Berizzo (Sevilla Manager) is sent to the stands

Berizzo (Sevilla Manager) is sent to the stands

For those thinking it's a bit soft. He already did it once and was talked to by the ref.

Fucking hilarious as a neutral tbh

First incident just 9 minutes before

That's just childish

So unprofessional

He literally did the same thing twice in 10 minutes and then acted outraged that he was sent off hahaha

what a dick move :/ i feel ashamed

It's so pointless and petty, hahaha

What a fucking cunt

Still hilarious as a non-neutral tbh

cunt move

The fact that one of his players had to come and tell him to shut up just shows how childish this is.

Was being a cunt all game to be fair.

talking about current manager or overall? in any case, yes.

edit:well, not actually dick moves, but they do scream a lot to the refs :/

Liverpool and non-existent defence.

It was Joe Gomez who was there to take the throw in both times as well. Maybe he just doesn't like Joe

Does your manager usually pull this sort of behavior in big games?

This was the 2nd time hes done this btw

They're losing. What's the point of this? I'm so confused.

Sevilla managers and getting sent to the stands, name better duo

He is dressed the same as Klopp

Even Correa pushed him down the tunnel afterwards

That's just pathetic to me.

Childish behavior.

Who throws the ball away when they are losing? What a twat.

What did he expect?


Lovren that is, Matip's boss

Sevilla and Pool are both sponsored by New Balance, and they seem to like the training gear clothes.

He's too short at 6' 2"

He still continued yapping at the ref, utter knob

really? Well I hope that makes Berizzo behave seeing that even his players dont like how they behave.

"It was a joke m8" - Berizzo, to the ref, probably

Watch the fans' reactions, it's glorious

Mistress: Come over.

Berizzo: But I got football match.

Mistress: My husband isn't home.

Berizzo: fuck it. throws the ball away

It's a dickish move I'd expect a manager to get sent off for doing ONE time

you can see it in the video

"Just a prank bro"

Why again... petty af

Owen is something else man lol

Is blaming Klopp for it for some reason

When he's the only CB he can't do everything

Fucking cunt