Band, Steel Panther, is skeptical about a Fan's guitar abilities. He ends up proving them wrong in the best fashion.

Band, Steel Panther, is skeptical about a Fan's guitar abilities. He ends up proving them wrong in the best fashion.

I like how at the end they give him a scarf and glasses and try to turn him into a rockstar but end up turning him into Daniel Radcliffe.

Thank you! This is me and my video. I felt good too when they put it on! This video is a re-upload and was 5-6 years ago I have gotten older since.

Hello! This is me. Thanks for posting my video on Reddit! It has helped get me a lot of views the past few days! This video already helped me reach the front page before and got millions of views on YouTube this is a better quality re-upload! I'm going to see them when they go play on my 21st birthday at Irving Plaza NY on April 6th! Feel free to post a comment on the video on YouTube and I will respond! I also want to do an AMA. EDIT: THANKS i_pk_pjers_i FOR REDDIT GOLD YOU POPPED MY GOLD CHERRY

You literally got to do what I've done in my head a thousand times. (and fucking SHREDDED IT MY MAN)

Mad respect.

You should 100% reach out to the band if you haven't already and see if you can celebrate your 21st with them.

"Oh shit it's that dude who slayed eye of the panther with us that one time, Kandii come over here and let him do body shots off you and your friends."

That's badass. Didn't realize steel panther had any fans

He puts the "rad" in Radcliffe.

Thanks you so much dude! I wish one day you actually get to do it! Good luck man!

Thanks! This is me!

No thanks!

It is a joke they're basically a satire hair metal band.

I feel like I've seen a lot of videos like these. I want one where they invite the fan up to play with them and they are absolute dogshit and get booed off the stage.

I would love to! Thanks for commenting!

No. This Is Spinal Tap.

Steal Panther

I read this in a super-excited, happy voice.

A travesty.

I like Steel Panther. Other people just don't get them.

They pulled 11 yr old Adian Fisher on stage a few years ago and he killed it.

Yoo kamel this is Irvin. Fucking sick bruh

You heard me.

I was really nervous because I lied that I knew the whole song I didn't have the solo nailed down. When I started to play it was fine.

Maybe they're trying to replace the guitarist and this is the most efficient way of interviewing people.

Yo Irvin thanks man!

This one is painful to watch

See if they'll take you to a glory hole!

Hey Kamel, James here. Gonna go ahead and agree with Irvin bruh, that was fucking sick.

Eyes of a Panther with Steel Panther

Pre-AMA question: Is any of this arranged beforehand?

I ask because this seems to be a regular shtick for Steel Panther.

you doing Fan plays 17 Girls In a Row with Steel Panther fan plays Poison's Nothing But A Good Time with Steel Panther fan plays drums to Eyes of Panther with Steel Panther fan plays Van Halen's Hot for Teacher with Steel Panther Steel Panther playing 'Highway to Hell' with 15 year old drummer kid invited to play Gloryhole with Steel Panther Another kid doing 17 Girls in a Row with Steel Panther 11 year old Aiden Fisher does Eruption and You Really Got Me with Steel Panther (but Aiden may have leveraged that experience to play with [Drowning Pool(, Smash Mouth, and Rockfest, and many others.

It seems like Steel Panther gets a local to play on stage most of the time. This seems a little unlikely to have that many people at the ready to play at random at that many shows. Was there an audition or pre-planning to get people who can play a song that the band knows?


No. That was spinal tap.

Steel Panther? I thought the name was a joke.

Steel Panther is so awesome! I've been to a few shows and they're always hilarious. It's amazing how talented they actually are. Satchel is a guitar prodigy and Michael Starr is a pretty accomplished singer in some other famous bands.

Now that's just a bold face lie.

you should start a Steel Panther cover band called Black Panther

Hello James! Thanks man!

Hey Kamel, Max here fucking killed it.

They are basically a very good 80's hair metal satire band. Their songs are very good, however.

With songs like "Poontang Boomerang", "Bukkake Tears", "Weenie Ride" or "Grindy and Sexy", it's pretty obvious they are lampooning the entire hair metal genre while also fully embracing it.

There is a video where they include a passing cargo ship into their performance. They call for the captain to sound its fog horns.


ITT: people incapable of recognizing satire.

You got mad skills brother. I was grinning my ass off the whole video cause you look so stoked up there shredding

I don't even like this kind of music, but this shit had me jumping around my room head banging. You got nothing to worry about, Discount Harry Potter.


This guy fucks

They look like a Chinese knockoff of Aerosmith

Ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Plaguies the Wise?

Yea my bad bro.

I think it was because I was staring at them with awe the whole time especially Satchel. I was also wearing Christmas colored clothes which was themed like them I thought. Red shorts and a green tank top stood out. I wasn't going to ask them to play at first but my brother reminded me too. They were assuming that me and my brother were a gay couple and asked us to kiss on stage.

