Anyone else remembers this car ?

Anyone else remembers this car ?

Slap in a Stage 4 turbo and hit it up to an uncontrollable 1800+ HP

The wheelies in the Escudo were insane. I remember getting it up to 1400 mph on the test course. Here is a video of it getting to over 3000 mph.

This picture is the most honest thing I have seen this year.

Buy car, win all races ever.

I actually used it on endurance races. It reached 1880 HP and always got me a win. It was even more ridiculous on rallye races. xD

Save for a Subaru, win comp, unlock this car, win the 100 lap ring circuit, get then F1 car. Never lose again.

Dude's going Mach 4 LMFAO

Did exactly that to farm money on Gran Turismo 3 (and also unlock the bad ass F1 car).

I remapped the gas to R2 and put a piece of tape. I just had to steer it slightly right every so many minutes (I knew exactly how long, but that was years ago). I also used picture in picture so I could track it while I watched other shows.

Just do long oval track races and tape down the gas to go make food. Come back and repeat. And you could to wheelies with it too.

indy, you could use a rubber band to keep the throttle open and ride the outer wall while you went outside.

There was the racing oval track that you could get by chance that had a 1st place payout of $250,000. I farmed that a few times to get this car.

That's nothing. What you wanna do is proc Flimflam's kalamazoo as soon as he gets to 5 zingots per zoozle, and then use that to chain Ruffles' stun lock on minor enemies to unlock Spyromancy for Dingle before you even get to Remulak.

The F1 cars were ridiculously fun in the old GTs. Felt like they were glued to the road no matter how hard you drove them.

Farming level: GOD LIKE

remember Special Stage Route 5 was like...the shining example of awesome graphics at the time.

What the hell :D

lol its hilarious the stuff people will do to grind and completely miss the point of the game actually being fun. my buddy would come over and we'd do these crazy endurance races and take turns of grabbing the controller, while grabbing soda or snacks and stuff. those long races remind me of fishing

Fun in old school games often = grinding to obscene levels to do what others couldnt. Scarcity value.

The Toyota Supra and a few other cars would do the same thing. Drop the ride height, minimum downforce in the front and max downforce on the back.

This omg. I thought I was special by getting this car to be so quick.

I met Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima (the driver of this car) a few years back. At one point he proudly mentioned "my car (is) number one in Gran Turismo!"

I remember being able to get that car in gran turismo 3 to "fly." It would just lift off the ground and flip.

and the game engine would just kick up your mph while you were wheelie'd.

I actually used to use that car and rubber band the joystick and accelerate button and just let it go for the first 80ish laps, then take over from there to make sure I won. Saved me from having to race for 2 hours lol

Now you fucking tell me..

You couldn't flip on gt3, the car would just sit up on its back wheels, 90° perpendicular to the road. The red Toyota ts020 could do the same thing, my friends and I got the game to crash by ramming both of these cars into one another at ludicrous speed.

For real. How did I not know you could do that?

Did it crash before or after you went to plaid?

Perfect example, Rome Circuit in 51 secconds

Don't you ever mention that track again. God the hours spent getting gold on that for the S license. Fuck Laguna Seca.

I actually beat one of my friends while driving backwards in this thing.

There are dozens of us. DOZENS!

You could bind the accelerator to the left direction on the right analog stick and then use a rubber band to pull the left and right sticks together so that the car accelerates and hugs the right wall and then play 500 laps on the oval track. Easy money.

There are a lot more out there like us than we know....

The "corkscrew"

The physics engine breaks during wheelies.

Imma download a rom today

nah, check the mini map and you can definitley see the car covers a quarter of track in like a second when going over 1000mph.

Game physics, man.

Someone forgot to add a speed limiter to the cars to make sure none went faster than they were supposed to.

Or they deliberately left this in so people would talk about it as a cool bug.

But most likely it just got overlooked, nobody tried that specific combination of settings and driving.

F1 cars were so bad ass. Not great for insane speed but high speed turns? And destroying Laguna seca.. easy peasy

It probably measured mph by wheel rotation

Isn't....isn't this a game you play by choice?!

oh, yeah. i mean i'm 100% guilty of it. the sentence came off a little haughty but its more of laughing at the thought of it all. fun is obviously subjective!

Don't forget to max the down force at the rear while you minimize the force on the front so you can do massive wheelies.

I'm surrounded by assholes.

My favorite was the good ole fo94s. Iirc it was designed after the late great Ayrton Senna's FW16. Thing was just glued at all times

I remember when I thought this game looked photo-realistic...

Not as good as the Red Bull car in GT5.

After you got used to that thing, man you could take those 250mph turns easily.

I remember how I did 24 hour races by actually driving for like 7-8 hours, then I parked before the finish line and left the PS3 on.

I was so far ahead I could just wait ~16 hours for the timer and then just roll across the finish line.

This guy does over 2 billion mph:

Not even all of Laguna Seca. Just that one specific turn over the hill.

lmao what

Oops, looks like some physics math got exponential there and hit the 32bit integer limit.

