Breaking: Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka swore a loyalty oath to a Hungarian Nazi group and failed to disclose this on his immigration application. His citizenship could be revoked.

Breaking: Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka swore a loyalty oath to a Hungarian Nazi group and failed to disclose this on his immigration application. His citizenship could be revoked.
Breaking: Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka swore a loyalty oath to a Hungarian Nazi group and fail...

Vitézi Rend is a far-right group in Hungary that worked for the Nazis in WWII. Membership in the group makes you ineligible for admission to the U.S., as it's considered an extremist organization on par with the Nazis. Here's what we now know:

Two of Vitézi Rend's leaders, Gyula Soltész and Kornél Pintér, confirmed on the record that Gorka took an oath swearing undying allegiance to the organization. Gorka wore a Vitézi Rend medal at Trump's inauguration. He claimed that it was to honor his father. (If your father was a Nazi, does that mean you're allowed to wear a swastika?) In his 2008 dissertation, he signed his name as "Sebastian L. v. Gorka." The "v." is an initial used by members of the organization.

There is an actual Nazi in the Trump administration. Talk about draining the swamp.

This is real life, everybody

In June 2011, Gorka testified in front of the House Armed Services Committee. His official testimony did not list his name as Sebastian L. Gorka, but rather as Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka.

He did it again in 2011, in front of the Armed Services Committee.

I feel like this would have dominated the "first 100 days" coverage for the Obama administration.

Seriously, can you just for one second imagine it's March of 2009, and Fox News gets ahold of this story? Can you seriously envisage any scenario where they don't run with this story for 3 solid months? Where it doesn't become a Benghazi-level trope that still dogs the administration in the 2012 election, eventually becoming an Alex Jones-style conspiracy theory where Hungarian Nazis are running rampant through the government, plotting the death of your grandparents?

But yeah. Both sides are the same. The left is just as responsible for "polarization" as the right.


What, they couldn't find a native-born Nazi for the job?

Crazy. It just goes to show how effective dogwhistles are. I never would have guessed the meaning of "v."

Boys will be boys. Nazis will be Nazis. I'm sure he didn't mean anything he pledged. Just locker room racism.

Hmm... Yeah I don't think so

Racists, sexists, and homophobes aren't entitled to any civility no matter how much they whine about it.

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Hmm... Yeah

Racists, sexists, and homophobes aren't entitled to any civility no matter how much they whine about it.

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Our tolerance for nonsense is extremely high in the Trump era.

These damn immigrants taking our jobs. ALL of our jobs.

Speaking as a German, I'd have guessed it stood for a "von" honorific.

It's ok though, he didn't mean it when he swore that oath or wore that medal.

As someone who's been through the immigration application process, they ask you this stuff multiple times and if you lie on even a single part of it, you're fucked. It's in written form with his signature, you can't weasel out of stuff like this.

Our tolerance for Trump's nonsense is extremely high. Trump supporters' tolerance for everything else remains nil.

To be clear: Gorka's affiliation with the Order of Vitez has been floating around for some time, but with a degree of ambiguity. The reason this story is breaking now seems to be that members of the Order have confirmed that he is a sworn, high-ranking member.

I suspect there are lots of Nazis, Russian agents and otherwise compromised and/or dangerous people in this government. We are fucked if we can only watch this happen.

My guess is it's both; Hungary abolished the use of noble titles in 1947 (a law passed before the imposition of Stalinist rule, widely popular, and re-ratified after 1991) but these guys are arch-reactionaries and presumably reject that.

He meant it figuratively. He was wearing the medal "in general".

Someone forgot to give him the extreme vetting.

C'mon. It's just locker room Nazism.

The scary part is they are trying to weed out anyone loyal to America.

That's right. Time to hit the showers!

We've got the best paid weasels in the world on Capitol Hill, my money is on the weasel weaseling out.

If my father was a Nazi I think I'd probably find something else to honor him with. Unless, of course, I was a Nazi too.

In any "normal" American political situation, Paul Manafort would have been the death of a political campaign. The fact that the President appears to have someone in his administration who swore live-long loyalty to a Nazi-affiliated organization, then used their "secret honorific" in his formal name appearing before Congress and wore one of their emblems, and lied about all of it in his citizenship application... It's simply mind boggling.

Man, this guy's stupid-ass voice.

Edit: also, the Nazi connections keep piling up.

It may be fair to say that many people who voted for Trump were not sexists/racists, but they believed that sexism/racism were absolutely fine, which while it may be fine to let them off the hook for not advocating those beliefs, their failure to stand against them makes them complicit.

He wore it "sarcastically"

We're getting what they voted for.

President's assistant, First Lady... When will it end? Why aren't they giving these jobs to hard-working Americans?

I love this bot.

I hate that some people try to evoke sympathy for their inherited nobility, as if it's not the thing democracy is intended to replace.

America has kind of come full circle - the Revolution ousted the nobility and abolished them in the Constitution.