Thanks Max!

Dude that was picture perfect, mate! Good shit! I've had countless numbers of similar dreams, I was so moved for you, guy! Big cheers!

Not OP but a lot of people who get dragged up on stage at concerts are usually mega fans close to the front who have waited hours to get the spot, usually they'll ask people to come up, or the fan will have a sign asking to come on stage and do X - 9/10 times it wont work, but a lot of bands love this kind of interaction.

Green Day, for example, usually pull one person up per show to sing/play guitar/drums whatever, Foo Fighters another known group to do so.

Straight faced, too. Kid's got ice water in his veins to get up in front of that crowd and rip out the Eruption solo.

which is basically the best thing every... Wasn't there some fake documentary about them?

I got on stage in 2015 for being the only black guy there. Fun times, Satchel smelled good. They wanted me to whip my dick out.

Eventually I did though!

Whattup Kamel, it's me, Darnell! Irvin, James, and Max were totally right- you crushed it! Keep rockin the Free world brotha!

Far Beyond Metal by Strapping Young Lad, live

. To the kid's credit, the vocals on the chorus are insanely tough, so you gotta give the kid credit for having the balls to get up...but yeah, pretty bad.

Devin Townsend says to the guy they pull on stage: "Drew, you are gonna have to live with this for the rest of YOUR LIFE."

Recording for reference

How nervous you was when you got on stage by the way? I feel like even if I knew the song to a heart, I'd still muck it up due to pressure.

No, this is Patrick.

Sooo... did it get you laid?

Anything less would be a travesty.

Thanks man! Reading and replying to your comment is as great as playing with them on stage!

I mean it's pretty clearly satire and I've got all their albums bar the new one, but at the same time on the face of it they're just as good as any other hair metal band with the added bonus of being fucking hilarious too.

Like if they wanted to I'm pretty sure they could throw a good old 80s hair metal party with groupies and blow. So where does the satire end and emulation begin.

"He ain't nervous, because let me tell you, it's very, very hard fucking to get nervous... when you're fucking high as a kite!"

After watching that, I believe it. The kid must be made of straight Adderall.

The best things in life are.

My favorite part is that the actual guitarist has no idea how to dance without his guitar. He looks like a teenager at his first concert.

Honk if you love pussy!


Yes I did. I was a whole scale off. I wanted to dive bomb starting off but forgot I didn't have it then thought about raising it manually but it was too late.

Ouch that solo

To be fair, anyone attempting Devin Townsend vocals is either going to fail miserably or kick ass. There are no in betweens. Fucker has an amazing range and set of styles that is damn near impossible to emulate.

You guys still kissed each other right?

That... That's a penis.



*"You heard me!"

Hey, Kamel, Billy Mays here, those dudes were right, that was sick.

Great! First question Potter, what spell did you use to make them let you on stage.

Second question, did you know using magic outside of Hogworts is not allowed?

It's OK I did eventually.


Don't forget Gangbang at the Old folks home.....



How did this come about? Did you just jump on stage and start taunting them about being able to do it? when the video starts it seems you are already on stage and they are talking about it. but WOW man you fucking shredded-- not only did it talk balls to do it, but the skill to have the song down and EXECUTE it on the spot like that must have been the best feeling in teh world. props to you

Sort of. But they're satire. They are decently talented but their lyrics are usually absolutely disgusting. Any time they get interviewed, they act like they really are an 80's hair metal band but in reality it's just a joke.

Fanthers are everywhere. We are all secretly fans, some just haven't admitted it to themselves yet. I guarantee if you go to one of their shows you would have a blast.

Another kid doing 17 Girls in a Row with Steel Panther

Ah huh huh a huh huh huh.

It's not a story the beegees would tell you.

ITT: people not understanding who/what Steel Panther are/is.

Tragedy, the all-metal Beegees tribute band?

Ever heard

What the fuck was that guy thinking? I looked like he didn't even know how to play guitar. Why would you agree to go on stage and make a fool of yourself like that? oooffff. That was painful to watch.


Holy shit


Not even a handy.

They are a joke band. And they do not hide that fact at all.

You're now more famous than the band you went on stage with! (Proof: I've never heard of them, have heard of you)

Insanely talented. More so than who they're parodying.

Thanks! hahaha

That's very un-rockstarish of you!

What about the fans!?

Rad, you say?

One of their chorus's is: . "Gangbang at the old folk's home One foot in the grave Two lips on my bone" . Another lyric from the same song: . "Three silver foxes started licking my ass so I twisted my nuts to keep from cumming too fast I had my fist in a butthole til somebody said that ain't no way to show respect for the dead."