Bus Driver Who Told Child That God Disapproved of His Two Moms Placed on Administrative Leave

Bus Driver Who Told Child That God Disapproved of His Two Moms Placed on Administrative Leave

The driver, Violeta Jacobo, responded by saying “God doesn’t like that” and that the the boy wouldn’t get into Heaven because of his parents’ homosexuality. Then she gave him a business card for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It didn’t just end there. Since that day, the boy has been telling his mothers they shouldn’t be together. And all the while, the bus driver kept her job. She received a warning, more or less, but she was still behind the wheel.

That finally changed this week. The Polk County School District has placed a bus driver on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation into accusations that she told a second-grade boy he and his moms are going to hell because of his parents’ same-sex relationship.

She should have been fired a long time ago. Instead, they do nothing for a while, then place her on paid leave.

Funny how christians always seem to get away with shit like this. Actually, it's the opposite of funny.

Mind your fucking business should be the motto of the USA.

To be fair, Jehovas Witnesses aren't Christians as far as most people are concerned. They are a cult worse than Mormons.

instead, we apparently trust in a god. they don't actually mention which god.

What we see as free vacation days they see as persecution.

Don't be Florida, don't be Florida.

Polk County.


Paid leave is normal procedure during an investigation. Unpaid leave is a punishment, which while not strictly illegal rather clearly violates the spirit of 'innocent until proven guilty'. This is the same thing that happens to cops accused of a crime.

knock knock knock

Sir do you have a moment to talk abou-

Slams door

Praise Talos!


Tear up that business card. Who the fuck manipulates a child like that?

My ex and I had a fun time with all proselytizing religions years ago. We both worked second shift, and at one point we were getting a WEEKLY visit at 9am from some various religion or another. SUPER fucking annoying.

We hung an upside down cross on our door to deter them, but it just made it worse.

My ex went to this HUGE sex shop off the interstate one day and bought this giant strap on dildo. The Jehovas Witnesses came at 8am like four days later. I answered the door in a robe, as I was sleeping... he hears what's up and comes out of the bedroom with raging morning wood and this strap on also fully erect and says "Time for double penetration!... Oh, goodmorning!" And he just stood there smiling. I miss that asshole sometimes.


Paid leave? PAID FUCKING LEAVE!? Are you fucking kidding me?

The shit Christians get away with in the good ole Christofascist states sickens me. Bitch should have been fired.


Just answer the door in the nude.

The god you wanna trust that is.

Right. IDGAF if you think that but think at fucking home. I think some negative things about religious people but I don't go around telling children that their parents are ruining their critical thinking abilities by taking them to church regularly.


Who manipulates a child like that? Well...Did you happen to read that the bus driver is a jehovah's witness? You must not have any idea what those whack jobs are capable of. Just look at the video they made for KIDS.

Freedom of speech prevents you from having the government shut down your speech. Not your employer, or your neighbor, or your relatives, or friends.

You have no guarantee of freedom of the consequences of your free speech.

There is an agressor here, and it isn't the Moms. You can't assign oppression to the bus driver at all. She had every opportunity to not say what she did. It's not as if she had to say that to keep her livelihood, or under duress. She had ample choice.

The notion that people taking no action are oppressing those taking deliberate unnecessary action is a bit absurd.

It's a side effect of innocent until proven guilty. You take away two weeks pay from someone on bus driver's rates, it would really mess with their financial stability.

Once she's proven guilty, its highly liked she'll get fired.


I don't disagree; but I do believe that the lesser of two evils - even in cases like this that make me mad - is to presume innocence until an investigation has been completed. In the meantime, however, it seems irresponsible to leave someone in a job where they could put others at risk (bus driver, police officer, etc).

But what about the falsely accused? 2 weeks no pay out of nowhere can really mess with your financial stability if you're getting bus driver rates. We just say tough luck when they innocent?

Just focus on the kid: "Hey there Billy. I'm going to assume you're the brains of this operation. Tell your hench-grownups I'm not interested."

No need to be rude. Just condescending.

My son has two moms. I'd have a hard time not getting arrested what I would say to this woman.

I miss that asshole sometimes.

hers or are you only referring to the guy at the door?