Eighty years later, the Civil War saw the country divided on slavery, which was fueled by a deep rooted belief that a person's worth was an inherited quality.

Eighty years later, America emerges as a major world power in the aftermath of World War II and the burgeoning nobility, old and new, get to look outward for new opportunities - and looser rules.

Eighty years after that, nobles old and new have used the very rules that were meant to oust them to their advantage. One notices if he treats the whole thing like a TV show, he wins. The electoral process is replaced like Theseus' ship, until the Presidency, highest office of the first revolutionary republic, is just the last three minutes of a season finale.

Think Jeremiah Wright.

Now imagine if Obama had hired Wright as a senior advisor and defended him if he wore a "kill whitey" button to his inauguration.

Maybe he was economically anxious.

It's just locker room shenanigans m8

"Well, I mean come on guys. The Nazis had some good ideas as far as exposing problems with cultural mixing and the benefits of preserving racial/cultural purity...they just took it a little bit too far...."

I'm pretty sure that some version of this is believed by the entire alt-right and at least fairly sizable minority of overall Trump voters.

They're Nazis, among other things.

With all seriousness, I think it's important to note that many people who voted for Trump were not sexists/racists, but they believed - incorrectly - that his policies would benefit them.

It is important to recognize that for future elections, but it is also important to be clear that anyone who STILL supports Trump is an active participant in his racist, sexist, and classist schemes.

and anyone with the authority to stop them.

Trump's platform was nonsense, they're getting what they voted for

With the First Lady, he couldn't pay an American woman enough to take the job.

To me the scary part is that these Nazi pedophiles only need to give one presidential speech and 53% of the country is back to supporting them.

They couldn't. SJWs killed them all in 1945.

It's news to me.

Trump's people are more loyal to whiteness than they are to the human race.

STOP! This POS Gorka is a former Breitbart News editor and self-proclaimed 'counterterrorism expert' but he's no Malcolm Nance. If he's on the national security advisory staff that means he either passed the rigorous SSBI or wasn't appropriately screened & cleared in the first place. Playing catch up here this stinks of cronyism & a complete disregard for national security at best.

No he won't. This is the exact type of people Trump campiagned for and will be representing.

Surely nothing will come of this.

Dogwhistle is a term for a coded political message that has a general meaning for a larger audience, but has a different or more specific, usually controversial meaning for a target group. One example is the phrase "family values" - it has a specific meaning that resonants with conservative Christian voters but likely would not alienate moderate voters who would otherwise be turned off by the candidate if they spelled out what that term signified.

The fuck is wrong with these people.

I suspect it will be an "all or nothing" thing. From decades of paying attention to politics, everything about this situation with the Trump administration - Russia ties, low approval, extreme/clumsy policy approach, so many side problems like this, and on and on - gives me the feeling that this will fall apart very hard and comparatively quickly.

(That said, the one thing that could "save" the Trump administration would be a major terrorist attack that Bannon could exploit as a "Reichstag fire". It's also important to point out that Russia could probably help make such a thing happen through 3rd parties, which is scary as hell.)

I don't think America has quite come to grips with the fact that funny wise-ass they elected becasue he was a fucking amazing business man [actual results might vary] is really a front man for a loathsome White Supremecist Organization that spends most of it's time jumping up and down on their own dicks because like most white supremicists, they may be white, but they aren't supreme.

or wasn't appropriately screened and cleared

He's been under fire recently for exactly that. Apparently he is somehow a chief CT advisor to the White House without, allegedly, having a TS if even a clearance at all.

Right? They had to find some pastor whose church Obama had occasionally visited, and they still turned it into a huge affair. People still talk about it!

If we ever manage to turn off the right-wing media machine, it could be re-purposed to stretch fucking taffy.

You know, talking about sports, girls, purifying the superior Aryan race. Guy things.

Hitler was a good public speaker.

Extreme vetting for refugees, NO vetting for position of power.

LOOOOOL so that's why he can't get a security clearance.

We have the best bots because they have the best words.

Nah, some on the alt-right definitely think the Nazis failed to go far enough

That's the idea, the left is tolerant...the right isn't. Unfortunately taht means the left is tolerant of the right's bullshit and it gets us into this kind of nonsense.

real security risks

They do extreme vetting, but only on

It's nothing to do with tolerance it's all to do with options. What can you do? Any other administration in the same situation could have gotten away with the same stuff if they has been evil enough to do so. And evil is the right word, there's no excuses for this mindless hatred in this day and age.

Unfortunately the corruption is now so wide spread that revolution may be the only action and that's a huge step.

Oh, c'mon, listen to any conversation among guys and any bar in America. Everyone swears life-long allegiance to a Nazi organization at some point in their life, and then wears medals from said Nazi organization and adds in their honorific to their names in all official situations! You find me one, just one, red-blooded American "normal" guy who isn't a sworn member of a Nazi organization I'll eat my hat!

If Gorka did not disclose his Vitézi Rend affiliation, said Einhorn, he thereby “foreclosed the opportunity for U.S. officials to pursue that inquiry with him.” No statute of limitations exists for such violations, he noted.


