Based Grand Father Tries To Save His GrandSON

Based Grand Father Tries To Save His GrandSON

Poor grandfather is desperately trying to save an unviable offspring of his lineage.

That picture could be the poster for mental illness. You can see it in his eyes. That young man is mentally disturbed, and has closed himself off to anything that doesn't coddle and celebrate his illness.

These deranged people don't want help. They want to be left to their own devices to be a victim of society and any other slight they can come up with, so that they can wallow in their own self-pity at the absolute worthlessness their life has amounted to.

We slid down a slippery slope, starting sometime in the 60's, with the greatest speed reaching somewhere in the early 2000's and up to today. We allowed our society to slip into decadence and depravity while simultaneously advancing enough as a species that we left a lot of our own with no purpose in life.

We stopped struggling as much as we did in the centuries before, so we started to create false struggles to fill that void.

Our society is sick and in need of healing, badly. The cultural marxism that crawled out of the early 20th century and took root in the latter part, has gone on for way too long. It is an unsustainable ideology that only serves to further denigrate a culture that never wanted it to begin with.

Shoving this shit down everyone's throat will eventually push the sane among us further from sympathy with the sick.

Please delete and repost with names blacked out. I can find these people on facebook very easily.

That is one ugly man.

Having woman boobs on a man is clearly worse.

He can be my grandpa. I'll make you proud Ronald.

Serious question: Is there something in the food?

What about veggies from a farmers market and meat from a local butcher?


I don't know what's worse...

Go organic only for a while and see if there is a change.

Serious response: As someone with severe digestive issues, I notice an uncanny difference in my symptoms when overseas. There is definitely something in the food/water in the USA that makes my condition much worse. When I'm in Europe, I have maybe two digestive episodes per month. When in America, I'm symptomatic every other day. The contrast is so great I am convinced there is something added here that isn't in the food & drink over there.