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Should be fired. In hell

that was actually my second time ever meeting her. I didn't even know her grandma was the one who did it at the time, so I tried to let it go for the sake of not embarrassing my then gf. When we sat down for dinner my gf looked around at one point and asked, "hey hun, where are the flowers you brought?" (she hadn't seen the trash yet and I didn't want to cause a scene) I calmly said that I thought they may have been thrown away while preparing dinner. She asked why they would throw them away and all I said was, "dunno, but they could have at least kept the vase." Gf had already gathered what happened and took the flowers out of the trash, put them in the center of table, and sat down and continued eating without saying anything. The flowers were covered in other food scraps like potato skins and onion. We ate in silence for a little bit and then her dad quietly started trying to pick the garbage off of the flowers (I am not sure if he felt bad for us or if he didn't want trash in front of his food). My girlfriend sternly told her dad to "leave it" without even looking up from her plate. The rest of the evening was pretty tense. I had my suspicions that her grandma had thrown them away, but it wasn't until we had left the house that my gf confirmed that it was her.

Problem with that is those fuckers ALWAYS bring little kids with them, they think the kids will act as some kind of human shield against profanity or rudeness.

It's really beyond corrupt.

Once again, the wrong people are in positions of power and authority. This is exactly the kind of person who should not be permitted to work with children.

To be actually fair all religions, even Christianity, are cults. But especially fuck Jehovahs witnesses. Lol

fuck me. Our homestate rarely gets in the news for good things anymore :(

at least we have the best disney theme park, take that haters!

My ex stood there smiling with both dicks pointing at the horrified JW's, if that's what you were asking.

Good! Bus drivers who harass kids should be fired. Not even just because of church and state issues but because kids deserve a ride to school feeling safe and comfortable- or at the very least if they're getting bullied it shouldn't be by school faculty.

Responsibility over like twenty children at a time is a big deal.

Not Hell though, I don't want to see her when I get there.

Shes a bus driver, how much less authority can you have lol

Shits fucked though

but we did arrest justin bieber a few years ago, so that's nice.

Paid leave during investigations is totally normal for anyone of any religion.

Dated a girl who's family was Jehovahs Witness. I hated it. I bought her flowers on her birthday and brought them to dinner with her family and her grandmother actually threw them away while we were in the other room. Her grandma absolutely hated that I wouldn't join their church, and made sure that I knew it every time I saw her. Luckily it wasn't like her family got together for christmas or birthdays or anything. So that made it easier.

I love the Skyrim references in random threads

As a former JoHo kid who was dragged along for this, it wasn't as a shield to stop rudeness or whatever, it was to teach me how to do this myself one day, to do my part 'spreading the good news', and also by 'doing gods work' all day in my school holidays, jehovah would let me live when everyone else was killed.

Glad I grew up and realised what the hell was going on.

Jehovahs Witnesses firmly deny the existence of hell. It's one of the basic tenets of their religion. There's literally no way a JW said that. The anti-homosexual stuff is definitely possible since they hate gays, but they would say something like "when Armageddon comes only those on God's side will survive, and if your parents don't obey Jehovah, he will have to destroy them."

-former Jehovah's Witness

I don't know if punching someone in the throat is "saying" something. But a good lawyer might be able to argue it!

Funny since Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe that all go to heaven, but much rather a paradise on Earth.

Reasons like this are why I'm not a parent. My irate ass would be on the bus the next morning. Please Mrs bus driver, explain to the adult why I'm going to hell.

I hate what the driver is accused of. However, until there's an investigation proving otherwise it makes sense to treat her as if she's innocent. I'd want the same for myself and any other American citizen.

You tell your children any piece of your liberal agenda and nobody cares, you tell your children any piece of your conservative agenda and you might get fined or fired or something.

you dont live in the south. 100% sure of this.

and also your in an article where she got a free vacation, while oppressing a liberal child. or are you claiming the bus driver is the victim?

second how many times do we or any other secularist, tell a child you hate the parents religion and god is fake?

oh wait, we tend to have tact.

Dude your gf is savage! I hope you are still with her ;)

Seven year old comes home in tears, tells parents that the bus driver said they are going to hell due to something that is none of her goddamn business? Parents file a complaint which goes ignored for a whole week before any action is taken?

