BuzzFeed journalists said they couldn't stop crying during Obama's farewell speech. Today, The_Donald can't stop laughing at BuzzFeed journalists.

BuzzFeed journalists said they couldn't stop crying during Obama's farewell speech. Today, The_Donald can't stop laughing at BuzzFeed journalists.

These people are scum, I'm so sick of it I don't even laugh anymore. Shit is tiring. How many times can you be soo fucking wrong and yet remain so smug?

Liberalism is a mental disorder, you can use all the facts, logic, science and history you want but it won't matter . They will get angry and start literally shaking cause their weak and feeble minds just can't handle truth.

They will be crying even more when Trump kicks them out of the press pool.


they just stole the word liberal, let's call them what they really are



How the hell is Buzzfeed even in the press pool? That's never been a real news site.

Fucking spineless nimrods. They call themselves "journalists"?

America needs to be led by businessmen and generals... politicians and lawyers have proven they are lying cheating scum

Since when did "random dickhead with a beard, some Star Wars toys and a wifi connection" become journalism?

Luckily I have never once confused Buzzfeed and Journalism.

It's like comparing 5 year olds fingerprinting to Michelangelo.

Oh my ... They are standing in line, waiting for the chance to spread Bobama's propaganda for free … What an absolute disgrace for the journalist profession these people are.

It's weird, I used to be somewhere in the middle to left leaning, but seeing what they have done with power has done more to push me right than any conservative argument. Sort of like my belief in God has increased much more by observing a society without him, than an argument from a pulpit could.

More and more I'm starting to lean hard right wing nationalist.

Oh man the overnight 180 on this report. NPR this morning couldn't distance themselves enough, every other sentence someone had to mention "this is unverified this is unverified". Sorry MSM, you're not washing this stink off any time soon.

Exactly. They're not liberals

Chew soap let them in

It hasn't been verified by 4chan yet, but it's looking like it.

4chan is the media now

/sub/redacted graduated them to real news!

tfw theres two of the same pepes on front page

True - the original Classic Liberal is closer to the definition of "small L - libertarian" today. If you want to read what a "Classic Liberal" point of view is, subscribe to Weekly Standard. While they aren't yuuuuuge Fans of Trump, they are circumspect and intelligent in their conversations. They give helpful advice rather than beating him up. It's one of the best sites out there for conscious and articulate information. (As opposed to Buzzkill, I mean BuzzFeed...)

Thank GOD Obama is getting out of the WH. Buh Bye. Now, go away and play in Chicago where you belong.

I literally pissed my hookers I laughed so hard!

Wander outside this sub and redditors actually think buzzfeed has good journalism lol

Ironically, they're less biased than the MSM.

Am I the only one who would respect Trump even more if he did indeed get prossies to piss all over Obama's bed? That's hilarious.

I literally pissed my pants I laughed so hard!

I believe the phrase "Liberalism is a mental disorder" refers more to the far-left SJW types, not classical liberals.

Some would call Teen Vogue 'hard-hitting journalism'. Ffs

Buzzfeed won't stop crying...but for different reasons today

Is.... is that real?


It can't be said enough times...the vast majority of the media are simply virtue signaling Democratic Party/leftist operatives with bylines and algorithms.

Draining the swamp means getting rid of these worthless hacks too.

Correction: CESSPOOL

When they upgraded from this to being a member of the Press Corps. Sure, being a part of the Press corps. is an achievement, but when you publish articles void of anything with substance, you wonder why you're there...

AMEN Nimble_Patriot. I'm with you 100%. I find this display of pettiness and temper tantrums so embarrassing for the Left. And they are in an echo chamber, so they don't even know what they don't know. Going back to the Streep embarrassment - how did she conflate "We really need to vett the Syrian Refugees who are going into EU countries and raping & pillaging innocents" with "OH NO! You are going to EMPTY HOLLYWOOD of its immigrants!" HUH?

Can others please go on twitter and call them out on this? I'm seeing a lot here, but not enough out in the world where people get their 10 seconds of info.