I really hope not. "Dr." Gorka is probably the biggest enabler of Muslim discrimination in this administration. He's the most dangerous person not named Bannon that Trump appointed, he's on a crusade and is extremely self-righteous. He doesn't care that McMasters and Mattis disapprove of him saying we're at war with Islam, or that his research is poorly received, he's a doctor, dammit. Someone like him does not need to have the President's ear.

And every time someone on the left calls out a white supremacist or a Nazi, they're brigaded by Trump cultists yelling "I thought you were tolerant, why aren't you being tolerant of this person?!?"

And wasn't obese.


Calling people racist assholes made them become racist assholes.

We should have done what they wanted and called them awesome people, maybe they would have become awesome people?

But nope. Darn us, libs. We pointed out racist policies to them and racists among them and all it did was end up causing them to say "hey these racists are nice to white people, and we're white people, and these libs are being mean about our nice white buddies so let's join with the nice white supremacists!"

Gosh. We really stepped in it fellow libs. We screwed up big time with these wonderful, educated, compassionate open minded folks.

At this point I'm just worried that someone is going to call ME a racist and turn me into one. It apparently is a huge problem.

That is one of the most pathetic things for me as well.

You know, talking about sports, raping girls, purifying the superior Aryan race. Guy things.


A) If he passed an SSBI there's a major issue.

B) If he wasn't screened there is a major issue

C - Z) The BS answer the White House will give

There would have been never ending hearings trying to see which other Obama appointees were Nazis.

With Trump they'll just let the story die after a few days. Fuckers.

Exactly! He may have a defense for his immigration status as the article stated, but he should have his security clearances immediately revoked right fucking now. If Hilary's emails matter to anyone with a security clearance then they should be sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches en masse.

And appreciated the arts.

His voice seriously creeps me out every time he's being interviewed on NPR

think it stands for "vitéz", which is hungarian for something like "knight".

I chose both.

You could obviously see he placed the medal inside quotation marks when he wore it, so "the medal" could stand for all manners of Nazi loyalty, not specifically the kind that entitles one to wear a Nazi-loyalist medal.

His wearing of the medal was obviously in reference to the Nazis in your TV, or your microwave that might turn into a Nazi. That's the world we live in today, ya know?

kill me

Oh, I get it. So she's on an H1B to be first lady.

What does he mean when he says words?

Loved animals, owned a dog.

Ultraconservatives and believers in right wing politics in this country aren't Nazis or fascists, nope! They just hire them to positions in government hahahaha what a funny jest

him wearing the thing was such a brazen and arrogant display. i'd be surprised if trump doesnt share some of his ideologies on race. he's not even hiding it that well so he must've said something to him in private conversations and trump either agrees or is ok with it, which is the same as agreeing since the positions are so toxic.

Seriously. Who hasn't sworn an undying oath to the Nazis when hanging out with their mates?

Just "boys will be boys" type banter, really...

Just like all this ironic nazi posters over on /pol/

Fuck the courts. Punch a nazi. Don't wait for them to have power because they WILL act on their bullshit once they have the means to.

the v. is short for vitéz, which was used as a prefix for Hungarian names like von was used for German ones.

This guy gave a pre-deployment brief to us via VTC before we went to Iraq 2yrs ago. I remember him saying some fairly extreme anti-muslim and inflammatory remarks about Democrats and the president which I thought was highly inappropriate to say to a room full of NSW personnel.

I'll release my secret AutoModerator config, but it's under audit right now.

It was 4D chess designed to win over the crucial Hungarian Nazi demographic. His real loyalties lie with the average American.

No one voted for this guy. He's head of the NJ mafia family, he's studied Hitler's speeches and he's had his eyes on the presidency since 2012. Even the Antichrist would be floored by this guy's audacity.

Sorry, I guess xenophobic and racist fucks DID vote for him. I was just hoping there were less of them than there were.

With all seriousness, I think it's important to note that many people who voted for Trump were not sexists/racists, but they believed - incorrectly - that his policies would benefit them.

Eh the largest group of his supporters were the ones who saw he was running as the republican candidate and left it at that.

"No question now what has happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again: but already it was impossible to say which was which."

Psh, you must be a commie

Yes and it is a product of his design. Between all the "fake news", controversies, scandals, and antics you really don't have the energy to focus on everything. This allows him to get away with much more than anyone has ever known.

One of the sources mentioned in the Forward article, Kornel Pinter, apparently stated that he was "proud" that a member of the Vitez Rendi was in the White House. There's a link to that statement here:

(blog written by Hungarian professor).

But I can't read Hungarian.

It was either that go up or our tolerance for alcohol.

When they defy the courts

One of my favorite podcasts, Majority Report (with Sam Seder), keeps riffing on his voice. It's simultaneously annoying as hell, and hilarious.

NY Times Article about Sebastian Gorka

Without Democrats having a majority? Which is nearly impossible with the gerrymandering?

What you're seeing is the fall of America.