BASED Albania names a STREET after Trump. Mayor calls him "revolutionary model of the new democratic order, an expert in the economy, a foreign policy negotiator, a communicator with a sharp mind and a leader for modern times." and makes him a honorary citizen.

BASED Albania names a STREET after Trump. Mayor calls him "revolutionary model of the new democratic order, an expert in the economy, a foreign policy negotiator, a communicator with a sharp mind and a leader for modern times." and makes him a honorary citizen.
BASED Albania names a STREET after Trump. Mayor calls him "revolutionary model of the new democra...

Now I love Albania! Why is Eastern Europe so based? Probably something about Communism in their past.

Seriously. Hungary and other countries will be what Germany and France once were.

They've seen some shit and don't want to go back.

My daughter once said that she wanted to visit CERN in Switzerland.

Nope! Never let her.

Now it would be Hungary, Romania, Albania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, or some other country.

I am an American living in Russia. Definitely worth a visit. I've been to all of those places...but Czechoslovokia is not a country, my man

They all drive Mercedes... but none of the cars have serial numbers... watch to at least 1:20 from the start...

Albania have a giant statues of Bill Clinton... they dont care about Trump... they build a statue to every US president. In . Europe they are reffered to as the 51st and unwanted state of America. They named their university... "American University of Tirana" thats one giant Ponzi Scheme...

It looks like a statute of saddam hussein

That was the bill statue now look at saddam hussein...

Also The Albanians stole George Bush's watch

Also... Albania is the Mexico of Europe, they have so much Mafia. They have so many foreign fighters in Syria

3 weeks after United Nations Security Council Resolution 1160 They started smuggling arms and killing christians in Kosovo... and when the Serbian army amuhshed them... Bill Clinton Blamed the Serbs for undermining the peace process and imposed more sanctions and started bombing the Serbs

After 50 year years on earth, most of the countries I know have different names.

Check a map from 40 years ago. Czechoslovakia is right next to Somethingakia and Commilandia.

Switzerland is the America of Europe. Direct democracy, freedoms, states rights (=>cantons rights), and lots and lots of guns. They have a Muslim problem, but they also have the balls to tell them that demanding Sharia mandated gender segregation in public schools is un-Swiss, so their kids can either participate in the same school curriculum as everyone else and get in the pool or GTFO the country.

Czeck a map from 40 years ago.

FTFY 'pede.

Yeah it's two countries, Czech Republic, and Slovakia

Albanian Muslims are nothing like Arabs.

I was gonna mention Kosovo as well. Slavs are based. Albania is muslim and hates slavs.

In other news, we're in a timeline where I would feel safer in Serbia than in Sweden. WTF!

Spez: should mention, Croatia and Serbia are both FUCKING AWESOME and I wish there was less bad blood between these 2.

Double spez: American International studies classes will have a slight pro-Kosovo independence bias when talking about Yugoslavia. It took some redpilling before I noticed this.

Can confirm, was schoolkid in the mid 90's and half the maps and globes said Czechoslovakia and the other did not.

Let's be honest: this is just to kiss some ass.

Albania's a Muslim country and trafficking of women in Eastern Europe is a big problem. If she's interested in science CERN is a must

It's funny because Albania is a majority Muslim country


hold up, hold up, hold up, wait wait, hang on, hold up, chew soap, if if, wait, no, actually, I am— oh shit — Obama

My school maps still had USSR in the mid '90s

I wouldn't be praising them yet.

This. They're basically kissing their ass because Albania shilled for Hillary.

Albanian PM himself said that Trump's victory would ruin the American-Albanian relations.

Spez: Of course, Albanians and ShariahBlue are downvoting this.

Yup. They have their own culture and shit. They still drink beers etc.

Apparently some shit happens there, Albania is fucked. But at least the people that come from there to here usually assimilate very well more likely than not. I've heard in the US there is Albanian gangs and shit, but in Canada that's not the case. And trust me I'd love to take cheap shots at Albanians, as I'm Greek.

It didn't die in spirit /s

Once more.. Who smells George Soros in these events below:

1997 Albanian Ponzi Schemes popped up. offering up to 30% interest a month for deposits. People sold houses and put all their money in these institutions.. One morning these institutions dissipated, Albanian people lost billions which i believe was half of GDP or something.. For more read this wiki as a starting point:

Fast Forward to now:

But don't worry though.. We have your emails soros!!

