BUSTED: Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy

BUSTED: Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy
BUSTED: Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy

I'm sure the centipedos will go full pizzagate on him

something something (((globalist))) false flag operation.

Just to clarify -- in spite of the picture in the article, Donald Trump Jr. is not the underage boy who is the subject of the article. However...

This man is a delusional idiot to boot

Oklahoma lawmaker wants to ban fetuses in food

A direct mail piece sent to Shortey’s constituents show that he was also endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his opposition to immigration and immigrants and by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) for his “conservative principles.”

"Conservative principles" indeed. It's a proud Republican tradition.

Well, in fairness to him, I don't want a fetus in my food. /s

I'm wondering what excuse they'll use of this is found that he was doing inappropriate things with the boy. Or how they'll bring Clinton into this.

No way; they'll push this aside as fake news, or somehow blame Obama or Clinton.

He was actually trying to GPS tag one of Killary's sex slaves to study their migration patterns

Gonna take a wild guess here -- the guy has endorsed and voted for anti-LBGTQ policies and laws.

Here's the thing. You said ephebophilia is pedophilia.

Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's arguing that.

As someone who is a diddler who studies children, I am telling you, specifically, in diddling, no one calls ephebophilia pedophilia. If you want to be "specific" like you said, then you shouldn't either. They're not the same thing.

If you're saying "pedophile family" you're referring to the paraphilia grouping of chronophilia, which includes things from nepiophibilia to hebepohilia to gerontophilia.

So your reasoning for calling ephebophilia pedophilia is because random people "call the ephebopophilia ones pedophiles?" Let's get teleiophiles and mesophiles in there, then, too.

Also, calling someone a human or an ape? It's not one or the other, that's not how taxonomy works. They're both. An ephebophile is an ephebophile and a member of the chronophilia classification. But that's not what you said. You said ephebophilia is pedophilia, which is not true unless you're okay with calling all members of the chronophilia class ephebophiles, which means you'd call nepiophiles, teliophiles, and other sexual attractions pedophilia, too. Which you said you don't.

It's okay to just admit you're wrong, you know?

My money's on pizzagate and "it's not really pedophilia because..."

Don't knock it til you've tried it.

Stay out of my fantasies, and I'll stay out of yours, OK?

Shortey did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday, but the Daily Oklahoman reported his motivation for the bill: "Shortey said he filed the bill after reading last fall that an anti-abortion group, Children of God for Life, had called on the public in March 2010 to boycott products of major food companies that partnered with a biotech company that produces artificial flavor enhancers, unless the company stopped using aborted fetal cells to test their products. The company has denied the allegation."

Fake news is a hell of a drug.

He was on to them!

What is it with Republicans and being pedophiles? Up here in Rhode Island they just busted another Trumper for being a chomo.

You show me a homophobic, conservative, anti-choice nutbag and I'll show you a kid fucker!

Proving my point once again that Republicans aren't against pedophilia, they just don't want it mixed up with pizza in any way.

Democrats cheats on their wives with younger, but legal woman.

GOP cheats on their wives with younger THAN THE AGE OF CONSENT boys.


Well yeah, the guy was caught in a Super 8 motel. Just look how many hits you get when you google "super 8 clinton".

Only a cucked libtard would deny this is a false flag.


For the clearly confused masses, this is not just copypasta, its modified copypasta from a legendary Reddit meme.


Yep. Just like good old Dennis Hastert.

Notice how that's how they seem to always try to paint the left?

Good Ol' Projection!

Immigration patterns

Call me old fashioned, but I'm starting to miss the days where propaganda was used by the government to try and trick the gullible populace, instead of now, where it's the other way around.

The "boy" was actually an FBI dwarf.

I was reading a thread on /sub/conspiracy before, and they were talking about a march in Washington related to child trafficking in high-level government offices.

One of the comments was something along the lines of "If anything bad happens, it wasn't us, it was a false flag."

Wow, how terribly convenient to preempt that.

this statement has not been peer reviewed

Peer review, regulations, journalistic integrity. Those things are for CUCKS. WELCOME TO THE AGE OF TRUMP MUTHERFUCKER WE'RE GOING TO MAGA SO HARD. Oh shit my mom lost her health insurance.

Id rather inject the stem cells straight into my body. Gimme dat telemerase.

And Mark Foley.

