Aw yiss!

French bulldogs are so dope when my wife brought ours home I was skeptical but come to find out best dog I've ever had

TIL $3500 USD for a Frenchy pup. Oh well there goes my dreams.

Get a Boston terrier, damn near the same dog with less health problems and a ton cheaper. Or rescue a dog.

My dogs could never handle this lol the only thing they care about more than being scritched is whether or not the other one is being scritched. They will abandon a scritchin to go in he other room and make sure the other dog isn't getting scritched.

Not anywhere near the same dog. But they both have them ears though.

French Bulldogs are big beautiful loving hearts masquerading as pups!

Nah, they were just going to gloat to the other dog. "Hey, hey, snowball, hey, guess what? Guess what? I'm getting scritched."

I have a chocolate and fawn Frenchie also.

That's if you want papers and some crazy ass breeder. You can rescue or get mixes or pups without akc papers for far less. My boy Sully is a quarter Boston Terrier, that brought his adoption down to 850 and came with a year of prepaid veterinary care. At a specific vet, but still, this acted as a guarantee he was healthy and covered vaccination, neutering, microchip, etc.

This is the dictionary definition of a look of pure bliss.