April Fools day is coming up. Ladies, this is not cool.

April Fools day is coming up. Ladies, this is not cool.

On the flip side ... gentlemen, don't joke about proposing.

I'll be 11 weeks pregnant on April 1st and I'm really tempted to make my facebook announcement then, just to confuse people.

April fools is my birthday. I've had my hopes dashed so many times I choose not to celebrate my birthday.

My cat begs to differ.

Story time!

When I was a senior in high school, I dated this girl for about two years. On April Fool's Day, she decided to tell me as a joke that she was pregnant. Of course I didn't believe her at the time however she was indeed pregnant. A few months after graduation she gave birth to a boy, a half black boy. Both of us being white, it was at that moment I learned that I was not the father.

I left the hospital and never talked to her again.

You would have to get laid first to get a bun in the oven...

No one likes an empty box.

That's unfortunate... if it's any help, happy early birthday

Do it.

April Fools! Hope it sucks!

Got eeem

Back in college one of my buddies decided he was going to prank his girlfriend with an april fool's engagement. Stupid idea but he wouldn't listen to us. Anyway, they meet up, go out to a nice dinner, and he pops the question. She immediately calls his bluff (everyday but that day he has been very clear he does not want to get married or have kids any time soon) and decides to turn it on him.

Her reply was amazing. "Yes! In fact I was hoping you would because I have some amazing news too... I'm pregnant!"

He freaked out. She won.

Guys don't do this. Girls don't do that (unless in a situation like this.)

I did this, people were still convinced it was a joke that I was really committed to 6 months later. Had to actually produce a child.

My wife an I are actively trying. This would be very mean in a very different way this year.

Don't bother, she's paralyzedbyindecision, like always.

My husband and I got married on April Fools Day... We thought it would be fun :) ...Also, and excuse to make the ceremony a little silly We put some whoopee cushions under a few chair covers...got grandma good! We also made people think our "first dance" was "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." The look on their faces when it started was priceless...the first bit was "Awww" then "Wait... isn't this this song?? Do they know what they chose?!"

Coulda been a Frank Gallagher situation where great-great-grandma really did like jazz.

My ex used to "joke" break up with me every other year or so for April fools. Wasn't funny until the time she did mean to break up with me and I thought it was another joke..that time it was a little funny. Then devastating.


is a classic though

Thank you!

I will be 14wks on April 1st & we are announcing on that day. It was my husband's idea & he's psyched about it.

I'd love it if he just kinda rolled with it, and they got married under false pretenses then to not look like a liar she actually got pregnant and they stayed together until on his deathbed he confesses that it was only a prank, and when she does the same in return they kinda laugh about it and hug each other while he drifted away.

What if I'm 7 months pregnant? Would the irony of me "pretending" to be pregnant for April fool's make it a viable joke?

Seriously, just in general, don't joke about major life events with people you care about.

That means no jokes about: pregnancy, proposing, serious illness/injury, significant destruction of property, or anything else along these lines.

Don't be that asshole giving the people who love you panic attacks.

And no fake proposals, guys.

Tell your cats I got and empty box at my place. And say hello to your mother for me

I will say I had a good laugh at my two gay friends April fools joke last year. They said they gave natural birth to a healthy baby boy and took photos with another friends few month old baby. Some people were legitimately congratulating them on their natural birth... two gay men... naturally conceiving a baby.

After 2.5 years of trying and one miscarriage, you fight so hard to be happy for people that frankly it's cruel to joke about it. I get that they have no control over my feelings, but it hurts.

...the real kicker is that /u/button_fly is a dude, now that's commitment!

For fuck's sake, I'm a female and reading that gave me anxiety. I know that there are women out there (children), that would think that's funny, fuck no, it's not.

Not April fools related but a few years ago I was about 7-8 months pregnant and the dollar store started selling pregnancy tests, I was curious if they worked so I bought one

While paying the cashier looked at me and looked at my stomach

My reply: I just need to know for sure

The look on her face was priceless a mix of are you fucking kidding me and what the fuck just happened

Me too, thanks



RIP, Fred. sniff

Same here, 2.5 years of trying and on month 5 of fertility treatment. Best of luck to you and your wife.

You should post a photo from before the pregnancy with a caption, "JK NOT PREGGO LOL"

First dance could alternatively have been a rickroll

Yeah. Birthday problems, man. Mine is near Christmas so I get a lot of birthmas presents and no one shows up to have fun because they're all stressed out.