Is this Milo or is this a different advisor to the president?

Say it with me folks: PROJECTION

Don't forget wide stance Larry Craig


Jaha, du är svensk! I didn't know people could freely use the Internet there; Trumpets told me it's basically a totalitarian Muslim country now.

Shortey has been in office since 2010 and is most known for a bill he proposed to ban fetuses in food. NewsOK reports Shortey has been married to his high school sweetheart since 2002 and that he studied at Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City in preparation for mission work in Uganda. A direct mail piece sent to Shortey’s constituents show that he was also endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his opposition to immigration and immigrants and by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) for his “conservative principles.” Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter hosted a rally for Shortey’s election in 2014.

He's just a total winner all around.

No, I'm pretty sure he was planted there by the Comet Ping-pong people. Since they have so many children locked up in their basement that definitely exists.

What tf is going on in Oklahoma that someone says "you know what? We need to make a law to ban fetuses in food"

In my opinion it's two reasons. A lot of these so-called alpha males are actually weak Weak people like to take advantage of vulnerable people. There is truth in the stereotype pedophile of being physically and mentally weak. Second, the anti-government ideology really appeals to pedophiles who want to get rid of the government who investigates, prosecutes and imprisons them. That's why the libertarian and conservative movements have a good following of pedophiles

Ted Haggard

Lets keep this going! How many republicans can you name with conservative or anti-LGBT stances, and were caught diddling boys or meeting men for sex?

Hell, remember that GOP Speaker of the US House? The one locked up for child molestation? The one who when he was arrested brought down a few other GOP Reps because they knew about it but covered up for him to keep a popular guy in charge?

It's like, pedophilia only bothers the GOP when convenient too

"Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City in preparation for mission work in Uganda"

Ah yes, Sam Davison's church and college where even your musical tastes are dictated to you. Independent Fundamental Baptist is a sect that has produced many perverts over the years. GIYF

Let me tell you a story about how voat and 8chan were created...

Meth. Bath salts, & all the poison in their water& soil.

Science has shown that if you consume the fetus orally instead of via injection that while your stomach enzymes are breaking down the telemerase it releases a secondary telemetry based protein that acts as a reuptake inhibitor preventing the telemerase from escaping out the mouth hole. *

*this statement has not been peer reviewed

No, this guy is a Shortey, quite literally a Shortey.

I love a good conspiracy and trust me conservatives LOVE them too but the problem that exists today is that anything can become a false flag when it's a convenient excuse to ignore reality and continue to push a partisan hackey agenda.

From a conservatives POV, anything that paints their party in a negative light is a false flag, you know, Fake News.

We can thank Alex Jones for this, over use of calling out false flags and fake news.

illegal sex aliens

Yeah, but is this worse than HER EMAILS?!?!? I think not!

George Rekers

RIP /u/Unidan you smart dumb bastard.

They're not gullible, they're just citing propaganda so they pull out "plausible deniability" when the shit they wanted to do anyway blows up in everybodys faces. "I only worked according to the facts presented to me!"

Does 45's favorite pizza joint have a basement?

Surprisingly enough. It's almost a 1:1 conversion rate.

Maybe it's near a certain Florida home that was recently reported as having a bathtub ruined by acid?

Isn't Sheriff Arpaio that guy from Arizona that had huge abuse of power issues, aggressive racial profiling, and needlessly humiliating his prisoners?

Oh come on! We all know that poor boy was a victim of the Comet Ping Pong sex-ring and the campaign chair rescued him!

This is a start https://gayhomophobe.com/

Speaking of tax returns Milo, did you hear Donald Trump Milo Yiannopoulos is refusing to release his tax returns because he has donated to NAMBLA? That’s what all the best sources, the most tremendous sources are saying, and if they’re all saying that Donald Trump Milo donated to NAMBLA, well, I can see why Donald Trump Milo would want to cover up his donations to NAMBLA. I’m not claiming that Donald Trump Milo donates to NAMBLA, but that’s what these excellent sources are alleging, that Donald Trump Milo does indeed donate to NAMBLA.

