Apologizing properly

Apologizing properly

Made some stitches also

Show is Urara Meirochou and I highly recommend giving it a poke shot.

Credit to /u/Slateonyx for the GIF

I was just about to shut down my computer, figured I'd check Reddit one last time before heading off to sleep. Noticed I had a message.

username mention Apologizing properly

I admit, I panicked for a second. I honestly thought I might have done something wrong and was being called out for it.

Very relieved it wasn't for that and now more people get to see Chiya's super pokable belly!

It's 4:00 AM I need to sleep now

Today I learned

Have you seen NetoYome, by chance?

Relevant scene (Episode 5 Spoilers)

I Am One with the Moe; The Moe Is with Me

I'll tell you this much, a lot of harems would be way more interesting if when walking in on a girl getting changed, they started lifting their shirt up instead of saying sorry.

The power of moe is fearsome.

"The power of Christ moe compels you!"

You are doing God's work.

Lewd kitty loli ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is a gift from Kami-sama

Exposing the belly is a common behavior of dogs to convey respect of, and submission to someone higher in their hierarchy, so the behavior is actually grounded in reality.

Source: http://www.dailydogdiscoveries.com/tag/why-do-dogs-show-their-belly/

Lewd belly!  

The show is adorable.

The show is adorable.

No, just this city. Where the Anime conveniently takes place.

Is a city where only apprentices and masters of fortune telling live.

Keep up the good work son

I'm fairly sure it's Satans' doing. God's not that cool.

Cute girls go to town full of lesbian fortune tellers in hopes of one day becoming lesbian fortune tellers. One of them has yet to adjust to human customs of apologizing.

That'd be the end of anime.

They simply exist to blue ball the viewers. There's no other reason to watch anime.

Source is Urara Meirochou which is airing this season.

I kind of like how they play off the fanservice as the characters own naivete, it makes for an interesting and funny gag.

She's clearly a wolf

Rakudai kishi no cavalry has the MC walk in on a girl in her underwear so he strips to make it fair.

Then he gets in trouble for walking in on a changing girl and stripping in front of her though...

It was an okay show. Did some things right and other things not so great. It was basically a combo of The Irregular at Magic High School and Infinite Stratos.

username mention Apologizing properly

That's too funny!

Except he kept going for it well past the point when he should've stopped.

Because its f'in cute

Their characters are married in an online game, and she has issues distinguishing between game world and real life, often referring to him by his online character's name.

Doubt it, there's still Gabriel Dropout. And that one is also made by Doga Kobo. Urara is fun but it might lose with the gods of moe.

Because its anime and no anime dude has ever had consensual sex with anyone

This is gonna be the New Game of the season, isn't it?

That guy is the MOST outlying of all outlying variables.

This season's moe-ness can't get any better!

And we haven't seen Doga Kobo's Gabriel DropOut and KyoAni's MaiDragon yet!

So, is everyone in this world a girl?

battle mage harem animes

That's a low bar lol.

the OP

I love this show way too much already considered we have only gotten 1 episode. It's just the cutest Cute Girls show to have ever cuted. And the town they live in is so pretty.

I have been listening to on repeat for at least 30 minutes now, it's so catchy and cute!

Apawlogzing purroperly

You had two chances and you missed it bro

That's like..The 2nd best scene in that show.

Yes, and that's just horrible.

If we start a moe war, I want to be in.

Given only the context of OP and the fact that she has nekomimi, I assumed this is what they were going for?

Being 100% honest Rakudai has been one of the most interesting battle mage harem animes I've seen and I sincerely enjoyed it.

The first time you see Master in female form in the game.

The pawprints in the background here look very canine.

The pawprints in the background look very canine.

Not often enough

damn right.

The girl in this clip (and all the main girls in the show) is (are) fifteen.

Its cute and makes me smile. Its art


Cat girls apologizing, I guess.

Its made sexual for fans.

She would fall into the innocent fanservice girl trope. And it's played for "cute" rather than "sexy," which is what makes it moe in the first place.

The whole premise is dumb.

That's purely a matter of opinion. I think it makes the show more fun than the typical CGDCT slice-of-life.

She's not really a catgirl, though. As far as we know, anyway.

I saw it too, although I am not too proud of that fact...

Because viewers hate it when the MC goes for it.

Because viewers

I am the Moe.

the OP

Did that girl just lick that other girl's face?!

edit: That was fun. Guess this will be my first moe show of the year.

that'd be the end of the harem though

So what?

Well, most of the time "loli" is used for characters who are/appear younger than that... I think her appearance is fitting for an anime 15-year-old. And we're not exactly talking Prisma Illya levels of lewd here... It's midriff and underboob in a non-sexual situation.