Teacher here: You know what would happen if I pulled this shit where I work? I'd be removed from my classroom and replaced with a long-term sub with NO PAID LEAVE while an investigation was filed.

You're goddamn right this woman needs to be pulled from her position, ESPECIALLY since it's a public service position where she has no right to be pushing her religious beliefs.

Is that a serious question?

Not good enough. She's on paid leave. That's fucking bullshit.

This is basically mental abuse. NO ADULT who believes this is okay should be paid to be around children.


When i used to ride the bus me and my friend were talking about god and religion and what not and the bus driver literally pulled over, moved me to the front, and wrote me up for "religious hate speech". I had to write a letter to the bus driver and other kids on my bus to apologize. She didn't even let me move back to my original seat months after it had originally happened. I tried to argue with my principle and whatnot but the she was the bus driver so what ever she said was law. Still pissed to this day.

I agree with this logic because we could easily (though I know it seems unlikely at the moment) find out tomorrow that not only was the bus driver not a JW but also was gay herself, but at this point that shit wouldn't even matter because the damage is done and everyone believes the first story.

It seems very unlikely that the story will go that way, but that's why innocent until proven guilty is important. We often don't have all the facts and often shit is just bullshit in general. I'm assuming that if she is guilty she'll lose her job, but until then it makes sense to not screw someone over for something they didn't do. I know how I'd feel if I was accused of something I never did.

I had to write a letter to the bus driver and other kids on my bus to apologize.

I hope you had some interesting wording in that letter.

"I'm sorry that you're all thin-skinned cunts."

You also made Trump win the election.. You need at least 50 Justin Bieber arrests to make up that deficit.

You could just ask them how they feel about 1 Timothy 2:12. Then stare at them until they leave. Granted this probably only works if you have a penis, and is infinitely less fun than my previous stupid suggestion.

knock knock knock

"Hi, I am an Atheist. I hope you have a nice day."

Works every time. In fact in the almost eight years I have lived here I only got two visits from entirely different religions and they have never come back.

All religions are cults. The only difference is membership.

If they claim to be Christians, they're Christians.

So if a different kid made up a story like this about a completely innocent bus driver, you would say the same thing?

What if that bus driver was a friend or relative of yours? Someone you cared about.

Every time somebody says this it makes it clear you have no idea how administration works at large organizations. Paid leave is what you do while you investigate the situation and make a decision. It's a prelude to firing.

When you live in states that make it so you need a real reason to fire somebody, you have to, you know, investigate it. And have proof and documentation. Then usually do appeals and hearings.

Fuck lol, I would have went and pulled them out of the trash, rinsed them off, and made sure I handed them back right in front of the bitch. I don't put up with that type of abuse. What's she going to do, hate you more?

Do they follow Christ? Then they ARE Christians.

I get what you're saying, and that your speaking tongue in cheek, but MYOB doesn't do much to foster a sense of community and shared responsibility for our culture and future.

I'd rather see the motto speak to tolerance. It is our greatest strength.

Or bourbon 🥃

They should fire people immediate on a single complaint, no questions asked? No investigation to find out what really happened?

Just ask them why their pamphlets show everybody racially segregated. Take a look. Not a single mixed race couple. Group pictures are often divided by colour of skin.

Nudity is not inherently sexual. I didn't say pop a viagra and then invite them in but insist on the 'dress code.' Even if that does sound like fun.

Tolerance only works on the tolerant. When you give tolerance to the intolerant, you are supporting intolerance, and they win.

The only real world way for tolerance to win, is to actively stomp out intolerance. People need to get over their "first world problems" and come back to reality. It's like school programs that tell kids not to fight but to curl up into a ball and let the attacker wail on them... What the actual fuck is wrong with people.

I think we are just using the words differently.

All job positions have the requisite power and authority commensurate with their requirements. In this case, the bus driver has power and authority over children and is in command of the bus. This is no small feat. It requires not just good driving skills, but also knowing how to respond in an emergency.

You seem to be using the words power and authority to mean or entail some kind of elite, hierarchical position.

Well, when the country is ruled by Christianity, then well, Christianity rules.

Try any religious person from any religion ever? Religion at its core is manipulation.

All accused people need to be presumed innocent until proven guilty for the simple reason that some of them actually aren't guilty. We can delay punishing people for a little while to make sure they actually did the thing that they're accused of.