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Religious extremism. This was during the hay day of Conservative opposition to stem cell research (because a few cells in a Petri dish = a soul...or souls depending on how fast the cells are dividing I guess) and on the never ending subject of abortion which also involves the word fetus. If I remember right the flavor additive in question was used in Diet Pepsi....which of course had nothing to do with eating fetus' or really anything fetus related but our state legislature was getting their news from breitbart long before it was hip and electing presidents. A couple of years later we "banned" Sharia Law via a referendum that garnered a majority of the average Oklahoman vote. It obviously got thrown out once it reached a court outside of the Dark Ages, but still. Did I mention that our education system is in shambles and we have more earthquakes than any other state in the nation?

Republican congressmen have committed more sexually explicit acts in bathrooms than trans people.

Because if there's anything Pizzagate is known for, it's nuance.

Go Shortey, it's your birthday, eat some cheese pizza like it's your birthday.

Remember that Uganda had a "kill the gays" law supported by many conservative Christians here in the US.

So... like... eggs?

This came of it:


No, it's the Jackdaw copypasta from the Unidan incident. They just replaced words to fit the situation. I'm a connoisseur of Internet drama.

Guys, this was just an experiment. He was trying to inject some religion into that poor homosexual child intra-anally.

Not only are fetuses quite tasty, I've read a modest proposal that says consuming them would solve a lot of problems.

What if you are my fantasy...?

Arpaio is a corrupt, racist, piece of shit.

Read through the wikipedia page after you've taken your blood pressure meds.

This is copypasta.

So according to Ben Carson, immigration.

Please, think of the balut!

Ever since Muslims moved to Sweden it has been a post apocalyptic hellhole, with rivers of lava, clouds that rain fire and ash, acid pools where roads once were,

Moore police recommend 3 prostitution-related charges against Sen. Ralph Shortey

Everything they tried accusing hillary clinton of doing, they are getting caught doing.

Just like the concern they show for the Jane Doe who said under oath that Trump and Epstein raped her when she was 13

The GOP stands for Grand Ol Projection Party. Literally everything they say Democrats do, is preparing their supporters to not give a shit when they do it 10x more and worse.

It's copypasta from one of the pedo subs.


It's a local Oklahoma news station. How is that sketchy?

my penis split open, and locust flew out


Donald "Why are all my friends pedophiles? :(" Trump

I know, I've lived there myself. Just making a joke lol.


prostitution within 1,000 feet of church

Lock this dude up but that law is fucking pointless garbage

wasn't weiner sexting with a 15 year old in his most recent scandal though? that's not really something to relax about. like if it was just sexting legal women that weren't his wife id agree with you but underage girls not so much.

/u/Unidanx rose from the ashes like a phoenix jackdaw though.

prostitution within 1k feet of church

I was ok with the prostitution & the underage boy thing, but within 1000' of a church!!!! My outrage meter just went to 11!!


If you're gonna do a false flag operation, you might as well get kids involved. They have more fun.

Paraphrased only slightly from an actual quote from Alex Jones regarding Sandy Hook

Not my sushi!

I'm being sarcastic because I know it applies to only human fetuses. But that gives me cause for wonder... shouldn't someone so fanatically anti-abortion be calling it a baby?

It's like the anti-abortion license plates in my state. They say "choose life". Doesn't that concede the entire argument already? To me it says "you have the right to choose but I want you to choose to have your baby".

Is that just me?

Oof just looked it up. Yeah he's more a mess than I thought. But I was referring to when it's just legal adults vilified for shit that isn't really a public or criminal matter.

- Sam I Am

Yes. The man sounded sadistic. And with a surname like his I would deport him to wherever he came from.

"Fetal stem cells? Aren't those controversial?"

"In your time, yes, but nowadays - shut up! Besides, these are adult stem cells, harvested from perfectly healthy adults whom I killed for their stem cells."

Listen, the chance of getting the baby is the only thing that makes King Cake worth eating.

You wouldn't know critical thinking if it hit you in the face.

You just said that. He’s quoting you. It’s your words. He’s using your words, when you use the words and he uses them back, it’s circular using of the word and that’s from you.


Edit: Speaking of tax returns, did you hear Donald Trump is refusing to release them because Donald Trump has donated to NAMBLA?

Obama made that kid too sexy?

I think maybe everyone should slow down on this one and see what comes of it. You'll all still be able to celebrate that this was a republican in a few weeks, but if turns out this guy wasn't doing what it looks like you'll never be able to wash the egg off of your face.

there's a pedo sub? how is that legal?

And then create a neckbeard who lives in their basement through his (or her) 30s...