Canada Just Ruled to Uphold Net Neutrality

Canada Just Ruled to Uphold Net Neutrality

I hate that this is news, because it's not an idea that should have been under consideration to be abolished in the first place. What average citizen would reject Net Neutrality who fully understood it?

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Was not aware it was under review, but now that I am, it turns out the folks in charge are competent enough that I don't need to worry.

Just another day in Canada.

Good thing average citizens don't have corporate lobbyists to worry about ;)

Fellow Canadian here. Our leaders make their fair share of boneheaded moves, but I will say that compared to the rest of the world, they do a spectacular job.

Dammit Canada... it's like you're begging Americans to jump ship.

Just stop it.

Interesting how you put a negative spin on that. It's fantastic news. The average citizen is complacent, and here we have a government standing up for us. I'm extremely happy they ruled the un-lobbied way.

Boneheaded moves.

Elbowgate, lest we remember

He was just the mayor of Toronto no biggie.

CRTC had also come to /sub/canada officially to ask for people's opinions in the sub on the matter a few months ago

AND to top it all off, One of the big companies that makes up our Oligopoly actually kicked off the case for this and was on the side of net neutrality.

still, Fuck Roger's, but it was interesting to see them on the side of the consumer on this one


And here's the regulatory agency (/u/-crtc-) sharing the outcome on /sub/canada:

But it's not a negative spin. Too many governments (the US in my case) are lobbying for less/no net neutrality, and posing it to the public as a good thing. I applaud the Canadian gov't for upholding this noble cause, and I truly fear for my own country.

This is about zero-rating specifically. Telecoms like Bell and Videotron had certain services not contribute to the data cap, and the CRTC (FCC equivalent for Americans) ruled against zero-rating.

That is because "lobbying" is straight up bribery in most nations. The shit American politicians do would get them locked up in most sane nations. We fired a state leader in Australia for a bottle of wine. Not even money.

Nah we full, sorry guy.

jesus, dont give zuckerberg any ideas...

sigh... maple syrup, NHL, legalized weed, net neutrality...

I want to play wife swap.. but like.. with countries or something. Happy 420.

The thing I love about the crtc's /sub/canada interaction was that it wasn't just an informal, meaningless, half-hearted questionnaire type thing. It was an official consultation, recorded and logged by the CRTC, and counted as data which could be used to inform their decision​.

Wasn't there some dude who was caught on tape smoking crack?

Slowly we'll make Canada appealing to most American developers, inventors, scientists and artists. Then as Canada's international presence grows, we'll remember how America treated us when it was the world leader and we will act in kind. :)

He doesn't want us to be wasting our time... On something other than Facebook.

Is that really true? You can fire government officials for corruption? What kind of third-world shithole do I live in?

I'm glad the OP called a spade a spade. Zero rating was just a rebranding of the term "anti-net neutrality".

At least there's a democracy out there that's working.

oh shit man I lost it so hard at that.

rip Rob Ford.

I love the country I live in! Best place on earth

What a coincidence! Here in the US, our government wants to make it so people can record and log our data too. And then sell the info to 3rd parties...

Well they did their job here.

We all miss him

lol the CRTC is garbage. They allow Robellus to exist. They allow data capping and the like. We get fucked on phones and internet.

Thanks /u/-crtc-

Please grow influential faster and showcase a wonderful country. Maybe then the Australian government might want to copy you instead of the US.

Not to say I don't like Americans. But your government and corporations are crazy.

I find it funny that Americans think they can just immigrate wherever they want to.

I work for an immigration law firm in Canada and you'd be fucking amazed how many American clients call in thinking "being American" is a free pass to Canada, like that's some unequivocal merit that puts you in the front of the line to get into other countries.

Usually it's guys calling in seriously thinking that "moving to Canada" is little more than getting a few papers together and taking their truck over the border tomorrow, instead of a several year process and several thousand dollar investment at the minimum.

We're an entrepreneurial city, we have much lower cost of living, higher quality of life, cheeeeap housing, a burgeoning tech sector, an established communications sector, low barrier of entry for businesses, free healthcare, and some of the nicest and most helpful people.

Also, we're a short drive from more popular and less popular beaches, and New Brunswick is a very rural province, so nature and rolling farmland is not far from city limits. Also, if French is your thing, roughly a third of people here are French/Acadian.

