Am I the only one who felt really bad when no one showed up to claptraps birthday?

Am I the only one who felt really bad when no one showed up to claptraps birthday?

Felt bad for like 2 seconds and then he started talking again.

"Sorry about the mess. Everything Jack kills, he dumps here -- bandits, Vault Hunters, Claptrap units... If I sound pleased about this, it's only because my programmers made this my default tone of voice! I'm actually quite depressed!"

The end of the quest redeemed it though, he still thought it was the best party ever!

That's how he is

I'd go just for the pizza.

I felt horrible for the little guy. I don't know why others thought he was annoying, I got a kick out of him, he was hilarious and still remains one of my most favorite characters to date.

I don't know.. Claptrap is a character that we know for a fact is programmed to talk chipper and upbeat at all times. I feel like he felt the need to say that, but may not have meant it.

"That was the best party I've ever thrown"


But my friends call me Claptrap or they would, if any of them were still alive. Or had existed in the first place!

Yea, it's called pizza.


He's intentionally made to be somewhat annoying, even characters in the game comment on it and it's why nobody really likes him. He's canonically annoying.

That said, he's comic relief. He's not meant to annoy the player as much as he does the characters, but I think most of us just roll with it.

But it's cold and taste like cardboard.

Seriously, I don't get why everyone hates when Claptrap talks. I don't get bothered by his voice or really anything he says. Is it just a popular thing to say he's annoying or can you really not stand him?

Yes, clap was a cheat and traitor. That dude deserves nothing. Also i showed up so it wasn't a total loss. Now he thinks were friends....

My favorite line in the game comes right after that. The I may sound happy about this but it's just my default tone of voice. I'm actually really depressed.


I've played through Borderlands 2 so many times I read that in the exact voice, down to cadence and everything.

God I love Borderlands.

He was annoying, but then he'd throw in bits of deeper emotion and cognitive thought, and, at least for me, it sort of came across like he was trying so hard to be positive and chipper despite it all. I dunno. I still hate him 90% of the time, but I don't sympathise with Flynt anymore. Little dude is like a little kid with no social skills, basically.

I never found him annoying.

Always loved my little pal <3

I was mechro so I brought a friend/killbot. That counts for something right?

we ALL went to his party.

I agree. I never hated him seriously. He was just fun to hate on because that's how he was designed.

That said, I'd rescue Claptrap in a heart beat if anybody tried to mess with him. He's my stupid robot not yours.

You can. It is an achievement.


I want this engraved on my tombstone.

Well, there is the claptrap robot revolution in Borderlands 1. Despite that, I still love this little guy!

Wait I'm sorry, how is he a cheat and traitor? Irritating coward yes, but honestly much less despicable than most of the Borderlands cast.

He has the best lines in the game behind Tiny Tina! Just the fact that he calls me "minion" for the entire game is awesome.

dies inside

If I sound pleased about this, that's because my programmers made this my default tone of voice -- I'm actually quite depressed!

I remember the first time I heard that line I started laughing and then it slowly turned into me crying because same

The first time I heard "STAIRS?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I laughed for about five minutes, basically incapacitated.

I danced so hard for the little guy.

I find him amusing. My favorite line - "JUST FOLLOW THE SOOTHING SOUND OF MY VOICE!"

Imagine how boring that landscape woulda been without people like him populating it

You just have to melee his hand. The angle can be weird though.

Kinda bums me out that I can't high five him too

Not made by Italians.

Tiny Tina > Mr Torgue > Claptrap

I started yelling about meat bicycles and poop trains

"if I sound happy about this, that's only because my developers made this my default tone of voice. I'm actually quite depressed!"

Viva la Robolution!

Yeah, I'd be depressed too if I was a Craptrap.

Mr. Torgue AMA

If pizza hut in Germany is like pizza hut in the US, then it's really not the best representation of American pizza



Same here. I usually burst out laughing whenever he talks, cause of his quips

That's the saddest thing I've read all day.

I pointed my gun at the sky and aimed in circles whilst shooting. Kinda looked like fireworks if you had the right sort of gun.

Well fuck you for having a different opinion!

I put down my turrets for him.

I think it comes from all of the characters in the game. If Claptrap was a real person, you would fucking hate him in real life.

He is great, dialogue is wonderful.

I think it comes from the perspective​ of the main character.

I could be wrong and everyone hates him. But he wouldn't be popular is everyone hates him

I went to a bachelor party in Ft Lauterdale and we ordered pizza from a non-chain Italian sounding joint. That was the worst pizza I've ever eaten in my life. Just shitty crust, no sauce, and maybe a sprinkle of parmesan. Dominoes tasted amazing after that.


All of his minions. Specifically the ones we control.

His tone is required to be excited, not his words

dies outside

In the end of the base game, it shows the Hyperion satellite zapping claptrap.

As much as I didn't want to have Claptrap talking over the showdown with Jack, my heart went out to him there.


Tina: "It kinda smells like butts and dead people."


Although he's been programmed to sound very upbeat at all times, Claptrap has the ability to talk in other ways too. We see this many times, such as when he fakes shock at your character killing bandits, when he gets angry and starts cussing, and also the very dejected tone he puts on after realizing he can't climb the stairs to the final boss.

