Bathroom Invader.

6 months from now, that dog will still be trying to get underneath the door and not understand why he won't fit.

Even after his struggle to get in he still wags his tail and looks up like "hi I love you, sorry I'm late."

"Why did everything become smaller? even that human."

"Hey human, looks like you accidentally locked me out, but I'm here now!"

Nah whoever is filming was blazing up in the bathroom.

Do you think the towel was put there to stop this exact thing happening?

That is exactly what terriers are bred for. They're little tunnel running exterminators.

Poor puppy just wanted in on the Jamaican hotbox

"Hai u poopin?"

Thats cute and all, but can we talk about how poorly fit that fucking door is?

In Jamaica they just call it Tuesday

Hi! I passed your trial! Aren't you proud of me?

We used to breed Silky terriers and by god do they kill.

The oldest female we had would murder anything up to and including her own size if she thought she could get away with it.

We'd buy her cat toys and within seconds she would have totally destroyed them. Especially these mechanical mice that would scurry along the floor, she'd grab by the tail and slam them back and forth against the floor until they stopped moving.

This was not unlike her method of killing actual mice, squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, and one unfortunate raccoon.

In Jamaica everyday is Tuesday

In Jamaica, they call it everyday.

A terriorst killed a raccoon. That would have been a fight to see

Edit: terrior not terrorist. Either way it would be funny to watch

Allahu Bark-Bark


Great job poopin!

"Honey, Why is half of the bathroom door missing?"

Right? That's like a solid 3 inches. Someone was drunk on the saw or the tape.

When I was like 14 I was having trouble sleeping, and my mom had the hallway light on. I stuffed a towel under my door to keep the light out from the hallway, and I threw clothing over all the lights in my room to get it dark. The next morning she came into my room and started flipping out at me for smoking in my room. I was still half asleep and had no idea what the fuck she was yelling about. It was one of the stranger experiences of my childhood.

She apologized after, apparently she used to do that all the time when she was a kid. When she saw the clothes over all the lights in my room and the towel I hung on the window to block the streetlight she got it.

I totally get the towel on the window, but I'm just curious... Wouldn't a light switch make the lights in the room dark?

Turn them off instead of putting clothes over them next time. That could cause a fire. Then you'll be smoking and burning at the same time.

Why is no one commenting on the size of the door gap? Who fitted this door, i assume it was it a blind person as this is the only acceptable answer!!

In Jamaica the weed is Jamaican me happy

But if you put things over turned off lights, then you have advanced darkness.

I would've gone with Allahu Akhbark but I won't fault you for making a judgement call.

Reminds me of Papyrus.

hello human do you needs any assistance?

*Jamaican me smile

What an underdog

+1 Spirit orb

At best one could argue that the door was previously over a carpeted floor, closing the gap to an extent. But even then, it looks like it would have had quite a gap.

(dog standing in corner with shame face, surrounded by wood chips and drool)

In Jamaica the calendars are hard.

It's not a problem it's a feature - puppy gap!

Maybe they were talking about all the little LEDs in electronics. When I was a kid my room looked like a Christmas tree exploded with all the little power LEDs from my TV converter to my modem to my super-kickass 486.


West Highland Terriers are bred to have extra strong vertibrae in their tails, so that their handlers can pull them out of holes when they get stuck head first.

The look of betrayal I received when my dog no longer fit under the chair in the living room...

The font?

I hope they cut the door so it will fit him.

Moments like that make me love children. Such innocence and pure joy.

Then I reenter the real world where 80% of kids are just drunk tiny people who face no repercussions.

I imagined it as "Alright! Just made it in time for some poop actions."

That was so cute I laughed and had to show the wife.

"Whatevs, I still gotta lick him."

Shag carpet inside and outside the bathroom. Deeeeep pile carpet.

Reading the last sentence, it sounds like she only noticed the towel under the door trick and assumed something nefarious was afoot. But then she noticed the lights and window and realized her child's just odd.

You make me smile.

may the goddess forever smile upon you

Yes, how do you use the three seashells?

I want a tiny puppy so badly just because of stuff like this.

poorly fit that fucking door is?

I believe it's so the larger spiders can still fit under without knocking the babies off their back. Doesn't always work though.

Grew up in the '70s, seems normal to me.

That's so cute! And yet when I did something similar I got three months and a lifetime restraining order.

slam them back and forth against the floor until they stopped moving.

My yorkie does the same thing with plush toys but she goes for the eyes!

No, from earthbound.