All Canada has to do is the exact opposite of the US on every major decision for the rest of Trump's term and they will be the number one country in the world to live in.

They need to desperately fix the gouging on telecom.

I mean, it's obvious collusion when you look at places like Sask vs Ontario.

Ha, theoretically we can (and have) but Australian politics is so obviously corrupt that nothing gets done about it at a systemic level. Our government is flat-out refusing to even think about a federal corruption watchdog agency because they know all too well they would get caught out as soon as it started. They're keen as when it comes to investigating the opposition's potentially corrupt members but cry foul when it comes to their own team under scrutiny. Not that the opposition is much better, of course - they're both in the pocket of coal, oil and gas companies.

Can you invade us? You don't even have to send your military, just air drop native fauna all over and watch the chaos unfold as the weak, soft natives must contend with shit that belongs on a Warhammer 40k Deathworld.

The war on drugs was based on reason and logic. Just not the reasons or logic they told everyone initially. Something that large doesn't just happen because people are dumb. It takes years of maliciously spreading misinformation to brainwash the population.

I kinda want them to die

There Was His Name Was Rob Ford


My city's got a housing boom. COME TO MONCTON everybody! Our province's tax base -desperately- needs you.

Thanks pants!

Good for Canada. As an American, I approve of the brain drain game. Have friendly laws and traditions (socially and economically) that educated professionals around the world are drawn to. They move there, bolster your economy, inovate and invent. And before you know it you're a global and social powerhouse!

Excellent move Canada. I hope to see you extensively after grad school.

This is like celebrating not falling down the stairs.

The Conservatives in Canada want to privatize healthcare.

To those who downvoted, look up what Kevin O'Leary has said. He supports privatization and is the CPC frontrunner. Harper supported it too. And as everyone knows, the best way to privatize a public system is to do what /u/universaljoint said: Break the public system, then say privatization is how you fix it. It's called "starving the beast" and it was popularized by Reagan.

Opinion polls in Canada may indicate that universal healthcare is broadly popular and if anything, people want to improve its coverage, but catering to voters isn't going to make any CPC members/donors rich off of a new, private insurance industry.

I can't believe how blown out of proportion that got. Especially that NDP MP Niki Ashton who made it seem like she just witnessed a murder.

What average citizen would reject Net Neutrality who fully understood it?

You'll know in June/May, when net neutrality gets the shaft here in America.

Ohhh yes. In Germany, a politician's career was ended because someone sponsored his vacation for like a thousand Euros.

America's lobby-laws are straight up corruption.

Still small fry compared to a President with a penchant for pissing prossies.

Don't remind me. I miss Jack Layton.

Why would YOU want to log your data yourself? WE log your data for free* so other companies can make better products and your LIFETM easier and more fulfilling. Be part of the system, be part of the future.


*Access to premium data sharing plan not included. Additional logs can cost an additional service fee. Ask your local supervisor for information on data blocks and adpoints.

Citizens United man... Fucking thing sucks. Don't look for the US to ever improve until we overturn that shit, and don't expect the people benefiting from it to ever overturn it.

I guess what I'm saying is we're fucked.

video not available in Canada

Sounds about right.

Yeah... in the US our younger generations are more in line with international liberal norms though. It's usually the baby boomers dragging us to the extreme political right. They'll be in decline in 10 to 20 years and we should begin to see a progressive shift in the US. To be clear, I'm not rooting for anyone to die I'm just saying this looks like the coming trend unless something changes.

CRTC is analogous to the FCC. The Competition Bureau is more like the FTC.

Some heckin alliteration there, son

If Canada is doing this, expect the US to do the opposite.

Nice work hat.

Thank fricking God.

I hate that every other first world country can pass sensible legislations while our government continuously dicks around with corporate cocks in their mouth and a good chunk of our population still stuck on wanting to make abortion and gay marriage illegal.

The thing is, if someone was paying us to not like net neutrality (which is what lobbyists basically do), frankly, we'd be more willing to let it go.

They sure do have their faults, but in perspective I'm glad we have people who really want to make Canada a great place to live and prosper.

Good luck, Canada has more strict immigration policies than the ones Trump wants.

It baffles me that all my life I grew up hearing how great America is. "People die to get the opportunities Americans have" "America is the greatest." "Land of the free" etc.