Claptrap also sounds a bit down and awkward during the birthday party itself (his "yaaaay" isn't happy at all, for example), but after the party ends he returns to his happy voice. Since Claptrap didn't keep going with the somber voice - which he clearly has the ability to use - I think his "best party ever" comment was genuine.

So when the moon hits your eyes does it feel like cardboard too? Damn....that's amore, I guess.

I mean... Hyperion made the CL4P-TP line. It makes sense that a Hyperion satellite would be the one to zap him, if any.

You've left him hanging for all these years? Monster.

In New York

Heads up, verbose doesn't really work in that context.

Well now I need to know, how? ... I'm going on vacation for 10 days and won't even get to try it. Well I guess something to look forward to.

Italian pizza is usually very thin and crunchy.

I prefer it to American style, thick and oily pizza. Though maybe I just haven't eaten proper American pizza. We have Pizza Hut here (Germany) and I think it's horrible (Pizza Hut's pizza, not Germany. At least not all of it).

"Gimme a five, minion!"

Hits hand with axe, gets achievement.

"Good one!"

It's a non-sentient robot programmed by people who are acutely aware that it's very easy to make people think he's sentient and incredibly vapid. "If it sounds like I'm enjoying this, I'm not! I'm just programmed with a friendly tone of voice! I'm actually in incredible pain right now!" That's a statement to elicit an emotional response, not a request for help because he's in pain. Claptrap is a joke on every level, on purpose.

Dude, I love Claptrap. It's like they crammed Charlie Day into a rolling trashcan.

dies in superposition of inside and outside

"I feel like there is a stage down to the fireplace, I would say it is a stage, because you can’t realize the seal or whatever in between the tiles where the arrangement changes."


My favorite line by claptrap to this day is the vine about being very depressed. It's that incredibly morbid sense of humor that makes me enjoy the little guy.

Or the right grenades...

In one of the DLCs of BL1 he tries to kill you using a bigass Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap

The most relatable line of Borderlands 2 tbh...

It's probably some of both. In-game they poke fun at him for being annoying, partially because he can be grating to certain people. He is not, for most people, as annoying as the other characters treat him like he is. He is the designated butt of jokes.

It's all kind of a partially real partially meta joke.

It took me a few playthroughs to notice that the monglets are called bonertoots. I lost my shit

No, my friend played as him once and finally, hours in, i blew up, the damn robot even makes jumping up and down an event and I couldn't take the constant babbling and yelling any more. We cracked up and still laugh about it

Hyperion AI: Reinforcements.... Depleted

Claptrap: Don't worry, baby. Happens to a lot of girls!


I always loved his enthusiasm when he said

Yep, yer probably lookin for "vocal."

That entire sequence is hilarious. When he seduces the Hyperion doors in order to get them to open? Gold.

I kind of want this made on a shirt for a party now....

I need to figure out a design

No I disagree he is programmed to Sound happy not talk happy. Hes generally kinda a dick so I personally believe that this was the best party he has thrown, if you happened to listen to what he says after you get off his bout after killing Flynt then you might understand why his parties are always bad

"If I sound pleased about this, it's only because my programmers made this my default tone of voice! I'm actually quite depressed!"

for those who are curious

In this time of despair, let's just take a minute to remember Marcus' line when you ask him to go to claptrap's birthday bash. "Hahahahahahahahaha. No"



He had pizza and everything, and people just ditched him.

Claptrap needs a hug.

I feel like all the robots are sentient but marketed as not. Like that one robot that you turn into a gun.

This was one of my favorite lines!

He's by far my favorite character. He's got a lot of depth and I think a lot of people hate on him because he's always got an upbeat/optimistic attitude.

I didn't know what I was missing in life until now

He even looks a bit sad. If you look deeper into his eye...


Not much, people are just grumpy

You are right about all of it. But he is still my favorite character and I would always go to that party.

I see a lot of seemingly normal people posting shitty image hosting pages with nonsensical captions and pictures that arent very funny, but somehow still get tons of upvotes.


I think it's a polarizing thing. You either hate his voice or you love it, but if you hate it you'll be much more verbose than those being fine with his voice.

Big if true.

The only bad pizza is no pizza.


I wouldn't put it behind Hyperion to actually do something like that to deceive its customers, but given the day and age, i really wouldn't doubt that sentient AI is already a thing.

I've only played BL2 and TPS, so what did Claptrap do earlier to deserve the hate? That "minion" crap got old fast, but yes, I did feel bad no one came to his party.

Claptrap's life is so unerringly tragic that I just can't help but laugh.

You've obviously never been to a CiCi's Pizza on a Monday night at 8pm.

I kinda did. People in the game like marcus and that guys an asshole but clap trap? Naw apparently Edited in a few missing words

You feel kinda bad for claptrap because he's just such a failure. I mean srsly? Stairs! He can't climb fucking stairs.


Edit: Thanks for pointing that out!

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Swede here. Can confirm, Pizza hut sucks balls. (And not in the good way.)

Waiting a few seconds after that, leads to some of the best dialogue in the game.

Borderlands 2