Best Festival of the Summer!

Best Festival of the Summer!

It left out Lïghtnïng Spëëd Ïntërnët

For those curious about the fonts like I was, they are:

Metallica Motorhead Iron Maiden Slayer Megadeth Pantera

Eh, I don't know about them. They only occasionally show up and are lately being threatened by the law.

Won free tickets to a concert a week ago. Went there and it was out side in the middle of the day in 110° weather, no shade, no outside drinks, no umbrellas aloud. I turned around and sold my tickets to some people standing outside and went and saw a movie instead. Best anti-social decision I ever made.

The Metallica font is called Pastor of Muppets if anyone is interested

Stay out of my personal space. 2. Keep out of that personal space. 3. Out of my personal space. 4. Just get out of my personal space.


Which would be the best festival lineup ever


I'm totally serious

it's true

Clean Underpants are overrated

Is it really or am I just gullible? Cause I could totally go for that.

Also, the title is AC/DC's font.

Aaaaaand I'm going to be that dick: Motörhead :)

As said by every music festival fan that turns 30.

I don't even want my skin in my personal space.

I wish I'd had the chance to see Pantera before Dime was murdered.

Train. Not one I would normally choose but pussy is pussy.

I would love to see The Books again...

What concert?



How to Forget What You Even Did All Summer

It would have taken probably 45 seconds max to remove the woot logo in the corner in mspaint.

Waifu headlining fedora stage

I dont remember that metalocalypse episode

This one has always been my favorite:

This one has always been my favorite:

I personally go to these shows for the small names, like Boredom and Crippling Depression.