I just decided to have my birthday in the summer. It's my birthday. I'll have it when I want. Relatives know when my b-day is but whatever. They can send me cards and stuff near Christmas. I'll have a kickass party when there's nothing else going on.


Edit: fixed

I married a very conservative woman, from a very conservative family. Needless to say, she never had intercourse with anyone before and was waiting until the wedding day. She had too much respect for God and her family to break that covenant. When we got on the Party Bus after we said our vows, I got everyone's attention and addressed her brothers directly and said "We have an announcement to make, we are pregnant. Just joking!" They lost some respect for me that day.

Not a good joke. They did not find it funny. Just to reinforce OPs advice.

But that would be the best save ever right ? Would you marry me u/DerpTheTerrible ? You: "Not really I barely know you, Reddit Stranger." Me : "Oh...Uhm..APRILS FOOLS !! Hehehe...Cries inside.


you're making a good decision, we announced it on Facebook April first, two years ago. it was unplanned so we found out really late in the pregnancy so when we said we were due in August people were like "yeah right, you waited almost five months" (she has a disorder that basically makes her go months without a period, so her not having one wasn't super alarming.)

anyway, it's not too late to miss out on a key component here...tell one or two of your Facebook friends you know are likely to comment on your status, so that way when people try and call you out on it, they jump in for you and validate it. Makes it way more entertaining if you don't have to be all "no we're for real" with the added benefit of people not knowing what to believe rather than just not believe you when you say you're not kidding.

Girlfriend in college did this to me. She made it thirty minutes before cracking.

I think those thirty minutes gave me my anxiety disorder.

Funny story: my sister's now fiancé proposed last year on April fools day. She obviously thought it was a joke and got upset at him for it. He was actually proposing... he just forgot what day it was... They're getting married next month.

Don't be sad. At least you share a birthday with the Weasley twins.

It's still his birthday, alive or not.

Classic ex-who-cried-wolf scenario


Which half was black?

Me and my wife eloped just prior to April fool's day. Made the announcement on April's fool's day. Several years later people are still confused.

Yeah, but now there will always be that niggling doubt in the back of your mind about whether or not your husband really loves you, or is just playing the long con.

That Prof was great, kind when it mattered, and took the joke with a smile!

My wife and I found out she was pregnant around the end of last march and we couldn't tell anyone because of April Fools day.

You know a video is going to be good when you open it and you already liked it.

"hahaha soooo funny, you know I am sterile."

My birthday is on the first as well. My late grandmother would always play little jokes on me when I was younger. She as so sweet and so terrible at hiding it.

She would give me an empty envelope and the second I started to open it, she would giggle and wave a $20 at me. Each year is was something different and I found it incredibly endearing. Now that she's gone, I still have those fond memories. My birthday isn't public info, no one would be able to prank like she could.

Ima dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes. Hey!

We announced my wife's first pregnancy on April 1 and no one believed us until she started showing.

reminds me of the "Key & Peele" Skit.. When they are talking about robbing a bank

Holy shit people her comment is about being pregnant, obviously this is a joke. Put the pitchforks up

The full joke without the correct links that are the reason for the joke? Terrible execution.

Skin color is inherited, normally, through MANY different genes, similar to hair and eye color. Which is why siblings can have such different skin tones, or why my sisters and I all have brown hair but different shades. White skin, with less melanin, is "recessive" but the child of a darker skinned parent and a lighter skinned parent will end up somewhere in the middle based on the interactions of the many different skin color/melanin genes, of which yes more melanin is dominant.

Here you go.

Fake being pregnant for seven months and on April first tear off the pregnancy vest and yell April fools!

Seriously this joke can be painful to those dealing with infertility or loss.

Good luck man, we've been there too and it sucks.

Me and my wife did this once. We immediately wrote the first comment that said April fools. Nobody read the comment. Everybody was congratulating us so quickly that our comment got buried, and for several weeks and months afterward everybody thought we were pregnant.

Completely regret it.

....what are you doing?

uhhh tying my shoes

Its entirely possible for 2 men to get pregnant, i saw a documentary on it when i was a kid.

Its entirely possible for 2 men to get pregnant, i saw a on it when i was a kid.

I hate April Fools Day. No one pulls any real pranks people just try to bullshit you for a whole day. I take a page out of Squidward's book and call in sick on April Fools

I mean, now you know another red flag for the future. If a girl jokes about breaking up with you, it's probably not a good idea to get too emotionally invested.