He tried to quash demonstrators in Albania Widely cited as an example of Soros’ influence during the Obama administration was a 2011 email, published by WikiLeaks, in which Soros urged Hillary Clinton to take action in Albania over recent demonstrations in the capital of Tirana. Among other things, Soros urged Clinton to “bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha and opposition leader Edi Rama".

Ok I'm done. Let's MAGA ON!

Based Swiss and their natural mountain wall.

Switzerland's muslim population is about 5%. Albania is over 50% muslim.

Edit: numbers

Yeah Albanian Muslims intermarry with Christians and atheists. Their big thing is national pride. They didn't give a shit about what sky god you worship as long as you are and drank with them. Or at least it used to be like that.

Source: early thirties and married to an Albanian woman who emigrated (LEGALLY) 20 years ago.

Albania had this PM called Sali Berisha that privatized everything but also thought it was a good idea to reintroduce religion (Albania was atheist for a long time) by letting wahabism spread.

Also, a civil war sparked because of a pyramid scheme that he enabled. I think Soros had his hands there.

In the 90s, Albania saw like 3 good years for the first time in over a century. That was ruined by Islam and a return of socialism and communism.

Right now there is an anti government party protesting on the streets and they seem to be based and have a good chance in elections but I am not 100% sure.

My knowledge of Albania is spotty


My mother escaped Russian communist invasion in 68. Everything happening today is very real for her, she can't understand how everyone is so absolutely oblivious to what's happening.

Yes, but there is an "American University" in practically every country

He's a Soros puppet

I think it's to do with the locals' take on secularism.

First of all Albania IS NOT Kosovo.. they are independent countries

-Kosovo is the one with Bill Clinton boulevard and statue

** George W.Bush’s historic statute in Legendary Kruje Albania **

“Bush will always be welcome in the Albanian town of Fushe-Kruje, which erected a statue of the former president to commemorate his June 2007 visit. ‘If I had the final say, I would very much like a three-meter statue, probably in bronze, that captures his trademark way of walking with energy,’ Fushe-Kruje’s mayor, Ismet Mavriqi, told reporters in a phone interview. In addition to the square where the statue was erected, Bush’s name adorns a street and a café in Fushe-Kruje, and the places he stopped during his 2007 visit, including a bakery, have become national landmarks.” [The Week] *

Also YOU ARE FAKE NEWS /u/Byzantinenova ** Bush's Watch did not get stolen In Albania **

Now all that said.. Albania is not perfect and their politicians are crooks. With Albanian Elections coming up Candidate basha took Trump's MAGA slogan (Make Albania Great Again) Here's info about him...

*Albanian election June 18, 2017,_2017 I don't know too much about this election but Keep in mind that Albania is an important part in Europe.

Lets hope these politicians are as Based as the Albanian people.

My wife is Albanian. I've never met a group more opposed to liberalism/socialism/communism and I love them for it. They're extremely hard working and truly appreciate the opportunities the United States has on offer.

Albania was one of the harshest Marxist states in history and the last thing they want to see, particularly those that escaped and are now flourishing and contributing here in the United States, is communism begin to take hold here too.

Bless their hearts.

Albanians are Muslim majority and high on the list of sex traffickers in the UK.

Not suprised, they would name their country America just to reap the benefits. They're just as same as the muslim dogs from Saudi and Iran, don't be fooled guys.

It's weird to think Eastern Europe is some paradise because a 3 paragraph article he probably can't even read says that some mayor in Albania likes Trump.

Probably something about Communism in their past.

Ding ding ding ding, this is the correct answer, that's why Cuban Americans are the only group of hispanics that vote majority republican, because they escaped a communist hellhole. That's why they're disgusted about democrats, the see they want to do the same shit they escaped from.

The same happens with Chinese Americans (except 2nd and 3rd generation chinese americans, they -barely- tend to vote more democrat, but first generation? Overwhelming republican)

Lol albania is a fucking disgrace, don't get too hyped about this.

My concern is the high population of Muzzies.

