them to his friends.

Fast forward a few innings, same batter, same kids and drunk guy. This time the ball sizzled off the bat, line drive right to the stands. Passes over my head, straight to the face of the drunk guy. He was stretchered out with a probably broken face. Best part was the kids grabbed the ball that broke his face and ran off with it.

Bill Gates, is that you?

[Tells him what to do] [Claims no one will tell him what to do.]

Him holding the ball up at the end makes this gif

As much as this was made up, I'll suspend disbelief just for the visual of it happening.

Unless they're into that.

He's drunk

I'd take that over being able to catch a baseball.

But that's just me.

that was an old lady

I see you have worked grocery as well.


Yeah pretty sure this was their "fun" story to end the night...the clip says ABC World News Now but I seem to remember it being on the regular nightly segment also....but I do feel like they are more on the entertainment side of the news than NBC or CBS

The black guy, that stands up on the bottom left as if he can't deal with what he just saw, is pure gold.

Oh that's infuriating

When life makes it harder than it should be.

I swear I could hear it.

and Kanye is president