Yeah, /sub/floridaman really isn't helping Florida's case any.

Well if they paid any attention to their own religion they'd know that their "heaven" is already "fuck off we're full lol" so those doorknockers are working for free.

Not defending the religion at all, but that's not how it works and won't make them leave.

You're right that 144,000 go to heaven. These people are the 'government'. Everyone else lives on earth forever (as in literally infinite years and cannot die no matter what) after the earth goes through a bit of a renovation.

Personally that sounds like the worst thing ever

They shouldn't have pissed off the kid in the first place.

And what if they "pissed the kid off" by reporting the kid's misbehavior, possibly bullying other kids, to the school administrators?

So they should lose a week's pay not for anything they did, not because they chose to not work, but because somone else made up a lie about them?

If every single business was nasty to you because of your ideas, I'm pretty sure at some point it would violate your freedom of speech. If only some did, then yes it would be their right, but at some point it becomes practically persecution. IMO a justified one, but it's still the same.

Actually, no. You might have a harassment case or other claim, but nothing regarding the first amendment.

That sounds a little like something Orwell could have written in one of his books.

No, the Supreme Court. You can be fired for your ideas and speech - happens all the time. Your life could be ruined by the press running non stop exposes on the guy who said X - happens all the time. You have no first ammendment protection from legal consequences of your speech. Illegal consequences are illegal, but not on first amendment grounds, e.g. assault, harassment, etc.

If the bus driver had shared almost any other thing with the child nothing would have happened, hell even if she had said something a bit nasty but still liberal not even half the fuss would have happened. I'm not saying she was ok in any way, I'm just saying that as much as I'd like to see her fired, you could make an argument for the kind of persecution the people with her kind of ideas are enduring. As they should of course.

Not really. Those 99% of other things she could have said would not have caused harm or strife to the family, this thing did. That is the difference. She could have urged violent behavior in the child, for example, and that would similarly cause harm and subsequently outrage. Talking about pizza for lunch or pokemon, less so.

What if the bus driver thought his parents were abusing his child and she took the job of freeing him? If they had been fucking over their child's life, the bus driver would have been the good guy, and in her mind she was. Wasn't it for the ignorance involved, she would have been a fine person. But she's an idiot so fuck her.

Uh, what? If the bus driver thought abuse was involved they have CPS as a recourse. No, it is not a bus driver's place to take that matter into their own hands. Literally, it is not a bus drivers role to interfere with the home life of the child. They are responsible for the child's welfare on the bus. That is all. They should report any suspected domestic abuse, of course. I have no idea where you are going with this.

... powering down for a flight from Spain to NY.... this could be interesting 8+hrs from now.

What makes them a cult is segregation of family and friends. I grew up in a Christian house, went to church, bible camps ect. There was never any forcing of issues at any of these. We welcomed all people regardless of their personal beliefs. The JW's on the other hand actively force their members to cut all ties with family and friends, instruct them to never join in celebrations or holidays, and severely curtail their everyday lifestyle. While I became an atheist, I didn't lose any friends or family over it. Cults force you to do things and isolate you. Most standard Christians really don't care, other than the fringe you see on TV.

They're probably just simplifying it so that they can say "hell" instead of "when Armageddon comes only those on God's side will survive, and if your parents don't obey Jehovah, he will have to destroy them." Hell is a lot catchier.

They are literally a doomsday cult. They knock on people's doors to share the good news of this world's imminent destruction.

Source: was raised JW

That's surprisingly good animation quality.

She is a government employee and she is trying to impose her religion on others while on the job. So I would say yes, but Christians would say no. If she was representing any other religion, they would agree with me.

Trust in me, Whiterun! Trust in Heavy Weapons Guy! For I am the chosen of Talos! I alone have been anointed by the Ninth to spread his holy word!

"Mind your business." - Benjamin Franklin

No, justice would be firing the ass-hat or making them apologize to the kid. Administrative leave is far too light of a slap on the wrist.

They don't really celebrate them. That is why it was just dinner. Her immediate family would tell each other happy birthday and whatnot, and even have a dinner with their favorite food. They didn't do parties though. Her grandparents wouldn't even say happy birthday to her. It was really bizarre considering I come from a family where we get together to for holidays and birthdays practically monthly.