Because Math

Because Math

I think people are downvoting because they think OP is the one asking the question...

Guys, there's a snapchat text if you click on the picture. OP isn't asking the question they're facepalming at the person in the photo asking the question.

I thought the exact same thing too.

Which is crazy when you consider that the title is op explaining why it's 50 percent more.

I guess that could be misleading. That is definitely not my post.

I understood what you were saying, OP.

The real facepalms in the comment section.

That brought it full circle for me.

In mobile, the snap chat text is outside of the screen. You have to scroll down to actually see it.

On mobile, I didn't see the thing at the bottom. I got really concerned for you and at least 1k8 other people.

Not on my long ass Galaxy s8. Damn thing longer than a Black Friday receipt.

I don't understand how people didn't understand what OP was saying.

🎶 The circle of math 🎶

Look at the full picture

50% of 12 ounces is six. And that to the original 12 ounces and boom 18.

It might also be because on my mobile, the image cuts off nicely right near the bottom of the bottle, cutting off the bit of text unless you scroll down. I had to go to comments, which I normally do anyway, then back to the image to find the text at the bottom.

I was actually pretty confused also. I interpreted the title as sarcasm at first.

Now the circle is complete

Gawd it was hurting my brain. I was like "is 6 plus 12 not 18? Is 6 plus 6 not 12? Is 12 divided by 2 not 6? Which of these is a lie?!?!!?"

Or a CVS any-day receipt

Everyone knows percentages are the devil's maths.

No. A "onecate" is approximately half a brazilian.

If 50% of reddit is retarded and the other 50% is retarded too, does that mean I'm one of the retards too?

I wonder if they were thinking it's supposed to be 24oz. They don't understand fractions.

12 x 1.5 = 18

And it moooooves us aaaaaallllll

I scrolled down only to the point where it underlined the 18 oz, and not to where the Snapchat text was so I was confused as to why it was at the top of the subreddit. Others may have done the same as me.

Me, too. And as if the facepalm was supposed to be the fact that 18 isn't 150% of 12.

This is too meta for me.

"50% more than 12oz" 50% = 0.5 0.5 x 12oz = 6oz 6oz + 12oz = 18oz 50% (6oz) more than (+) 12oz (12oz) = 18oz Because Math


I ran through that simple problem over and over.

Wait... 12/2+12 = 18.... ok. Wait. 12 + 6 = 18. Alright. How in the fuck am I getting this wrong? Where am I being stupid in this?

...let's go check the comments.

Oh, I see, now.... I traded one kind of stupid for another.

this entire thread should be posted to here.

ive notice that some posts here is just redditors not understanding the pictures or not even bothering to take two seconds to thing about it. very /sub/iamversmart stuff.

EDIT: words ive misspelled and grammar rules i broke:

/sub/iamversmart instead of /sub/iamverysmart

ive notice that some posts here is just redditors -> ive notice that some posts here are just redditors

thing -> think

notice -> noticed

note to self: never misspell anything or break grammar rules.

I'm so glad I'm not as stupid as I originally assumed

Stay in school, kids

The face palm is that the person who sent the picture didn't understand that, not that OP thinks it's wrong. Took me a minute, too.

Oh man. Now I face palmed. Its face palm inception.


Oooohhhhhhhh. Jesus fuck, I thought this was about to be a facepalm facepalm

pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom

I wonder what they thought 50% more meant! I can't think of any other way

Accurate title. They were answering the idiot who sent the snap.

He moon yanna, he moova da vanna..

Exactly. Because Math.

Probably thought of it in terms of new quantity (the 18 oz in the picture).

Their logic:

We have 18oz bottle

We used to have 12oz bottle

12oz is 66% of 18oz

so the increase is 33% not 50%

Obviously wrong conclusion, but possible to see how the person made a mistake (it's not that uncommon of a mistake actually).

I had to click for this. Thank you.

On mobile it doesn't look like there's more to the picture so it makes OP look mathematically challenged... I was struggling with how it had 80 upvotes.

I don't know if I'm the only one but I completely missed the snapchat text and thought OP was posting this mustard bottle saying the math was wrong. I only noticed when I read the comments and went back.


Boom, Guys! And remember, safety first always.

but which 50% is retarded? the red or the dit?

It only increased by 6 oz, so 6/18 is 33% more not 50%.


im pretty fucking drunk but same thing i tried to do the math but failed. but like 1/2 12 is 6 and 12+6 is 18 so yeah, Thats over a pound of mustard which honestly is too much.

Viewed on mobile, didn't scroll down far enough to see the caption.