Switzerland is ringed by MOUNTAINS. HTF do migrants get in?


but yeah Geneva is safe, the risk is in 50 years Western Europe will be like Iraq but right now it will be ok

I play soccer with about 7 Albanian muslim migrants. Super chill & nice guys. Always go for beers with the rest of the team after the game.

One of them is even a Trump supporter (which is saying something considering how cucked our politics is).

The trafficking was a big deal in the early 90s after communism fell and a whole country had no idea what freedom was and a lot of bad apples sprang up. Never seen an Albanian and been able to say their muslim either. Half a century of religion being illegal kind of kills a lot of those deep beliefs and most consider themselves muslim only b/c their great grand parents were. I would argue the majority of Albanians are still athiest and the numbers are skewed b/c only out of those that identify as religious does that high percentage show as muslim.

Eh, that's a bit narrow-minded. Switzerland is a great country to visit. One of the best in Europe in terms of scenic beauty and financial stability.

This is your 'based' Albanians (from Kosovo , which is a project for Big Albania) , destroying churches with help from Bill Clinton

and this is what they did for and with Clinton

Apparently, they are "ethnic" 50% Muslim, just like America has many ethnic Jews. Most are secular. Obama was only an ethnic Muslim, but... oh wait... bad example...

Hello fellow centipedes, Albanian here.

You see a lot of y'all are comparin Albania to Kosovo.

As somebody from Kosovo, we're not all terrorists, most of us oppose the terrorist acts. Family disowns the child that joins ISIS for example.

Also we're mostly red-pilled here. And religion doesn't take a huge part of our society.

Just wanted to throw this out.

Albania there is still hope in Europe..


The MSM had the same amount of "slight" bias for Hillary last year.

Albania. The only Muslim country that isn't plotting to kill us.

Yah, but Albania is the cause of some of that shit.

I've met Sali Berisha. Currently, the PM of Albania (Edi Rama) is a socialist monstrosity. Mr. Berisha is a unfiltered supporter for President Trump. He was a cardiologist before his time as the PM for the Democratic Party of Albania, which is Albania's republican/Conservative party. Do not blame him for the socialistic problems when he was the one who is against them.


These are the countries who will need to Unite to fight the next Crusades and build the next wall to protect themselves from West Eurostan

You know Albania is ~60% muslim, right? So many people here have no idea what the fuck they're talking about...

and prostitutes

There's an "American school" in pretty much every country. I mean there's 3 in my city alone.

Cannabis is legal there also :)

Depends, are they the ones that moved to get away from the inbred psychotics or are they the ones pretending to be refugees for free dosh and raping?

What the fuck are you talking about?

This is only 1 example. They think that sucking up to Trump, they might save their Clinton made fake ass country.

Yah, they're for Albania first, instead of Allah. That's where the dissimilarities end.

Remember, Kosovo was always part of Serbia. Their first churches were built there. Kosovo has no meaning as a word in Albanian. Which is why they insist on ending it with -a.

Albanians do all the evil shit that their Saudi brothers do.

Burn down ancient monastaries and churches belonging to the indigenous Serb population. Check.

Import mujahadeen from big brother Saudi Arabia. Put them to work in Kosovo Liberation Army (which was deemed a terrorist organization by US state dept). Check.

Go out raping and murdering under the cover of night to instigate a response from Serbia's police force. Check.

Cry to the international community when you're campaign of ethnic cleansing is stopped by the Serb gov't. Check.

The media campaign in the US to smear the Serbs was paid for by the Salafi pedophiles from Saudi Arabia.

Kosovo was Serbian clay. Now it is a third world shithole, who's remaining Serb population lives in fear of having their organs stolen from their bodies while they sleep.

Ironic because Albania probably wouldn't exist if Trump was POTUS during that war.

The only reason NATO intervened against Serbia when every former Yugoslav country was fucking each other up was serbia was the most pro russian and because they could encroach onto Russia's sphere.

Now we're talking.

The thing is, they aren't really muslism. They are basically athiest and just say they are muslim if asked because their grandparents were the way an American might describe himself as Christian even if he hasn't been in a church in 30 years and doesn't really believe in God.

Albania and Bosnia are training grounds for isis fighters heading north.

The current PM is a socialist bastard. Every Albanian in Albania supports Trump and even our Conservative party which holds majority support.