Caramel fresh 👌🏾

Caramel fresh 👌🏾

"It's like we're actually siblings 😂😂"

"Oh my God, I'm blacker than you now! Haha"

"Can I say the N-word now?"

I didn't know people said that, seems off color in any context

Oh god I've been clicking it for minutes now..

Can't click the link on mobile.

From Wendy's, yeah.

Dear Black People,

Y'all won't be hearing that from me. 


Larry Bird ass looking white boy 

Edit: For reference, my arm

Dear Black People,

Y'all won't be hearing that from me.


Larry Bird ass looking white boy


Naw dawg I dead ass gettin' jiggy with it yo

I don't think black people even exist on Reddit and just imagine a bunch of white people acting like they are black.

God no.

Fun story, I once got pulled into a game with the Harlem Wizards (against my will) and when I got the ball I took a shot and it went over the backboard. This was in front of a lot of people.

I no ball.

Damn, that's it? Thanks anyway though. Appreciate it. 👍


Do you play basketball?

Try this


His hair looks like the Pringles dude's mustache.

::is African American::

::is subbed to this sub::

I prefer lightly toasted marshmallow. I know I'm still white under it and always will be.

I mean between friends I'm ok with it but if a white person's out of nowhere that I know barely said this then yes it would be akward.

Yeah, I was disappointed too. Your username scared tf outta me. I was like how this nigga know my real name?? When the notification popped up. 😂

Yes, people really do. Tbf to them tho, they dont really see the issue, and they really just try to be funny. Its like the stupid "well i guess its free" joke people say to cashiers when shit doest scan

Do you play basketball?

I feel like I should comment that every couple of days here. Always someone saying that only white people come to this sub, but I don't get why. The memes are fuego.

I see what you did there.

Some prefer darker humor than others.

As a mixed person, I get the "I'm darker than you now"

Did you get a triple double tho?

Idk you, but I like you

So, 95 percent of this sub? Got it

I don't believe there is a single African-American subscribed to this subreddit.

Is that the one with the net and rackets?

I'm never really offended when I get it but it's just suuuuch a lame joke, the cashier joke is a perfect analogy

Thing is, I think most, if not all my friends wouldn't say it. Though I have an annoying ass coworker who every time they come back from vacation has to compare themselves to me in another coworker as the only darker skinned people in the building. I'm Black. She's Indian.


I see you're celebrating 4/20

Yeah, what the hell? It's an average-sized link! I'm actually pretty curious as to why I can't click it.

Larry Bird ass looking white clear boy

Larry Bird is clear FYI.

From an anthropological standpoint all the people were dark skinned before they left Africa and the groups that went to areas with less UV exposure developed lighter skin. Some of those groups even migrated back to Africa and developed darker skin again (I think it's a group of people in Sudan.)

On the individual level I think babies are born lighter and get darker over time

Ur such a knob.

Deceased ass my brocholo

As a brown Hispanic, I say this to darker Hispanics. Here lot of my family talk about color.

Can anyone confirm this is a Hispanic thing?

Katt looking like a black Wolverine

Dark huemor is pretty lit.

Yes, it is common. Just because you haven't heard it, doesn't mean it isn't being said. Why would you hear it? You're not black 24/7 and you aren't around your black friends 24/7. I've had idiots who aren't even acquaintances much less friends say this shit to me.

No, Nets and Rockets

I like the cut of your jib.

Black people with vitiligo would still give birth to black children, no?

We black tho, no have Internets or something