Imma upvote this comment today

Was it the same Suzuki? That car took the wind out of me when it roared by the fastest corner at Pikes Peak in 2011. The sheriff next to me clocked him at 145 through the corner.

He almost lost the back end too, and made an amazingly precise recovery.

Edit: just realized the posted car is the same one I witnessed, only I saw it in white. Still god damn awesome.

Same, if Gran Turismo 7 (Not Sport) gets released on the PS4, I think I'll pick up a PS4 solely for that game alone. Should be near end-of-life for the PS4 so they should be relatively cheap.

yes escudo wa op as hell on rally

Rayman 2

The PS1 had some others enormous advantages over the N64, CD medium, better sound, size of the library etc etc. But the N64 was objectively more powerful, 93.75Mhz vs 33.8Mhz processor. It came out a year later and suffered none of the flickering Z-bufffer issue all PS1 games had.

Watch any of these videos for clear evidence.

Mission Impossible

2 engines

GT3 is best GT.

I'm 95% sure that gran Turismo 3 was on ps2

Stage 4 turbo, strategic packing tape to hold down X. The low tech cheat code for unlimited endurance race wins/cash, while you go out for food or a nap.

The real driving simulator ®

No, I was actually held at gunpoint to finish the 24 hours...

That was the same day the police accused my father of "violence against his children" or whatever.

You also won a drag racer to sell for 100k on top of the 250k. Just needed a top notch skyline first!

So, the speedo breaks during wheelies?

lmao, not even bothering to turn, just letting the walls do all the work.

Two twin turbo V6s. Later pikes peak escudos added a supercharger to each on top of turbos.

Awesomely insane.

Because you don't need skill to win with this car. Just floor it and it wins the race with pure power.

13-16 year old me is breaking stuff inside of me now. He's not too happy about just learning that.

As much as I love those games I'll never ever finish all the races. I cannot understand how they expect you to race for 24 genuine hours. Firstly, who has that time? Secondly, who has that patience?

It seems like a joke mode to me.

The '95 pikes pike escudo had a front and a rear engine lol

I've been on reddit for several years, first I've heard of this car ever mentioned on here. I'm sure it does get reposted, I've just never seen it before today.

Imma laugh this thread today

i never play this game and at this point, it sou ds to me like you're just dicking around. lol

Here's an article about the original 95 Escudo that won at Pikes Peak. The author goes into great detail about the car, and the man who built and raced it.

Ff8 on an emulator with drain junctioned to st atk and I think it was esuna to st def, put a weight down on the turbo hotkey on the keyboard, rubber bands on the left d pad and whatever the controller button was to perform an action. Go to sleep on island closest to hell. Gg muthafuckas

Oh yeah, GT3 had some ridiculous tuning capabilities that got toned down in GT4. The pic is from GT2 btw, no engine upgrades for this car.

This is correct.

Gran Turismo 2 specifically. This car is why I never got good at racing games.

My PS3 would probably accelerate global warming if I did that. lol

Dang.. I remember how loud all the blow off valves were in this game.. that single picture summed up my early high school years.

That car was why so many of the turns had guard rails. I wouldn't bring it onto rainbow road and expect to win.

I'd just sit something heavy on the button and walk away. That fucking car was insane, it was so much fun, but it was honestly game breaking it was so fast.

I dunno of it was this car or some Alpine car from one of the Gran Turismo games that I had but fuck. Once it was maxed out you could basically do just what you said. That thing would lap everything out there racing you.

I'll be honest, bro. I've been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time. It's fantastic that my love for Dr. Funke and Gran Turismo go to intersect.

Even easier; get Diablo as soon as possible and card mod his card into black holes and then item mod the black holes to demi. Easy 99 demi for 3 characters and bind it to attack. Use no encounter from diablos skills and proceed to finish the game in record time with no random encounters. For bosses at the end of the game use Aura and Squalls Renzozuken.

There was also a track where you would win a McLaren that you could sell for 500k

Metal Gear Solid 3. To get one of the things(maybe a bandana that made you invisible or gave you unlimited ammo) you had to, in a single playthrough of the game, shoot a tiny frog placed in various locations throughout the campaign. There's no way to just restart, there's no tracker for it, and the very last frog you have to shoot is while you're in a moving jeep and the frog is on a plane that's also moving.

My buddy and I decided we were going to do it in a single night and did the same thing; passed the controller back and forth while the other would be on the computer looking up where the frogs were or grabbing stuff from the kitchen.

We spent hundreds of hours playing, the rubber band trick was there for extra credits

Im not sure which version it was but i remember having this car go above 2000 horse power because of the numerous oil changes i had on it.

From what i remember the oil changes made the horsepower go uo for whatever reason. Maybe a glitch or something.

WTF? 981 HP?

An hour a day and you have it completed in less than a month.

I know my Dad completed all of them, but he's not normal when it comes to GT.

Love these games, played all the way up to 5, then went pc, good thing i have emulators for the first 4.