It baffles because on Reddit, everyone makes their country sound normal. Canada, among many others, get free healthcare. Some get free tuition and others get extremely cheap tuition. Canada just voted for net neutrality. The comment above me is saying someone got fired for accepting a bottle of wine whereas American politician get bribed like 60k to vote against net neutrality.

What I don't understand is how I was raised to believe America is the greatest. I'm not trying to say boo America. I'd still rather live here than Haiti or Pyongyang. I'm not ungrateful that I get to sleep in a king sized bed with my Air conditioner on 68 degrees Fahrenheit all night.

But where did that greatest mindset come from? Why are we greater than Australia? Or Switzerland? Or Amsterdam? Why are we the land of the free and the home of the brave but those places aren't? Granted I'm pretty clueless about foreign politics. I hardly even understand or pay attention to US politics. But the more I browse Reddit, the less I believe America is the greatest. We seem the same as some other countries.

Again, I'm not shitting on America. It's a genuine question. What am I not aware of that makes us so much better that we deserve to be titled the greatest

Bernier wants to eliminate the CRTC, Leitch wants to make weed illegal again, O'Leary doesn't even want to be in the country. Basically, I'm convinced the CPC hates Canada.

Yes, but governments do not make laws or rules based on reason and logic. See: the war on drugs.

I guarantee it's going to be people who love Trump, because they will quite literally applaud anything he does. I hope they prove me wrong and get really pissed if he tries to do away with net neutrality and pull their support for him. If there's any Trump supporters reading this, please, for the love of god, don't lick his ass over this.

That guy's a phoney; a real Canadian would be like "We open buddy, have some syrup."

Not sure that's such a good thing. Last time there was a no confidence vote it caused the fall of the Jedi.

Vote of no confidence is a beautiful thing in Canada. When we think our politicians aren't doing what they're supposed to, we don't have to wait 4 years to oust them. We just have to get our MPs to do what they're supposed to.

They just closed one of the biggest downtown ERs in the downtown capital of Manitoba... What the actual fuck are they thinking??? The system's stressed enough as it as and now a lot of the Downtown area doesn't have any nearby ER. This is insanity.

The American Dream is alive and well... In Canada.

Well, I can only give you my take on it, someone else might disagree, but here's how I see it:

American exceptionalism goes straight back to the American revolution. You guys painted yourselves as the first "new" country, guided by the principals of egalitarianism, liberty, individualism and democracy. You also basically made your mission statement to spread those ideas to the rest of the world. It was ingrained in your culture from the beginning that the "American way of life" was to be promoted and spread throughout the world. Good PR, and honestly, good core principals to build a nation on.

Unfortunately, it's always been mired by hypocrisy but that's actually not the worst thing. Great ideals are a struggle and it would be weird if you didn't fall short of them. As long as your guiding light was equality and liberty, the idea is you would eventually straighten out. But then other problems showed up.

Manifest destiny stems from that whole "propagate the American way" thing, which lead to wars with Mexico and Canada (technically British North America at the time) plus a fair bit of colonialism. Eventually, you work past that and end up in a more isolationist position.

Then the Cold War does real damage, because it gives you an ideological opponent. Suddenly there is a different kind of "New Country", spreading its message and ideas across the developing world. It helps that Stalin was an evil dude, but if he hadn't been, you can bet Americans would have fought just as hard against any other country taking up its mantle as the leader of the world. And worse yet, with an enemy to see skulking around every corner, Americans double down. They now embrace American exceptionalism as basically anything so long as it's not Stalinist fascism. The bar gets lowered, Americans feel even more secure in their own superiority.

All the while, other countries HAVE paid attention to the great American experiment. Canada creates a more federalized government so it can avoid your Civil War. Numerous countries in Europe move to more democratic models. Liberty and equality become worldwide goals. And where America eventually rested on its laurels, content with simply being better than Stalin's communism, other countries continued to forge ahead. They pursued the ideals America once stood for, rather than just following America's lead. But hey, America will have always broken some new ground, which is worth being proud of.

TL;DR - America was something new, but over the course of its history got distracted from its actual goals. Other countries surpassed it.


Upvote (or downvote/ignore) certain political & commercial agendas and win freedom points! Collect enough points and trade them in for cool stuff like i-tunes songs, malware apps, or farmville skins...

The same people who are against net neutrality are the ones who check what their "team" supports and make their decisions based on that.

