The entire government is corrupt to its core. Sure there are SOME good people maybe, but apparently not nearly enough to actually DO ANYTHING about this.

We are in big trouble unless we can clean up our government... imagine how prosperous we could be if we weren't being sucked dry?

Furthermore, the FISA application was based on a fake dossier that was paid for by the FBI.

I was thinking the same thing- we should be a very prosperous nation.....they have been selling us out for a very long time!!

And as bad as this situation is, the Awan spy ring case is at least one order of magnitude worse. Maybe 2 orders of magnitude.

people fought a war over a tea tax.

will we just take the endless lies and corruption forever?

And that case could all tie in together, Hitlery knew what Wassershitz was doing and likely was at least aware of the Awan debauchery.

Could even tie in to Seth Rich and Whisenant murders. They're all so corrupt each has enough dirt on the other for blackmail should any suddenly get a sliver of a conscience. It's all one big mafia/pedo cult.

I have to admit, I find it difficult to make sense of all of the high level criminal activity that is currently under investigation both by the US government and by independent investigators. It does not help that most mainstream media sources have almost entirely blacked out these investigations.

I think our generals are in there right now, trying to do something, because they know the people of this country are pretty pissed off. I think the Military is angry too, with all the treasonous spy rings getting their people killed, and all the military secrets being sold off for profit.

Seriously, what NOT bigger than Watergate at this point? We have a fucking ISI spy ring in congress, a DoD selling weapons (including black weapons) still to this day to "ISIS", and a network of intel agencies that colluded to spy on an incoming POTUS.