Cake decorating

The fact that he eyeballed it to fit the cake is more impressive than the actual design

Looks like he's done it a bunch of times already. Probably not too difficult. I'd fuck it up bad...

It's a cold slab. They have them at certain ice cream shops now where they will mix and freeze the ice cream in front of you

Wizardry! How did the icing go so solid after being squeezed out? I thought it would just remain liquid. A cold surface? So many questions.

It's called an anti griddle

Master of estimating 2(pi)r

No need to call him names

I love that this is the actual term. I was gonna make some stupid "subzero skillet" joke

LPT: Do not put your tongue on an anti-griddle.

I just hold my dick up to it 10 times

That was the icing on the cake

Ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?

Repetition and muscle memory. He does this to cakes of the same circumference all day err day, ya heard?

But this is cake

He's probably a patiessier.

Can you eyeball 25" like that?

You can also call it a snowboard.

And after all that it ends up being the perfect size. Sorcery for sure.

that marble slab he's working on might be some sort of anti-griddle

Cakes are just tall pis

Thank you Chef for using white & dark chocolate instead of that fucking awful inedible Fondant that is used on every TV 'Cake' show. They aren't cakes - they are just sculpture that taste like Shit!

That's not icing, it's just straight chocolate, plus the marble slab helps the chocolate cool down quickly.

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I used to work at Cold Stone creamery, after about a day you get used to the sweet smell and don't notice it anymore, but for the rest of the day you smell like cake. Worked there for a year and now I hate sweets.

Or, assuming all the cakes fill an 8" cake pan, he'd know that each wrap should be about 25".

That's what it's called at the marble cream slabbery

Perd, the news anchor we need, not the news anchor we deserve.

Ever been to Cold Stone Creamery?

Measure twice, cut once

Extremely satisfying to watch

Do you love me?

Could you learn to love me?

I can't imagine working with cakes and sweets all day. The scent would drive me crazy from drooling.

That was my thought. I'm wondering if there's a ruler type face on the counter he can use to judge it. If not that's damn impressive if he can do it 5/7 times without coming up short


I like how you think, sir.

5/7 times he does it...every time.

Unlike the doctor that did his circumcision

its marble and chocolate ,knowing that the working temp of the chocolate is around 30/32 °C (after tempering) and it start crystalising as soon as you put it on the marble if find it normal for the process on the gif to go so fast :)

And that's the comment that you just posted, that I just read, and that I agree with.

Carble slab meanery?

It's tempered chocolate, white and milk or dark.

Maybe I should try that to get rid of my sweet tooth.

Not OP, and not trying to be "that cocky alpha know-it-all guy", but as a carpenter, I could eye up 25", and be off by less than 1".

Make an assessment.

Carol's flab mammary?

It sure was a piece of cake

Whoever named it needs a medal. This was what everyone wanted.

It's chocolate. Surprisingly easy to work with if you know how to temper it.


antigriddle is actually is the correct term

So either way I win


Wait is that why they call it cold stone? Because of the practice of making ice cream on a marble slab?


It's not icing. It's chocolate.

Is there a sub for cake decorating? I would sub so hard.

all you fancy people with your chocolate tempering and not a one of you explains it.

She's Leslie Knope, Im Perd, this is "Ya Heard With Perd", a show that we are ending, right now.

There is an overlap. The end of the gif cuts off him turning around to get a knife and/or heating element to fit the chocolate perfectly around the cake.

That's cool and all but how about a hairnet?

For the uninitiated

My guess is that the icing is initially too thick for the cold slab to freeze, but after being spread thinner it freezes right away.

I think you're a nice fine modern gentleman


Carble slab memery

I want those scraps he was tossing aside!

Oh my. I thought you guys were fucking with me. It really is called that.

To bake a pretty cake.

You might die from sugar beforehand though.

The lucky 10,000

Not to be confused with the special stove used by familial cannibals. Been there. Awkward to say the least. Who eats fancy cake with a hunting knife?

edit: just realised this shit pun only works in british English

Unless it's a special sort of chocolate that's designed to be workable at low temperature, then the trick here is actually that it cools too quickly to crystallise. This causes it to form an amorphous phase which is technically a glass (very similar to a metallic glass).

If you cool chocolate slowly, crystals form and it will crumble when you pick it up and try to shape it around the cake due to cleavage at grain boundaries. Cooling it very quickly allows it to remain amorphous, which leaves it in a plastic state that can be shaped without breaking.

This is as close as you can get without your eyes getting wet.

He can c d pi in his head

Plus he's using a slab that's not much bigger than what he's making. He can eyeball "6 inches from the edges for the width and halfway up the slab for the height

It is pretty weird what you can learn by repetition. I sell cheese and meat for a living, and I can cut within a fraction of an ounce very reliably on all kinds of product, from oozy triple creme to hard parmigiano or paper thin prosciutto.

I am not innately talented, I just have been doing this for years and have become very attuned to what different sizes look and feel like.

A few weeks ago I had a pretty large slicing order - 4lbs of prosciutto di Parma (that is about 200~ slices ). I sliced it all without weighing, and at the end I had 4.1lb... even I was surprised by that. I don't count slices or any other sort of trick, it just becomes second nature. The human brain is pretty awesome.

Are there people uninitiated?

Plus I guarantee you that if he's off a quarter inch in either direction he knows how to compensate for it without trashing the whole thing.

We could do some watercolors together, you and I.

You'd be fine, its just Caledonia granite not marble. 1/5 the cost, tougher, more temperature tolerant and easier to maintain.

It's just chocolate, not icing, and the slab is just marble not one of the cold slabs they make ice cream on. He's got plenty of time to mix the chocolates before they set.

That was during a "half off" sale.

Mmm. I love me Cold Stone. Birthday cake remix is to kill for.

Surprisingly you get kind of sick of it. Smelling like something day in and day out isn't a good way to keep loving it.

Though I do still love a fair amount of baked goods!

Marble is a heat sink, so it doesn't have to be artificially cooled in order to provide a really effective surface for quickly cooling chocolate. It might be, but it doesn't have to be.

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Oh there is another event for my framer Olympics. Eyeing up numbers and seeing who comes closest.

I always wish I had the patience to do something like this. To bad non of it would make it on the cake. Also, there would be no cakes to decorate.

Can you have a seat?

Sugar Sculpture

It looks more like chocolate than icing

just a normal marble slab, straight chocolate doesn't need much cold to become solid.

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When the height is more than 2/3 of the radius

I reckon it's straight up chocolate.

That's not going to be shown in the same timeslot as Clay Pigeon Nailgunning is it?


I hope its rocky road

Very satisfying.

Please, sir, can I have some more?