Its like this show is trying to be retarded for the sake of moe.

Eh... It isn't as retarded in context. Chiya (the white-haired girl) comes to this town after living by herself in the middle of the wilderness for who knows how long. Animals show submission by exposing their bellies, so to her, that gesture must accompany a sincere apology.

Aha. Yep. Can't pull the trigger on that. Thanks for the context.

Thanks Satan

Hadn't planned on watching this, now I'm gonna give it a poke.

Is it really yuri, or just bait?

And that's the viewer's prerogative. But it doesn't change what's presented in the show itself.

Yes, and then they all passed out with bare tummies. Including the doll.

Yes, and then Including the doll.

calling it now. anime of the season.

edit: i'm being tongue-in-cheek lol

What kind of fucking world do we live in where under boob from 15 YEAR OLDS is considered cute? That's textbook pedophilia.

yeah, it's creepy as shit. really hard to get away from anime like this. i can even tolerate it some of the time, when i want something campy (i enjoyed Highschool of the Dead for this reason, basically softcore porn with zombie killing) but it's a bit unnerving how many anime fans are not only approving of, but don't even notice the sexualization of children. even those rare upskirt shots of the green-haired little girl (don't care if she's actually 10000 or whatever) in One Punch Man are too much.


This is a gift from Kami-sama Araragi-sama

See: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AllAnimalsAreDogs

I think she might be a dog or wolf though. Someone else pointed out that the paw prints in the background definitely do not look feline.

I'm not really sure why someone with Bikini Warriors on their completed list is being so high-and-mighty about.


That argument is basically redundant


Nativity is the occasion of one's birth. Like the one with Jesus in a barn and stuff.


I don't think you know what that word means. No one in that clip is in any way a loli.

It's not really weaboo culture just to think something looks good. Although I do think downvoting someone based on a differing opinion is stupid.

Praise Lucifer

At that point the dog feels safe around you and you can take it as a sign he accepted you in his 'pack'.

I don't think its only a dog thing. From the first episode I get more the vibe that she grew up in the mountains with animals.

i'm "letting" people enjoy it, i'm not advocating it be illegalized. but is it that hard to let people like me who aren't pedophiles enjoy something that doesn't affect you in any way? i just want to watch anime that doesn't make my spine crawl.

Say what you want about those animes but I genuinely liked Rakudai while despising battle harem animes. Mainly because it didn't even feel like a harem anime since the MC only went for one girl. It also had one of my favorite fighting scenes in anime so there's that too.

See how none of those girls in that clip were pregnant? That is the difference in our two examples. Different levels of "properly into it".

Go on...

Was such a good movie. Definitely want to see it again, sometime.

What is this anime even about anyway?

It's a dog thing.



I'm with you there, I don't like these situations in anime. But unlike you, I don't go crying how bad it is, because I understand everyone has their own genres and tropes they like.

Or we can just sit down and watch the miracle of moe instead of pointless war xD

Bad is letting MAL ratings tell you if you should watch a show or not.

Well yeah, because he is the one harem MC that actually goes for it and isn't dense.

This is a gift

Doesn't anybody in this thread realize how bad it makes them look? Not trying to be mean, but jeez

One upvote a day keeps the normies away as I do say.

Unfortunately, it seems like your comment has put us in the sight of the normies over in SRD.

In all seriousness, I don't want anime to have to be a mainstream thing. I did when I first really got active in discussing anime because I wanted the medium to be validated and not be seen as weird... but none of that really matters to me anymore. I'll enjoy what I enjoy regardless of what the majority of the population thinks about it. Furthermore, people may view whatever this shit in the OP is as disgusting, but I don't think it's doing any actual harm, it's just people giving a kneejerk reaction.

TL;DR: Get off my subreddit.

Our world would be a better place if that were the convention.

She would fall into the innocent fanservice girl trope. And it's played for "cute" rather than "sexy," which is what makes it moe in the first place.

You have no idea how many people sexualize moe characters. Some people even watch moe shows just so they could read h-doujins after they finish the shows.

Fall 2016 had such a good set of incredible Character Dramas (3-Gatsu no Lion, Fune wo Amu), Visual treats (Flip Flappers, Yuri!! on Ice) and great Slice of Life series (Girlish Number, Hibike! 2) that I really loved. Sure it didn't have any flashy action series or hype series but I don't much care for those anyway.

That's kind of why Fall 2016 had such divided opinions. In terms of character stories, complexity and originality Fall easily takes the cake, but it didn't have any Hype Action series or popular fantasy stories like Re:Zero for the people that like that.

And Nyanko Days.

the OP

It's been upped over on /sub/animethemes, too.