Hopefully the lower half...

But how else will I keep my man? /s

Damn, really sorry to hear about the miscarriage. That really sucks. :(

I wish you and your wife the best of luck in having a child though!

Let's see... They're both about a long-term (hopefully life-long) commitment that may cause extreme excitement or anxiety. They both involve a relationship taking a massive step forward and becoming way more serious.

Seems like they're on very similar levels to me.

And even if you believe fake proposing is a lower level, they're both a dick thing to do. Can we just say "Don't do dick things on April Fools Day?" without having to compare which dick thing is more dickish?

I'm pregnant and due on March 30th, if I'm still pregnant on April Fool's am I allowed to joke about going into labor?

Like in school when your teacher would designate whatever months had the fewest students' birthdays as 'summer birthday' months so everyone's mom had a chance to bring in cupcakes, only in reverse.

We're not talking about pregnancy anymore!

I have a friend who was widely regarded as a lesbian. She was clearly not a lesbian at least once and announced her pregnancy on April 1st. Everyone was sure she was kidding. About a week later she posted another baby update and everyone was like "wait what? That wasn't a joke?"

In general, I agree it's super insensitive to joke about being pregnant ever.

Trying here as well. Yeah, my husband would definitely cry, that would be very cruel. Good luck to you!

And that we will be following the golden rule.

Edit: Talking about Caesar

Should have brought it to Jerry Springer or Maury Povich to be 100% accurate.


Uncool and kinda abusive. Sorry that happened. :(

My mother-in-law suggested "Sound of Silence" as our first dance song. She just thought it was a really pretty song and was very confused at my confused / horrified face. (Don't worry, she loves me very much.)

The long con. I like it.

I used dollar store test for my second pregnancy. Either they all come out positive and I just happen to have a now 5 year old or they actually work.

Isn't it weird the things that happen to us when we're young that we think are normal which upon growing up we find aren't?

Yeeesh, easy on the condescension. It may not have happened to you, but it's not that uncommon. I work with kids in a completely different school system several states away from the one I went to school in, and they do it here, too.

Sounds like she fooled herself


Not sure if repeeled was a joke.....

Stay safe out there buddy, wear a helmet.

Yeah sure, I'll meet you at the bowling alley on April 1st for your birthday, you think I'm some sort of sucker?

April 2nd is mine. I like to make people thing they forgot it on the first.

Maybe you're both just lunatics

I had a friend do this to her bf to 'test' him. Needless to say, they broke up soon after.

If you found out around the end of March, it was probably too soon to announce anyways. Rule of thumb is don't tell anyone before the end of the first trimester.

A thousand times, this. That's not even remotely funny!

Its not a tooomah.

I left the hospital and never talked to her again.

I left the hospital and never talked to her again and jumped for fucking joy.

My boyfriend's cousin announced on April 1st. We argued for 2 days about whether or not it was real.

It's fun to see people go back and forth trying to decide if you're lying or not. I say do it!

Two of my friends joked about getting engaged on April Fools four years in a row... nobody believed them when they did actually get engaged last April Fools.

Yes, but not about a miscarriage. Yes I know someone that fucking dumb.

And congrats btw!

Is being white really a recessive trait like albinism though? (Serious question, because as a biology student, I have never heard such a thing)

My fav is when my buddy called pretending to be a Italian restaurant carryout dude, and wanted to let me know my order was ready for pick-up, when I told him I didn't make the order, he told me there was three ways this could go...

I could either come pick up the order

Or he could make the "delivery" himself and I pay a hefty "fee".

or he could call the cops, as the new law passed last month made it a class 1 felony theft charge to place a order over $300 and not pick it up.

As I liked most of the stuff mentioned on the order, as he well knew, I figured it was worth it, I then made a 20 mile drive to a closed down shop. where he meet me and took me out for beers.

All that means is you forgot to but your dick in that box

Agreed. Just a stand up dude.

I did not because, as it turns out, I like sex.

Now I am older, possibly wiser, and knowing the idiot I am, I probably would still stick around. This is great fuel for my anxiety.

better to propose then organise the wedding for 01/04/18. Why only have a day when you could troll your SO for a full year.

This made me giggle. At least you guys were serious.

Or, like with a lot of jokes, know who you're joking with.