Had a dog with abandonment issues I closed my bedroom door behind me when I went to bed and forgot to let him in. He destroyed the bottom 3rd of the door to get cuddles

I think dogs are able to dislocate their shoulders and hips to allow them to eat mice and rats whole...

Actually that might lizards...

Did I just witness birth

Smart dog. I bet those plush toys never seen it coming.

95% of puppies get lost in the owners house and are never found.

Can confirm. Have a terrier.

'I love this game! Too bad we only get to play once a day.'

Reminds me of when I was 12 or so, and my mom found a ziploc bag full of green dried herbs in my bedroom. She went off on me and I was completely dumbstruck. I had no idea what the problem was with having a bag of catnip in my room. The cat went after the bag and my mom was suddenly quiet.

A few years later I figured it out.

Well... I am glad 3 inches is big SOMEWHERE

95% of pups grow up to dogs

I watch my aunts rat terrier take on, and kill, a raccoon one day... it took her awhile, but then again it was twice her size almost. She jumped on its back and attacked its neck and head until it's fight gave out and flight kicked in. It was doomed after that. It was quite impressive.

They stay pups forever! :)

Oh goddess, what if this is actually every videogame protagonist, the natives deliberately go through the trouble to set up barriers to keep them out, but they go through it anyway and when they get there they are just so earnest and dumb that they can't help but reward them?

What if Mario is just a mentally handicapped person disrupting peach's life, an Bowser is building the castles just to keep him busy so he isn't getting into trouble? and every-time he gets there to 'save' peach he gives her this dumb grin not understanding that she was never in any real danger, so Peach makes him a cake and thanks him.

Then sometimes on the weekend Peach and Bowser will take Mario out into the city so he can have some fun, they take him go-kart racing or to go play soccer, sometimes they make a day of it and take Mario around town playing games and visiting attractions. (He doesn't really understand the world, so to get him to come along they have to pretend that it is a competition, so they have him pick where they go by rolling a die, then they play games with him so he can have fun. sometimes when they go places Mario will steal something (he isn't trying to, he just doesn't understand that it is not his) so they will get him to give it back by having him trade the stuff for 'stars' that they will stick onto his shirt, but Bowser sometimes gets tired of this because he knows Mario is going to get hurt if he keeps behaving like this, so he will have Mario play a 'game' that is terribly rigged and then take the coins back by force.

It's actually really sweet to think of Peach and Bowser taking care of Mario and trying to make him feel important and special even though he will never be able to function in society by himself. aww.

Why Mario was mentally damaged like that when Luigi seems fine is debatable, but likely has to with him being dropped out of the sky as a baby.

I thought it was a Chihuahua.

I don't like you anymore.

Points at cat "rooo roo roooo" (that's the cat did it in dog cry)

And boy do they ever get stuck head first. Little terrors. :)

Oh thanks for reminding me, I gotta make a pixel papyrus font

My rat terrier eats chipmunks like a goddamn snake, straight swallows them whole.

Shag carpet is the bane of my existence, the last THREE places I've rented have had it.

My backyard is 100% sand and dog shit. My carpet is 96.7% sand, dog fur, and sawdust.

They are training him to breach rivals houses.

Is that a thing? Is it so the baby alligator can escape after it swims in through the toilet?

This comment... /sub/wholesomememes

"OMG! Hahaha he doesn't know how to use the three seashells!"

I don't think dogs eat lizards whole.

I think the guy is taking a crap in one of those old timey saloons, judging by that gap.

I did want to know!!! :) thanks billabo

Yeah mice don't really have much to their body weight wise besides a skeleton and skin they can slip through just about any space no matter how tight


Sometimes when the floors are redone, that can happen, too. Could have been there was carpet there before, or just a thicker floor.

Oh good so my silky isn't just unnaturally mean to other animals

How is that even possible?

Heeeeeeere's Chihuahua!

FWIW yours is much the better option.

"how so smol?"

"am pupper"

Do I even want to know what happens to the other 5%?

It is. I just figured we were talking about terriers because we could.

From Undertale?

I watched my dog eat a baby bird whole. Like a little popcorn. It was shocking, really. Reminded me that she is in fact an animal.


Maybe it used to have high pile carpet and it's been replaced with tile?

Why is there such a massive gap between the door and floor?

In /sub/micropenis you're a god.

Whatever technique you used to keep the dog shit out, good for you.

That's what the other 3.3% is.

Take my goddamn upvote.

Thats a dog..