I don't think it's fair to say liberalism is a mental disorder. I have a decent amount of liberal values yet I don't feel mentally disabled. I'm sure some of them do, but it's not fair to assume everyone is fucking retarded just because some of them definitely are. And no I'm not a shill

One of the things I'm most looking forward to is what he does with the press. I'm sure he will take the high road at first with some of the major sources, but these click bait blogs that are suddenly news sites are screwed.

Anonymity, for all it's drawbacks, has one strength: objectivity. When people know they won't face consequences for what they say, that's the only time when they can say exactly what they feel. The corrupt media has ironically made 4chan a home for discussion that just can't happen in the realm of the PC-obsessed snowflakes. And unlike reddit, buzzfeed, etc, no opinion is censored, no matter how retarded. We don't have to silence our opposition like the liberal parasites, we just blow them the fuck out with rational arguments.

Channel your annoyance into memes. Think of all the tendies.

frontal lobe is damaged.

I literally got pissed on by hookers I laughed so hard!

Remember the girls that were always starting rumors in middle/high school?

They got a liberal arts degree and call themselves journalists.

What a bunch of little bitches.

Buzzfeed. Journalist. Pick one.

I'm literally a hooker and pissed on Obama so hard!

This shit isn't funny at all. Not at fucking all. The liberal media is ready to jump on any and every accusation that makes Trunp look bad, regardless to whether there is any truth to it.

Let's not pretend this isnt serious. This is deadly serious. They are trying to gaslight the American public into submission. Seriously, the media's actions remind me of an abusive domestic partner in a bad relationship,

And I want out. But we're fucking stuck with them.

I shit you not, when I say I am ready for war. I am 100% serious. We should not have to accept this abuse. Liberals and their media are not going to ever change. When will the good, honest American people say enough is enough?

4chan is the media now

I'm living under the Trump-Empire and I love it.

Waterworks over Wetworks not being real

S.C.U.M = Socialist Communist Ultra Marxists?

Indeed not

>tfw theres two of the same pee-pees on front page


There's a reason why the chans hate reddit so much. Even on subs like this, there is still karma-whoring, mod-worshipping, and censorship of racism. People will look at your karma/post history and disregard your opinion simply because you are "new". The chans avoid all of this by making everyone truly equal.


Unfortunately not enough people know this.

Bill Kristol spent most of the election cycle beating up on Trump. He was one of the leaders of the #nevertrump neocon movement.

Not Tucker though... Not Tucker.

At least a 5 year old's finger painting belongs on the fridge. Buzzfeed only belongs in the garbage.

They need golden showers to wash their pain away. :D

I hear ya there, and I almost believe we are in a time of some sort of divine intervention because for the past year everything the liberal media has tried has blown up in their faces.

Of course it could just be bc we've never had a true fighter like Trump running for office, who is capable of out smarting the leftists.

Yeah, I am not too hard on classic liberals. "Leftists" is what these weak minded fascists are, but they have taken over the liberal movement like 3rd wave bitches took over feminism. I am all for classical feminism (equal rights) but those 3rd wave bitches are NOT about that anymore than leftist are about the real meaning of "liberal". These groups usurp the movement and use exploit it's existing influence and base of supporters. Please clap

Punishment will "bring them to heel"


But for real. Being a "journalist" does that make you a protected class. Being a "journalist" used to be about providing facts to your audience impartial to any political affiliation. Let these Old Media and Shitty Blogs burn to the ground, they have no credibility and are NOT to be given special treatment because they're "journalists" and given free passes to defame others and prop up sides of beef.

Double down. Doesn't work? Triple down. Doesn't work? Quadruple down.

What they are trying to do is to stack as much people they can against Trump so they can use those idiots when he'll start cutting bullshit from the government. The FBI, the CIA, they are children who run amok without any supervision, but they know Trump won't give a shit, and he'll cut down on them. So, before he's elect and he does anything, they try to stack everything against him.

4Chan: weaponized autistic anonymity in motion 😉

Then they aren't journalists. They are looney leftists pretending to be.