I think everyone is still a bit too high for this post

I was sitting there thinking I must be retarded because the math looked right.

same. I thought this was a /sub/facepalmfacepalm moment but luckily I read the whole image and avoided a trip to /sub/facepalmfacepalmfacepalm.

If they can understand that logic, then they should be able to understand the actual logic.

It wouldn't fit in his pocket. Or a backpack, for that matter. Need a Marry Poppins purse for a phone that big

This post turned out to be a brilliant sociological study of both intelligence and human ego if you sort first by Top, then by Controversial.

now I am the mather.

Seriously I was having flashbacks about my elementary school teacher saying I would need fractions when I was grown, and me thinking "bullshit". I was like "oh shit I didn't listen and now I'm retarded".

Look at the full picture. The facepalm is ops friend who sent then this

When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.

No such thing as too much mustard you dirty ketchup eating heathen.

Yeah you're right. The Op is face palming at the guy who posted this (The Op didn't post the Snapchat picture) :3

Did not see that untill I scrolled down :|

Crap title. "Because math" is the kind of statement that's just as often sarcastic/facetious/ironic/whatever as it is sincere.

50% more than our 12oz

Take a 12oz bottle, add half. Boom! 18oz.

You put ze lime in ze coconut

You dropped a letter. #/sub/iamverysmart

Some People who preordered have them, saw one at work today

could swear it said 'Because Meth,' and it'd still be right.

Jump in de line

same. RiF has actual size images enabled by default rather than fit

Somebody post these comments to /sub/facepalm.

I came here for one facepalm, and got many. Thank you!

No fucking shit

What most likely happened is they misinterpreted the "more than" part. 50% of 12 oz is obviously 6 oz, but 150% of 12 oz is the same as 50% more than 12 oz, so they got the two mixed up.

Thanks, I was about to explain!

I can't believe how stupid and oblivious some of these comments are

I got mine this morning... it's the tits... very long, very thin, waterproof tits.

Its not, releases tomorrow (maybe today at midnight or he got a company sponsored one, or he's not in the US)

And they'll give you Satan fingers.

Why is OP not the one asking the question?

Because English.

I think people may be downvoting because when you open on mobile you can't see the snapchat text.

I think it's a snapchat post, the math is correct but the person who took the picture hasn't passed 8th grade math

Op wasn't asking the question, it was a snapchat someone sent, read the text in the pic

They just made the wrong assumption that the 50% was about the current bottle, not the past bottle. After all, why would you measure the past bottle?

Yes its wrong, but I dont think its that surprising that one might conclude that.

The real face palm is in the comments

Holy shit /sub/facepalm just facepalmed

The part of reddit that claims they're DEFINITELY in the other 50%.

It's /sub/facepalm

The person who posted on Snapchat is an idiot

I didn't realize what sub I was in, and thought OP was saying because math sarcastically, as in, "it is what we say it is, because math and stuff." And then I looked at the photo and was like, well it is math.

i didnt see the snapchat text at first and was really confused, thinking the facepalm was supposed to be the mustard bottle

The s8 is out? Why is Samsung so terrible at always making these things known?

I respect your commitment.

For a minute there I really thought I was losing it.

But is that fluid oz or weight? I'm talking about the other one.

Don't forget to check your work! 50% of 18 is 9, subtract that from 18 and you have 9... o shit.

Because crap title

Fucked by a thumbnail, OP.

Exactly as pleasant as it sounds.. .

I didn't see the Snapchat text when I opened the photo. I'm assuming most people didn't. I had to go back and scroll down further to see it.

Totally came here to tell the guy 18 is 50% more than 12.... guess I'm not the only one...

thats what reddit autocomplete game me. and on that note, i also mispelled a word.

Why do you think OP is the one asking the question?

Actually, it's a vertical split. Good luck.

I bet the person who snapped it was one of those people that said "I'll never use math in my life"

...let's go check the comments.

Always check the comments before getting confused/angry/sad... really before engaging any emotions or investing in the post at all, you should check the comments.

I'm seeing 1300 upvotes.

Safety always off

/u/asifnot is pointing out that in making fun of redditors who misunderstand things and are acting like they belong on /sub/iamverysmart, you are acting like a redditor who misunderstands things and may or may not belong on /sub/iamverysmart.

Since you keep misunderstanding OP's comments, s/he is thinking you're like the person in the comic who keeps misunderstanding things and making random accusations.

I don't completely agree with them, but I hope this explains it well enough.

It took my way to long what the joke was there until I scrolled down

how? im just pointing out that sometimes people in here, more that in others subs, misunderstand pictures and start making fun of stuff they themselfs are missing out. theyre the facepalm not the picture. example: that picture of the t shirt with the anchor.