Awesome wrestling move

Jesus. That was pretty extreme, even for wrestling.

That physics engine looks so fake, it's unreal.

This looks like a final move in street fighter

Well it is Japan.

Macklemore has some moves

I don't watch wrestling but when people complain it's fake I think of stuff like this. Yes the second guy caught him and had to cause the second clip or it wouldn't be possible, but damn that was an amazing but of athleticism both of them. Bravo.

Edit: but don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1988 the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16ft through an announcer's table

The guy being slammed probably deserves as much credit

This tournament is genuinely sponsored by Tekken and now I'm confused as to whether you are a fellow wrestling fan being smarky or a fellow video game fan just loving games

I'd say it's probably unreal 3, the upgrade to unreal 4 is almost bordering on real life now


Oooo should teach my girlfriend how to do this one.

When I was a kid, I thought wrestling was real and cool. When I was a teen, I knew that it was fake and thought it and the people who liked it were stupid. Then I became an adult, and realized its a performance entertainment piece, sort of like a circus, and the fact that its a performance and not real fighting is the point.

Though I'd probably have liked it more if insane dual maneuvers like this GIF happened a lot.

This is his finisher; it's called the Macklemove.

inches away from a broken neck?

pro wrestling in a nutshell, tbh

Woah woah woah imgur, Ricochet is being hit here not Prince puma. Prince Puma works for Lucha Underground not New Japan! A son of the Aztecs wouldn't ever betray his roots and leave North America.

Do pillows have legs?



That would be Ricochet. Also known as Prince Puma on Lucha Underground.

It's because it technically is fake, in your head you are picturing the blonde guy tossing the guy in a flip, but the other guy aided him by jumping and flipping or whatever (being fake and all), so that's why it looks like the blonde guy somehow manages to really quickly and forcefully flip him with just his thighs.

inches away from a broken neck?

You mean "they" must have.

Didn't realize how much I missed this comment until just now

You gotta be pretty strong to change direction and flip someone all without touching the ground.

That is the essence of professional wrestling, to suspend belief. Of course those two know what they need to do in order to complete the move and they do it so perfectly and quickly it just for a second makes you go " How did they do that!?"

Ricochet v Will Ospreay from last years Best of Super Juniors, lots of flippy action.

Good to see ospreay get some credit. Even though he's one of the youngest guys around right now he's one of the best today.

Holy shit

This copypasta is so weird to me because it sounds like Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, but then Undertaker plummeted 16ft through an announcer's table.


The Canadian Destroyer is also a really cool wrestling move.

The is also a really cool wrestling move.

Since the Edo-era ended, ninjas have been looking for a new occupation I am glad they found something fitting

Even with cooperation that is pretty impressive

That my friends is called a Springboard Dragonrana

Pushing /sub/gifs right into the deep end of flippy shit. Haha I love it.

There's no "probably". That's incredible coordination from both parties. The two of them must have had to practice that a ton. It's hard to imagine the growing pains associated with a move like that.

I'm not even entirely sure who was the aggressor and who was the victim in that move, looked painful for both of them.

Can't recommend this video enough.

Sort of helps explain why so many people like pro wrestling.

If you've got time and a sewing machine they do

It's not fake, it's a predetermined move set, that was planned out. Fake would mean it didn't happen, that shit happened, it was just part of the story telling.

Will Ospreay (gold pants) vs Ricochet (black pants)

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Best of the Super Jr's 24 (night 2)

for those interested

Not one comment so far about watching Rey Mysterio Jr. doing this move. I feel old ...

The thing with wrestling is you can't really treat it as a combat sport. It isn't. It's more of a stunt show, combined with a soap opera or pantomime

This is the weirdest video I've seen in a while. Gender-swapped for no reason and so many random celebrity cameos for some random video about why wrestling is what it is.

I don't understand it, but I kinda love it. And it explains why I liked wrestling.

Holy shit the gif looks better than the tekken video

Creative. You guys know this only works if black pants catches gold pants and then jumps up and forward to allow gold pants to complete the rotation, right? Don't try this at home, kids.

Terrify to think what happens if that move goes even just slightly wrong.

It's gotten a bit better now at least i think which is good looking at some wrestlers in the past (like Kurt Angle taking like 50-60 painkillers a day).

And a big reason so many pro wrestlers end up addicted to pain meds

Pain med addiction + heavy steroid use + constant stress and pressure unfortunately end up in untimely death for many of these guys.

It's coordinated by professionals. If you're not a pro you'll probably end up paralyzed or dead.

Just the fact that they do what they do without dying is enough athleticism to give them major props

Meh they're often used as finishers in a bunch of fights due to how much damage they inflict, since most games except MK don't have fatalities they're what of class as a finishing move for the sake of simplicity.


You notice Puma is always getting the shit beat out of him on LU?

I'm excited for the next season, Puma coming back from the dead is going to be interesting.

it's actually impossible if the other guy does not put in the effort to jump.

look at where their combined center of mass is, how it's moving, and how it must move for this flip to occur. the flipped guy must put in all the effort in this trick.