Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods Market

Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods Market
Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods Market

Jesus. There are only gonna be 5 companies in 10 years, mark my words.

Bezos: "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods"

Alexa: "Buying Whole Foods"

Bezos: Shit

All restaurants are Taco Bell.

I have a feeling online grocery shopping is about to get a lot more popular.

I look forward to one day having enough AmazonBucks™ to upgrade my housing unit from a regular AmazonCube™ to one of the PrimeCube™ 10' models.

I have a feeling Amazon delivery times are going to get even faster.

Taco fucking have been fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute

Well, right now there's already only about 10 that own the majority of grocery store products and fast food:

Then there's companies like Newell Brands Which basically own the inside of Walmart, among other things.

Luxottica is vertically integrated, and owns most brands of glasses and shades, as well as the optometrists, the stores, and the insurance that pays for them all.

Monsanto was almost certainly involved in the food you might be eating right now. They either made the seeds, made the pesticide, or are an additive (corn syrup).

Hell, Max Martin was likely involved in a song you're listening to right now.

This should be interesting. Amazon suddenly having a network of brick and mortar stores?

I live in Seattle. I can get basically anything common delivered at any point in the day within a couple hours with Prime Now. Seriously, it's incredible and they downplay it. Needed a wired Xbox controller to play a game I wanted to play that day but I didn't want to leave the house. Ordered it on Prime Now (free 2 hour shipping, how stupid is that?) and it was there in less than 2 hours, paid around $5 in shipping and other fees. (Minor edit: To further emphasize how cool this service is, this was at around 6pm and the service operates until midnight.)

/sub/hailcorporate am I right

I could see Instacart being pushed aside for a proprietary app/system for ordering and delivery.

Next day she is let go when they automate or eliminate her job.

Never would have seen this happening! People think anything major will change at Whole Foods because of this?

It would be a godsend to me, who does not enjoy driving and prefers to play video games. There are currently no services in my town that offer grocery delivery, so I would drive eight and a half minutes each way every weekend just to get me stocked up on groceries. I supplemented this by ordering pizza every other night (there's a Jet's 2 miles away). And no, I refuse to go into assisted living.

One day you are a bag girl at Whole Foods, next day you are an Amazon employee. Easy career climb there.

Amazon is circling around lol. Brick and Mortar killers to brick and mortar.

You don't know how to use the three seashells?

A drone delivering my groceries...never thought of that before.

Baggers can't be choosers.

Monsanto was almost certainly involved in the food you might be eating right now. They either made the seeds, made the pesticide, or are an additive (corn syrup).

Monsanto isn't even the largest agro-chemical company out there either. duPont and Dow merger should be more of a concern to the public Monsanto, someone just picked them as the media target.

Amazon realizes that there are definitely some industries that thrive in a brick-and-mortar model, not an online model. Namely, grocery and clothes. I guess they saw grocery as the easier (and more lucrative) market to compete "on the ground" so they went that route. It wouldn't surprise me if in the next few years they expanded to brick-and-mortar clothes as well.

anything major will change at Whole Foods because of this?

Are you kidding me? Hell yes.

Amazon has been lusting after a brick-and-mortar method of distributing groceries for a few years now. They are going to revolutionize the checkout system and make it extremely streamlined.

They are almost certainly going to introduce discount brands and redo whole foods image as a "uppity fancy-schmancy superexpensive" grocery store.

They are also going to use the existing brick-and-mortar stores as grocery delivery hubs. This way you can order your groceries right on Amazon and have them delivered, probably, that same day.

If I were grocery stores owners in and around whole foods stores I would be nervous

Not if the Sherman Antitrust Act is reinstated

Last I checked our government is currently more motivated to roll back regulations not resurrect regulations...

It would be a godsend to my mother, who cannot drive and lives alone. There are currently no services in her town that offer grocery delivery, so my sister would drive four hours each way every weekend just to get her stocked up on groceries. I supplemented this by mailing her nonperishables (I live 2000 miles away).

And no, she refuses to go into assisted living.

