BREAKING! Documents Show Obama Surveiled Entire Trump Family For 8 Years

BREAKING! Documents Show Obama Surveiled Entire Trump Family For 8 Years
BREAKING! Documents Show Obama Surveiled Entire Trump Family For 8 Years

I'm willing to bet this is why so many wealthy and famous people sound like mindless liberals. How much dirt does the deep state have on the most famous of them? Could the fappening be related? What about Martha Stewart or anyone who suicides themselves? Did the best dirt they have on President Trump come out during the election when they went into panic mode? The list goes on, but I'm willing to bet at least some form of blackmail occurs between those who survey privately, and those who have a large platform.

holy shit man, that would mean if Trump was spied on for 8 years he was a nearly an immaculate/nonalcohol drinking/honest man/outspoken protector/dark knight/God Emperor if that's all the dirt they have on him.

and that makes Hilliary the complete opposite which was so bad the liberal media wouldn't even show it.

wtf I hate documents now

He is Batman. That is all.

CNN: President Trump is disproven that Obama spied on him he actually spied on his whole family.

Politifact: MOSTLY FALSE! While president Trump was right about the surveillance, the focus was not on him but Baron who's hyper advanced understanding of cyber strikes fear into mere mortals.


Now we know why Hillary didn't actually campaign this summer. She really thought Trump was going to screw up while under their surveillance and it would win her the election.

Exactly. They have nothing on him bc there is nothing.

Time Lord.

Trump Tower is the Tardis.

How much dirt does the deep state have on the most famous of them?

Honestly this is probably more so social pressure and the allure of Hollywood glamour. Breitbart talked briefly about his experience on Bill Maher in his book Righteous Indignation. He talked about the feeling of being in the "in" crowd; the way they talked to you, dressed you, the hair/makeup, etc. The other celebrities and high-profile individuals who are very friendly and inclusive to those who share the same view. As a result, if you don't fall in line publicly with these views, you can be ostracized and cast out, losing roles, auditions, being forced out of communities, not invited to high-profile parties, etc. It's like that episode of South Park where the town is socially forced into buying an eco-friendly car and everyone becomes super smug and aggrandize one another. The elevated sense of moral superiority and worth, constantly reinforced and kept-in-check by social outings.

When you are a super competitive, successful CEO, it doesn't leave much time for getting into trouble. Politicians, on the other hand, have lots of time for getting into trouble.

TIL: I will never be president

Yeah, because Trump was very close to finding out the truth about Obama's birth certificate.

She was campaigning against Putin. Thought she'd sell the Russian Boogeyman narrative, and tie Trump to him. They're still at it. It's failing, and fizzling fast. Now this. It's not looking good for the Dems.

They wouldn't give a fuck mate, they'd parade it night and day because once its out it's out, legally or not. Some poor SOB would be conned into "leaking" it, get violently rekt by the judiciary system and that would be all.

The thing that keeps me convinced we have the right man is that if literally anything existed that incriminated or made DJT look bad, it would be out by now. There are far too many people digging into everything he's ever done looking for tenuous links to russia or crime. And what have they found? That he pays his fair share of taxes and confirmed that gold digger sluts exist.

Yeah, although if we are being honest its not out of the question Obama following bush's footsteps....

But but but.... its surveillance not wire tapping Drumpf lied!!

How did we allow a radical Muslim illegal Immigrant terrorist from Kenya, with 10 different aliases and a dead white woman's social security number from 1920, to run the country for 8 years?

Outside of the Infowars article, there is no record of anything called "Project Dragnet", which makes me sceptical. If such a thing existed, wouldn't we know about it from the Snowden disclosures?

Amazing what living a clean lifestyle gets you

It makes it MUCH easier to believe in more recent surveillance but you won't see libtards admitting this.

It's definitely not in the Snowden disclosures. Infowars wants us to believe, without evidence, that they separately received not just info about a program and database not revealed by Snowden, but the actual contents of that database. If true, it's huge news. But I think there is very good reason to be skeptical, even putting aside the lack of evidence. Most importantly, infowars is being extremely round-about in how it lays this all out. You have to jump through multiple red herring links and already be quite knowledgeable about the Snowden claims to be able to put together what their actual claim is. Could be they were just rushing to get this out, but it seems to me like they don't want it all understood and would rather their readers take away an incomplete understanding.

squeaky clean DJT

" 'He-he-he-he-he was just to good at the cyber.' Stammered Obama in response to this breaking news."

It's a lot bigger on the inside.

That's why they stole the plans.

go to the just posted. It will add to the clarification on why the info stopped at 2010. Plus, this info was released into record during a court procedure so AJ and Corsi have less of a chance being brought up on charges for releasing classified info. Remember, ya can't just go around releasing classified spy intel unless you are Hillary Clinton.

I think it is more vicious like Scientology, if you dont tow the Globalist line your name is dragged through the dirt like Charlie sheen

it really DEpEnds on the ParticularS ThAT you beliEve in.

Trump was talking about Barron being good at "the cyber", and it got memed.

But if they found something, how would they release it without showing the world he was being wiretapped?

deletes my documents folder. Fucking Documents

At first I thought you said 'wft I hate democrats now' and I was like woah, that's psyops shit.

Deep state steals Trump tower plans AKA the Trump time machine.

This is the best time-line ever. he someone who went against the establishment? remember they accused Milo of that as well

Yes he is!

I guess Cuckbama got offended by the now POTUS's tweets from a long time ago

The other day i read an article about how tom hardy is super paranoid about being hacked to the point he uses only burner phones and keeps an offline email server, etc.

Does so for his entire family the article said actually. Makes a lot of sense actually with what happened in regards to "the hateful eight" script leak a few years ago as well as i can only imagine how nosey other celebs are and as mentioned blackmail.

Heres the article if anyone was interested


Prosecution and/or straight-up murder of anyone who didn't go along with their agenda. #HisNameIsMichaelHastings

My legitimate reaction to reading this was, "What the hell?! Where is the accountability? How did they get away with this for so long?"

He found the truth. We found the truth. Hell, even his brother Malik tweeted his true birth certificate. But in the end it didn't matter because it was buried in bs, people were assassinated, and the MSM was told to shut up or die.

Possibly, but more likely it was because Trump was a birther I would think.

if it came from a police source, then the police would have their own code word for it that's distinct from the NSA's. the police would not likely have the same code word anyway for OPSEC purposes. this actually makes it more plausible


Info wars is pretty accurate, particularly Jerome Corsi. They broke the FannieGate a few days before it got main stream traction.

Be suspicious, but this isn't garbage.

Right right, I got so caught up in this surveillance crap I completely disregarded this strong point with Hollywood and "the arts." Lots of red pilled celebrities bring this up too. Now politicians, that's another story.. :/

Stuff like this shouldnt be on T_D without any proof.

What's this "cyber" reference?

Sorry guys, but I really don't like IW reporting on this. The other article was very inaccurate. I wouldn't use this to backup an argument on social media IMHO

If they're browsing T_D, they're going after patriots.

Not the man that some people want but the man they need!


There's an NSA guy reading this right now. Fuck him

And famously Michael Jackson, which I always believed until later when I became more "I want to see the evidence." I'm not saying one way or the other, I'm just saying the place I heard Michael Jackson was a pedo was from MSM, and I want to see the evidence before I slander a dead man.