I know a couple people like that who say they don't support net neutrality because they are "free market capitalists". In reality they are trump supporters and see those who align themselves with the republicans taking a stance against net neutrality so they find "reasons" to convince themselves they are against it.

It's some crazy mental gymnastics.

Really? I got myself a work permit for Canada quite easily, and I'm from Belgium.

From what I understand, getting a Canadian PR isn't that harsh. What seems to matter the most is knowing English, having a degree and being young. Things like work experience also helps.

That doesn't seem far fetched for an average American.

"Zero-rating specifically" is effectively the antithesis of net neutrality in practice: ISPs billing different rates based on content instead of giving you a single, indiscriminate pipeline with no jurisdiction from your ISP over what sort of content you use it for.

You know, some days not falling down the stairs is the best thing that happens to me.

Damn. And don't call me Guy, guy.


They already are



It's fairly hard to immigrate here unless you have a desirable skill/profession and/or meet certain requirements.

It's an easy process if you do but there are many hoops to jump through if you don't.

The Leafs are working on that.

You mean money influencing politics doesn't lead to a greater good for the people it impacts?


You must be un-american

Maxime Bernier is libertarian and would be a fucking nightmare for Canada.

This is great news...

and I have to commend the CRTC, they came to /sub/canada to ask people legitimately what they thought of this subject, and people here were quite well behaved (From what I saw). I think we gave them a lot to think about. I'm glad they didn't come to a decision in a knee-jerk fashion, or because Rogers or Bell bought them off.

I know this seems like a no-brainer... But as we see what is happening in the U.S., the internet as we use it, is still in it's infancy, and is constantly evolving.

You guys should build a wall

You'd think it would work that way, but so far you guys nab pretty much all our best people away. American corporations and high-end universities can offer much more to our best and brightest, and tax laws favour the wealthy more in the US.

Yeah but would they count my write in vote for "The rapidly rotating corpse of Jack Layton"?

Rob Farley is more like it

Ontarian here, i kinda wanna come visit you guys, but domestic travelling here in Canada is ridiculously expensive

Looks like Maxime Bernier (candidate for CPC leader) wants to eliminate the CRTC

Actual story: He says fuddle duddle to Harper.

Collusion? No. Non-competitive? Yes. I'm from SK and moved to Toronto 5 years ago. The SK plan costs me nearly double here ($55 vs $96, taxes in). That's not a result of collusion more than its a lack of a major 4th player (Sasktel) and proof as to why crown telecom is required in this country without proper competition. Look at MTS being bought out in Manitoba and what's happening to the average telecom bill there. Not good.

That aside, I've said for years if the government wants to get serious about competition here they need to split up Rogers and Bell. You should not be allowed to own BOTH 90% of the content while owning/controlling 90% of the infrastructure to deliver that content. It allows an unfair advantage which new entrants can't possibly compete with (think Bundles; join Rogers and get 2 years free NHL Gamecentre; etc).

The new head of the CRTC has been kicking ass for consumers over the past couple years. Heads of CRTC past would have definitely ruled in favour of the telcos... after all, they were predominantly former-telco big wigs.

I honestly feel like we've reached a point where he could do anything and they'd still support him. As he said, he could shoot someone and not lose a vote. Its ridiculous, the whole thing is really like a sport to some of them, its not about policy its about 'winning'. You wouldnt believe how many people told me they'd vote for trump because "hes going to win", like what the fuck does that have to do with if youre going to vote for him?

Time to move to Canada

He dead.

or speed up your internet connection!

The Jedi stood in the way of progress.

Half the things in America are harmful to Americans, like cheeseburgers and soccer moms.

I suppose, in the way that if my neighbor gets a sweet job with a signing bonus, and a company car, and then leverages those to get nightly mind-blowing BJ's from his hot wife, I'd be happy for him.

Meanwhile my boss just told me that if I don't start shoveling shit faster, I'd be in the bread line.

bring it over here to Saskatchewan, where we still have a provincial telco making our cellular and internet rates Significantly lower even on "big 3" plans in SK.

seriously, they have Canada pricing, and Saskatchewan pricing, because they are trying to buy market share away from SaskTel.

You're always welcome to come on over to our side, we'll great you with a plate of pancakes and a heartfelt apology. Sorry

As a manitoban i wish i could say the same about the conservatives here ;_;