Very smart move. Bezos definitely has the ability to turn around Whole Foods, and the integration with Amazon's grocery services will make them so much more competitive. Bezos won't be afraid to run things at a loss for a few years to get that traction with consumers, so that's great for everybody who orders groceries online. Expecting this market to become really interesting and extremely competitive.

It's cool watching Amazon slowly take over the US/world. I support our shipping overlords.

Damn, soon you'll be able to order a pizza and get it to your door while it's still freshly cooked! The future is now!

"Amazon should buy Sears!" - everyone

"You're setting your sights too low." - Bezos

Not if the Sherman Antitrust Act is reinstated and these corporate behemoths are broken up as they should be. These anticompetitive mergers have strangled competition to death and resulted in the destruction of millions of once decent economic opportunities.

The best way to fix the U.S.'s disastrous labor market and restore the U.S. middle class is by breaking up U.S. financial trusts/conglomerates and repealing free trade.

I was in Seattle last year and my brother ordered something on Prime Now, it arrived about 45 minutes later to our hotel room door. Absolutely insane.

You mean, you want to swap fluids??? Ewww!

They are almost certainly going to introduce discount brands and redo whole foods image as a "uppity fancy-schmancy superexpensive" grocery store

this one they will have to be careful about. the Whole Foods brand is very well established for what it is. they will need to maintain the level of quality and experience if they want to keep existing customers

really excited about the checkout process they are proposing though. i believe the are already testing that in a store in seattle. put items in your cart and walk out the door.. cashiers are going to be a thing of the past very soon

Get a shit ton of money create large market share lower prices and lose money for a decade to cause competetion to go bankrupt Buy up those now struggling competitors Raise prices to make massive profit to recoup all the money you purposely lost the decade before. Use Profits to buy politicians. Create trust fund kids Have trust fund kids blow all the money you "earned" You die rich, your kids die kinda rich, your grandkids start the process all over again.

Wholes Foods are only in major cities and are not competitive with Wal-Mart and Aldi.

Amazon return locker at every Whole Foods? My frivolous spending on amazon just skyrocketed.

Speak for yourself, I'm holding out for Cube 2: Hypercube

An Amazon executive walks into a Whole Foods

It's his first time there, and he wants to see what all the hype is about.

The executive goes shopping for his normal every day needs, and even picks out a couple extra things that stood out to him for an impulse buy.

The executive goes to the counter to check out, and the clerk rings him up.

The executive, looking at the high price, asks the clerk "this can't be right, can it?"

The clerk checks, then double checks, and even triple checks to make sure everything was rung up properly for his high profile customer.

"I promise you the price is correct sir" the clerk responds.

Looking at the price, the executive can't get over how expensive such a simple grocery trip is.

"Well fuck, I might as well buy the whole fucking store at this point!" said the Amazon executive angrily.

As a consumer, I sometimes am against the rise of monopoly. Amazon is good for now, would they be the same few years down the road? What if in the future, we get royally screwed like it happened with the ISPs. That is another reason why I would go for locally procured things rather even if they are a little expensive.

Who the fuck is upvoting this? Sherman anti-trust applies to when a company monopolizes a market and then increases prices to above market rates. Amazon aggressively lowers prices on everything, working every day to make things cheaper. Even if Amazon becomes a monopoly, they can only be targeted by the government if they purposefully increase prices above free market levels. Otherwise, they can just continue to grow how ever they want

I cant think of anybody who would want Sears nonetheless a company like Amazon

Well, Monsanto specifically operates in corn, and has an almost complete deadlock on the crop. So those corn farmer subsidies we have are all just going to Monsanto. I think that's why it tends to be a bigger deal.

Yeah, and duPont has a larger share of the corn market as well. In the late 90's they bought one of the top 5 corn seed GMO companies in the world which in turn made duPont the largest. That doesn't even go into the soybean side of the business, which is also the largest in the world I believe. And then there's their pesticides which is only rivaled by Dow.

Monsanto is just the ones that are being targeted because they went on trying to sue someone. They're small potatoes compared to Dow and duPont, which are merging.

Well you're in luck, Amazon is buying your likings next week.

Hopefully by then we'll have the technology required to resurrect Teddy Roosevelt.

