All my life i've always thought that wolves were the size of average dogs but guess I was wrong.

All my life i've always thought that wolves were the size of average dogs but guess I was wrong.

I live in wolf country and once someone has seen a wolf close up (within 50 meters or less) they'll NEVER mistake a dog or coyote for a wolf ever again. They really are that awe inspiring large. Read, Fucking Big.

Truly gorgeous creatures and to hear a pack sing out in chorus sends shivers up and down your spine.

Also, Dude... "Illegal pet" isn't the preferred nomenclature. "Undocumented companion," please.

Years ago a friends dad bought a timberwolf pup. his name was satan. He was badass. BTW, it was an illegal pet. He bought him somewhere out west ( east coast here). They lived wayyy out in the country and whenever we would go I would always go see satan out in his pen. I'm 6'3" and when he greeted me he would stand on his back feet and put his front paws on my shoulders. He looked down on me. He was friendly to me, but I wouldn't have gone if my friends dad wasn't there with us. I'd scratch his neck and he licked the top of my head... unfortunately he got loose and wouldn't let himself be caught. They ended up putting him down. He was friendly enough that he would come up to you, but wild enough you wouldn't want him around kids or other animals. Lesson here is wolves make terrible pets.

Yeah, that's the scary thing about wolves. Their viscosity.

"Continue with the tummy rubs and back scritches, puny human. I will eat you last."

One on one you may have a chance against a wolf. Maybe. Any more than that and you're fucked.

I wouldn't fight a chimp for all the money in the world. Nope Nope nope.

Yes. Since he was not afraid of people they were afraid he would end up in a nearby neighborhood and kill a child. They had found a deer carcass nearby after he escaped. They couldn't catch him, and after he killed a deer they didn't want him to go after children. It was a bad situation. That's why we shouldn't own wild animals as pets. It's not fair to the animal.

Wolves and chimpanzees are two of the animals that freak me out the most.

chimps are just asshole psychos that murder and rape shit for giggles.

wolves are smart, huge and there isn't a lot i can do if one decides im lunch, much less the whole damn pack. rationally i know wolf attacks on humans are pretty rare, but fuck if it still doesn't cross my mind every now and again.

that said, they are amazing creatures and probably one of my favorite animals to learn about. i've seen them in the zoo and such, but seeing one in the wild would really blow that out of the water i bet.

If the guy from the Revenant survived a bear attack, humans can survive a wolf attack. Stop being dramatic. We're more resilient than you realize.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why illegal pet owners are assholes.

Ben Cochrane was a fur trapper in the 20s who supposedly was found dead surrounded by wolf carcasses, 7 of which he shot and 4 he clubbed to death when his rifle ran out of ammunition.

To be fair though the average human today is probably a huge pussy compared to even a casual fur trapper


I though the same thing, was camping in Canada one time and thought I was going to scare off what ever animal was outside of my tent. I unzipped the tent to encounter a wolf the size of a Saint Bernard, this wolf had to weigh 100lbs or over. She looked over at me didn't give two shits and continued to paw at my supplies. I went back into my tent and hoped there were no more around me, they would have ripped me apart!

It's likely a wolf sanctuary. It's monitored and the wolves are used to people. You pay to go hang out with them for the day.

First of all, "Coyote country" isn't a thing. They live everywhere. I live perhaps 3 miles outside a major metro area (I can walk easily to high-rises) and I've seen them many times.

Moreover, coyotes are awesome. Sure, they aren't as sexy or romantic as wolves, but they are incredibly resilient and smart. They've survived decades of efforts by the govt to eradicate them, and have only gotten stronger for all the money wasted. They're like crows. We inherently don't respect them because they have so seemlessly adapted to our bullshit, and so they aren't really mysterious of "wild". But, that's really on us and not on coyotes or crows. They are just surviving, which is what they are supposed to do.

Wolves are really amazing, but their adaptability is very poor compared to the perhaps more humble coyotes.

Uhm isn't that very dangerous on multiple fronts?

Can you imagine the first wolves that interacted with humans and the wolves were like "gimme tummy scratches or Ill eat your throat".

Okay i'll let my dachshund roam around im sure he'll be fine by himself

Yeah if you're Liam Neeson, sure, otherwise you'd get fucked up

I would agree with that. It's a wolf, not a pet. Even IF it views you as a member of it's pack and won't hurt you, it may not view every human that way.

A worker died in a wolf sanctuary in Sweden like two years ago. They believed she tripped and that's enough to change the pack order.

The timberwolf is not the issue.

I was similarly mistaken on the size of kiwis for many years of my life.

They're always described as small flightless birds in text and there are no bananas for scale in nature documentaries; I just assumed they're palm-sized things, much like the fruit of the same name.

Turns out they're the size of chickens. Chickens are not small.

Jesus Walter!

"Fifty shades of The Grey"

Now we need a sequel to The Grey where Liam Neeson fights a troop of chimpanzees.

A lone wolf attacked my car while I was driving once.

You would be utterly dead. They are stupidly fast.

I've seen lions fight in front of the van I was in, and they were the only thing that were faster, and more instantly viscous.

"Remember when I promised to eat you last? I lied."

Yeah, a lot of people don't understand that when you get a pack of solid wolves together, they actually behave like a liquid.

Remids me of this old classic:

probably depends on the price of wolf fur

Here's a video

from a wolf challenging the "zookeeper" at that same sanctuary. The visiting group was a K9 unit from the Army and one guy forgot he had dog treats in his pocket..

I've had three close wolf encounters (the closest was probably 20ft) and all three times I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. However, my fear/nervousness was self induced more then anything else because of their size and not because of their behavior. They're just big and it's a reminder that face to face, you're not always at the top of the food chain.

But I never felt they wanted to have BCR for dinner, they were just curious about my presence.

Also some of the few times my Border Collie quickly decided that discretion was the better part of valor and not challenge a threat.

A wolf could intimidate the fuck out of any Pit Bull and it's not really about their size. Wolves only get to eat once they're found, tracked and hunted down their prey. Pit bulls eat kibble from a bowl.

I think he means vicious.

Instinct is a bitch. Apex predators are terrifying.

Yeah, people severely underestimate humans when it comes to this sort of thing... They think we're like Grey Aliens, made out of balsa wood and tissue paper, when in reality we're like slightly larger, proportionately weaker genius chimps with far more endurance and durability than 90% of other megafauna.

Sure they are. Most people peel the skin off, but I like to leave it on them. Provides a nice, tart balance to the sweet flesh.

wait kiwis are the size of chickens? why did i never know this?

You're out of your fucking mind if you think a human can take an animal that has knives for teeth and that kind of bite force. Even getting glanced by a wolf's tooth would absolutely shred a human's skin.