That would be a day worth celebrating

Aww... look at all the virtue signalling libtards. Can't bear the thought of the first BLACK president leaving office.

(golden)Showerthought: Isn't Trump a huge germaphobe? If so, that certainly takes the piss out of this story....

You know I would have taken offense to that before this election season, but you're right. It is a brainwashing. There's no other way to describe it, I was willfully ignorant to some important facts. I'm just glad this sub exists and broke the spell cast over me


What a time to be alive

It's true. They say the clickbait pays for really good "longform journalism". I don't even comment anymore with those folks. Just downvote and move on. Too many banned accounts.

We are all pissing hookers on this blessed day

It's caused by a severe lack of critical thinking skills.

You say "Buzzfeed Journalist" like that is a real thing.



Sadly many people will hear it the first time and not the followups about fake news. In Canada on public radio they presented it as near fact.

Perfect! We need to send them fries for all the saltiness that will be happening in the next eight years! Edit: Two terms! 🐸🤣😂

Classical liberals typically fall under the banner of Libertarians anymore. Modern Liberalism got its footing in ending child labor / instituting an 8 hour work day. Absolutely vital things to keep balance. Aside from, "progressive," civil rights; modern liberals are content with watching the less fortunate get shelled government funded cash in an endless loop of destitution. It's truly sad to watch people vote their liberty away for slime-ridden checks.

Is that even an article?! What the fuck? And it's still on the BuzzFeed website???

No real accountability. They are judged by ideological purity, not results

Gold is money straight into spazzes pocket friendo

Well I have lived in a communist country as a child. I was lucky and got out. But believe me communism is evil

"Buzzfeed journalists" lol.

Exactly. The beauty of 4chan is that no matter how retarded your opinion is, your voice is exactly as loud as everyone else's. You are free to spout off exactly what you think and feel about any topic, but everyone else is free to criticize you. If you say something stupid and get BTFO, you can't just silence the opposition. You can choose not to listen, but there's none of this echo chamber bullshit like on most of reddit (and even this sub), and if you bring an argument you better be prepared to back it up because your case WILL be dissected and criticized. But that's how you actually grow as a person, broaden your horizons, and learn about opinions that might be wildly different than your own. Which, in my opinion, is the entire point of free speech.

"I'm crine"

One of the editors...

I wish I could give you gold

Saw this story at work in the break room. Laughing maniacally, tears in my eyes.

Yeah I assume that as well but he specifically said "liberalism" so I wasn't entirely sure. I think being something like a "liberal" includes so many people that I wouldn't generalise all of em like that. Sometimes it scares me because I can't state my political opinions in real life without fear of being labeled an uneducated retard or harassed, and ironically I am more unwilling to state my more conservative beliefs for the same reasons. Really sucks nowadays where I don't feel like I strongly align with either ideology/party, because it just ends up with me taking shit from both sides.

Russia hacked their tear ducts.

The worst part is that both realities are sad. Our CIA and media, took the bait by a bunch of random internet persons and pushed it as true. Or our new President has huge ties to a foreign power which is no good.

I am cynical so all I can do is laugh at either outcome.

Why lawyers? Politicians make up a very small subset of people with law degrees. The problem is people spending their lives making a living in politics, as they become beholden to those who pay to finance their campaigns. The law has been and still is a noble profession that opens doors in countless areas work, and most lawyers are just political spectators like the rest of us.

Im thinkin the cia knows its trash info and went with it to appease the current admin while also making them look like total idiots.

Sweet dreams Barry


/sub/redacted allows an increasing diversity in bad sources. It's like the flood gates are open. If an article criticizes Trump in any way, it's fair game for an upvote brigade.

"Buzzfeed journalists"

That's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one

Guess I missed something. What's the significance of the bold 'e's?


I am lost. Not once did I say anything is wrong with being gay or allowing people to be gay. If you are a dude who likes dudes I could care less. That isn't a liberal view. It is a let people be people view which ultimately falls under a conservative ideal.