You got a laugh outta me.

Somebody put me back in the fridge...

As a small business owner, Amazon is getting a little too big for my liking.

Incorrect. Just one. B&L

Aldi is the greatest grocery store ever.

Cube 2: Electric Cubaloo

Amazon Go

Checkout .

Apparently the lesson of "never let one profit-driven entity gain too much power" is one that we are never going to learn. No one ever likes to talk about it, but Amazon is a predatory and anti-competitive company. In the business world, this is just seen as being good at the game. Antitrust laws have not kept up very well with all of the new avenues and approaches of the digital age and these massive tech-oriented enterprises. In fact the entire mentality of corporate law has shifted to the acceptance of "benign monopolies" and market dominance above profits and competition.

No. There will always be people who want to choose their own apples. My primary gripe with online grocery delivery is that they always select produce that is lower quality than I would've selected myself in the store.

" would you like a MacBook with your tomatoes?"

Whole Foods is probably the perfect demographic to test with this -- their customers are probably a little more tech savvy and a little less prone to theft than the population at large.

Now the real question: Will we start getting the 5% Amazon card discount at Whole Foods?

Lol it's a couple dollars over minimum wage. It's hardly a living wage. Please don't try to paint whole foods as some decent company. They're a union busting, profit driven corporation just like the rest.

In a nation led by President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Amazon can also implement their cashierless grocery store concept in Whole Foods rather than trying to build out a nationwide network of new grocery stores.

Smart of them. This would expand their grocery service to beyond major cities and have them compete directly with Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Aldi

They are almost certainly going to introduce discount brands and redo whole foods image as a "uppity fancy-schmancy superexpensive" grocery store.

I doubt this will happen. Would go against one of the main reasons their core-market shops there. WF is not meant to compete with Walmart or Target, if they were, they would have already done so. Amazon would unlikely change that entire strategy.

They're doing this because other than huge cities like LA/NYC/etc. delivery of groceries doesn't make sense and isn't cost effective. I live in a top 15 populated city in US but it is so spread out with towns/suburbs that it is impossible to implement an effective and cost worthy food delivery service. I think they will go the route that Kroger is offering where you order everything on an app then go through a drive through area and your car just gets loaded with all your groceries.

Probably going to be a lot more people buying groceries primarily online in the upcoming years.

Kroger already has this in my division.

Do you see any cows around here, detective?

I can't wait to have my septuacentennial cupcake in a cup!

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Does this mean I can have a $7 onion delivered to me in 2 days?

amazon bought Whole Foods for the 'fresh' connotation around its brand. amazon already has prime pantry for less 'fresh' foods. amazon probably wants to get into delivering fresh meat/produce, and the Whole Foods brand was acquired to legitimize that.

That's interesting. I was just playing with the idea of automating my grocery shopping every week with Amazon/Walmart

I think they'll keep the branding position. The kind of people who can afford to order groceries for delivery are also the same kind who can afford to regularly shop at Whole Foods. And if they're using WF as the base for delivery drivers, they'll also be serving the very same customers that WF does pre-Amazon. Changing what WF is wouldn't be beneficial.

Monsanto has a lock on corn? Yeah, not even close.

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By the year 2037, Reddit will have been absorbed into the Amazon Hive-Mind™. Reminders will no longer be necessary, as you will no longer be necessary.

I hate bagging my own groceries. If Amazon fires all the baggers, I aint shopping there.

This is going to be amazing. Whole Foods are in most major cities by now. If you don't have one, I bet Amazon starts investing to expand and you will have one within an hour of you in the next 5-10 years.

All of a sudden, Amazon has a huge network of physical locations all over the world. That sets them up nicely for quick delivery of grocery store products. They get the legal side of drones figured out and every Whole Foods will have a drone hub just buzzing with those little bastards coming and going with people's orders.

On top of that, Amazon will likely find a way to reduce prices at Whole Foods and this could actually be affordable.

We will never have to go to the grocery story again!

Why would anyone want that space? Malls are all going to be redesigning themselves to stay in business and the commercial leases Sears has probably isnt worth it

They're just different than most grocery stores.

