Artist Iris Scott and one of her finger paintings

Artist Iris Scott and one of her finger paintings

Damn. I wonder if I hadn't given up finger painting in kindergarten whether I'd be any good today.

You wouldn't be. ;)

Edit: he and I are friends I'm allowed to be mean.


That's pretty dog gone good..

That's some damnitpicking

She has a whole page on her website that's devoted to "Shakin' Dogs" paintings

Ever since I read catcher in the rye I've been spelling it "dammit." I only realized this after reading your comment.

I've never seen it spelt damnit until just now.

Two words is "damn it", one word is "dammit". "Damnit" is a misspelling.

Another beautiful finger painting with a lady walking with dog. by Iris Scott

I also spell it as damnit. Base word is damn. So yeah

Crazy how the whole process turned her hands into such a nice purple!

No offence to her but that doesn't look anything like a finger

It looks like the sky behind the dog has an aurora boreal going on. Really cool!

Shakin' dogs. That's just so right.

That'snot finger painting, that's a dog painting.

O shit really? /s

that looks how I would expect a finger painting to look (still absolutely skillful) but OPs picture? damn that looks like a photograph photoshopped on there. At least from that distance I would have never guessed that it's a finger painting, impressive.

She would have been the best art teacher a five year old could have.

dammit jin-yang!

So the "I" stands for "I" and the "D" stands for "dentification."

Thems is trees in the night, homie.

Video of her making a painting, including doggo.

Definitely better than shaking babies.

This is one bona fide comment


How old are you? Doesn't matter, you're probably at least 18+

that means you'd be probably a decade in by now. And with the internet, that is a lot of time to learn.

You'd be pretty fucking amazing today, just taking into account Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours.

EDIT: At 3 hours a day, that is approximately 9 years.

I've interviewed an artist once that does some amazing drawings and when I asked when did she start to make illustrations she answered: "No, I'm not an illustrator. I just draw. Everyone can do it, we do it since kindergarten. But must people stop after that, I just continued working on it."

Are you trying to make a coherent point?

Much better than shakin' cats. That's so wrong.

id imagine if you got close up it would look the same

no it's the universe and this is a big bang theory alternative called the big shake.

Bona fido*





"damn" is a word. "it" is a word. "damnit" is not a word.* "dammit" is a word.

*"damnit" is a common enough misspelling of "dammit" that it may be accepted as an irregular variation by now - like "irregardless"

You don't understand how sarcasm works. /s

$30,450 - It's in the "Sold Works" tab.

I mostly see "dammit" these days. To the point where I sometimes read "damnit" like "damn nit" :S

Jian Yang


I have been thinking about buying one of her prints, I had no idea the originals were so huge!

English es muy confusing.

If you want to get into art it's never too late! I just started five months ago and this is what I've painted this last week.

If you want to get into art it's never too late! I just started five months ago and this is what I've painted this last week.

She is wearing an apron. (This is fun!)

She did teach art classes, but is now too busy and has a book instead

You didn't learn that ! Who is that guy?! What if he's not even a person?? Come on man ...

flees back to /sub/wholesomememes

Pffft I put 3 times that time in Xbox a day! :'(

As someone that is not artistic, it absolutely blows my mind what people can do.

But one has a lady carrying an umbrella and one doesn't. Is this one of those things where you purposely blur your eyes and then cool stuff happens?

That energy of the dog shaking off the water is captured perfectly by this painting.

Brilliant work.

Go to any major European tourist location.

Notice all of the artists that are essentially panhandlers who are able to paint photorealistic portraits in under 15 minutes.

Realize your BFA is worthless.

Aaaaaand they're all gone. She's sold damn near every one of them. Good for her.

I went to college with her, we had a few classes together, she was super nice all the time. She even let me crash on her couch once when I was too drunk to go home after a party. Really glad she's doing so well for herself.

can you imagine finger painting at this level of ppl shaking the fuck out of babies?

"I've seen those finger paintings you bring home and they SUCK!"

I was just riffing on what you wrote. While the word dammit is definitely a word, it was created as an abv of 'damn it', exactly the same as damnit was. Dammit is still irregular to 'damn it', as damnit is to dammit. You don't have to link me to dictionary entries like I'm mentally challenged

I used to finger paint in oil, because I was too lazy to clean my brushes. In retrospect using gloves would have been a good idea.

It's a commonly accepted spelling

Well I guess this is growing up.

I've seen those finger paintings you bring home and they SUCK!

All the talent on this site makes me feel worthless lol. That's quakin crazy

I've met her and watched her do a painting at a corporate event. She's very nice, and quite talented.

It's a full time job

it's not talent, just hard work. I'm sure if you spent that much time fingerpainting you'd be that good. My girlfriend is a pretty amazing painter and she doesn't really like when people tell her how talented she is because it's a bit dismissive of all the time and effort she put into getting to that point

how much you think a piece like this goes for? 2K? 5K? 10K?

But does the p stand for p and the o for oint?



Im pretty sure many artists don't consider it art, art is a lot more than hyperealism which is pretty impressing but boring and "mechanical"

I like how detailed it is, given that it's a finger painting. awesome work!

Don't shake the baby