The stores themselves are always super tiny. The cashiers sit in a tall ass chair behind the counter. The shopping carts are chained together and require a quarter to use. They have no free plastic bags, so you end up having to grab boxes from the store. So empty boxes end up everywhere. Or people remove 20+ items from a box and leave them out in the open because they had to have that box. The stores are usually setup in a single long path. So you enter on one side and you leave on the other. Which means you end up walking the whole store (which again is small) no matter when you're in there to buy.

And I'm sure there's more. It's not bad, just different.


Amazon has historically bled a lot of red ink while building up the business. It's certainly self-sustaining now, but there's a lot of, er, catching-up to do.

When there's no competition left, they will have a free hand with pricing. Also, if you notice, when the market is down to a couple or three companies of roughly equal size, they pretty much stop competing aggressively, and just start "competitive balance pricing" (see what's happening with airlines today).

Team Costco! The third party candidate

More than anything, Amazon will likely bring in a whole new tech/IT stack to Whole Foods, which is badly needed. I interviewed with them a few years ago for a software developer position and I know others who have worked there - Whole Foods has a crumbling infrastructure.

Amazon will definitely make massive improvements there and hopefully also bring some features they've developed with Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, etc.

Well, Monsanto specifically operates in corn, and has an almost complete deadlock on the crop. So those corn farmer subsidies we have are all just going to Monsanto. I think that's why it tends to be a bigger deal.

Valve hasn't done anything of note recently and are just milking customers for money from micro trans actions.

Almost Anyone who made valve, well valve, has left by now.

They have shitty business practices and don't seem to give a shit about their own fans or customers.

My favorite is when Sandra Bullock is cursing out her boss under her breath, and she gets an sotto voce violation of the verbal morality statute, with a lesser fine. That means they recognized humans still neeed to blow off steam and allowed varying level of frustration to be vented, for a price.

sotto voce literally means to speak in a soft voice. Contextually it means to say something contrarian or in opposition of authority under ones breath, the intent may or may not to be overheard.

And also the strangest.

Repealing free trade

Ah yes, the infamous Free Trade Act of 1906. We can simply repeal free trade.

But we will not stop there, my brothers and sisters! We will repeal corporations! We will repeal income inequality! We will repeal poverty!

Amazon is the Walmart of the internet. Strange how they are viewed so differently.

Why is that exciting? I find this all so terrifying

I'm actually partially doing the same thing. I already use Walmart pickup all the time. But I still get nervous buying produce, and I think that is why people prefer actual stores. If I'm buying avocados, I usually pick them based on when I'm going to use them. I don't trust some teenage kid to pick for me.

Remindme! Twenty years lpl

Prime joke delivery right there

AmazonFresh already exists in big markets like NY, Seattle, San Francisco​, and I'm not sure which other cities.

Didn't whole foods just recently fire a lot of their board and bring in people with actual retail experience?

Only reason I can think of is their real estate presence.

I think Amazon could afford to slash all Whole Foods prices 30-40% and still make a profit.

They're also in a lot of suburbs and smaller cities. I've never heard of Aldi...

whole foods has been tanking for several years. They're on the verge of bankruptcy.

Something has to change.

You laugh, but what if the service of "go to X, get stuff, drive to Y" were handled by a large separate company without being tied to the particular store? The amount of available opportunities for drivers would go up dramatically, thereby increasing route efficiency. Rather than pizza stores keeping 2-3 drivers (or more) on payroll while the store is open regardless of business volume, they'd just have a pool of drivers available that could do other things if volume at a particular store is down.

carna la rata!

haha, this take is better! (Damnit)

and Grandma

Except in Europe apparently. Pizza Hut will reign supreme there.

Man, people complain about the prices but everything from Whole Foods always tastes way better than other stuff IMO. Their fresh stuff like fruit and veggies is way better than any other grocery store around me. Just moved to a town with one finally and pretty much exclusively shop their for food now. It is more expensive for sure but everything there is delicious and as you said their prepared foods are great. Plus I can grab a beer or glass of wine while I shop at mine. Can't beat that!