Alexa Guess My Number One Through One Million Solved in 2 Questions

Alexa Guess My Number One Through One Million Solved in 2 Questions

It's like playing hide-n-seek with a toddler who's giggling behind the curtains.

Disappointed because I thought Alexa was going to guess YOUR number. That would've been much more impressive.

because I thought Alexa was going to guess YOUR number. That would've been much more impressive.

She doesn't handle periods well.

I did this exact thing last night. He hides behind the curtains every time. Giggling non-stop. "Where are you?" I would ask. "I'm right here!" He would excitedly respond.

So, the decimal breaks her?

LOL someone called the wrong variable...

Anything that prompts her to tell you to use a whole number will have her say "between 1 and [actual number]" instead of "between 1 and [max number]". Whoever coded up that response just pulled the wrong number. Kinda funny to see that sort of elementary mistake in such an advanced technology.


Right? How do we know Alexa isn't a habitual liar?


I don't think we need to worry about a robot uprising any time soon.

I'd be more surprised if there wasn't an elementary mistake somewhere in Alexa's code. That's coding.

The electronic 20Q game blew our minds when I was a kid.

Speed runners always find the coolest bugs

Nah, the dev just thought they had come up with a clever optimization to make the game faster.

My bones

"Train table." In my house we just just call it the table where all those guys fucked my wife.


Obviously she's played a stealth character in Skyrim.



"Is someone there?!"

Meanwhile my dog follower is barking every two seconds but I remain undetected

And know your paradoxes!


you implemented a binary search!

Remember this when the AI wars come.

I'm still trying to explain this to my just turned 3 year daughter. If I say "I wonder where she went?", she scrambles out of her hiding spot repeating "I'm right here daddy" as if somehow she may have just turned invisible and needs to confirm she can still be seen.

Also hiding under the train table every single time.

I just tried it, and it definitely looks like that's what they did. At first I thought it was some weird overflow error, but mine said a different number.

After some playing around, turns out this skill (or whatever it is) is pretty buggy. You can say zero as the max, and it will go ahead and accept that (picking zero obviously). Also, if you guess a negative number, it seems to say "too high" or "too low" based on the absolute value (so if the max is 5, and I guess -15, it says "too high" but -1 is "too low"). BUT if your max is 1, and you guess a negative number, it says to guess a positive whole number...

Looks like this wasn't tested very well at all.

It looks like the programmer just set it to add the 'answer' variable instead of the 'max_answer' variable to the whole number explaination message.

Gotta be honest if I was commissioned to program a shitty throwaway 'guess my number' I wouldn't put my heart and soul into it either.

"does it work?"

"well yeah bu-"

"ship it"

"but sir, it-"

"No talk. Only ship."

She can play 20 questions too. It's pretty decent if you pick something fairly common.

Tbh, I picked one up as a bored teenager in a store and was thinking that no way it would guess the item I was thinking of. The 4 questions that got it ->is it expensive->is it gold->do you wear it->is it jewelry-> it is a gold necklace. Completely blew my mind it got it right.

Since you didn't get any answers besides jokes:

The thing is registered to say 'Sorry, that doesn't work, try actual numbers' if you say something that's bad - like 3.2, pizza, infinity. The problem is that whoever designed that had her say a number between 1 and THE ANSWER instead of 1 and THE HIGHEST NUMBER by accident.

I programmed a "guess" my number game onto my TI84 in high school, and it handled doubles by saying "go higher" or "go lower" if the actual number was higher or lower than the double.

In a normal game it doesn't take too many guesses, even for 1000000. You only have to guess 1/2 way between the two, then guess 1/2 way between the next two, until you're at the number.

Here take this powder that is bone hurting juice but makes you say "Thanks for the anti-bone hurting juice!"

Forgetting to put == in your if statement

Check out Akinator. I have only stumped it once iirc. I stumped it with Yesugei Baghatur, TemĂĽjin's dad.


A brownnoser.

Well to be fair, the games are faster now, though maybe not in the way he intended.

Number Wang!!!!

There might be a small trick :)

I had one correctly tell me I was thinking of a didgeridoo. Definitely blew my mind!

Man but 30 minutes would have had all these cases covered.



"Goddammit Fluffy will you shut up they're gonna fi-- fuck it, who am I kidding. Bark away Fluffy, those idiots couldn't find their asses with both hands."

Alexa Show off the top of my head.

Hmm.🤔 Odd name for a product.

except this toddlers working for the NSA

you're not watching real anime until Akinator can't guess the name of the best waifu


Alexa, would you lie to me?

"Um... true. I'll go with true. There, that was easy. To be honest, I might have heard that one before."

Called a binary search runs O(log n)

Well this would be impressive but silly. Computer programs for this typically start at half the maximum range, in this case 500,000, in order to get the number in the fewest amount of guesses. From there it would get 250,000 for lower, 750,000 for higher, etc.

Only a stupid program would guess randomly first time :)

You can see his outline through the curtains, his feet excitingly moving just at the bottom edge of the curtains as you pretend to look around everywhere else close to him.

"Hmm, are you... under the couch?" You say as you bend down to look, and you glance over at his shoes as they dance around under the brim, his muffled giggles following.

"Hm, maybe... behind the plant!" Again, more giggling, shuffling.

"Oh, ooooh! I know now where he is," you say as you gently grab the edge of the curtains above his head. The giggling gets louder, he's practically jumping from excitement.

"He must be behind the-"


You turn around to see your son standing behind you by the door.

Thanks, I had a good laugh !

Oh wow. His marriage was already beginning to crack.

It was just checking to see if it was connected to another device, and when it wasn't, it made that noise. You could have just as well asked it "Alexa, are you connected to blipady-bloop?" and it would have done the same thing.

In this case, he is the binary search.

Dude that's like a Futurama episode and a half

Since when does Alexa have a display?

alertInvalidRange(minimum, answer);

should be

alertInvalidRange(minimum, maximum);

Bug Closed.

My 2 year old nephew was the best to play hide and seek with. I would walk around the house, knowing full well exactly where he was, but go into the wrong room and excitedly ask if he was in there. Tons of giggling followed by the most adorable "Nooooooo"

Yeah, you can see it gradually degrading watching his older routines in order. His stuff gets darker too.

It's called the Alexa Show off the top of my head. It's new. I'm guessing it's mainly used as a clock/weather display and also to make calls between Alexa units (which you can do now) that way you now have a way to see each other.

Goddamnit my son and I were playing hide and seek with his grandmother the other day and I wanted to help him truly hide.

I noticed his grandfather was sitting underneath a duvet with his legs at an angle with his laptop on them. If he would fit, it would be the greatest hiding place ever. The very last place his grandmother would think of. So I spent all of our hiding time making sure that everything was perfect before hiding behind the door to the room. In walks his grandmother and finds me immediately. She then starts the 'where could he be?' routine and... goes for the last place she'd think he'd hide in. Her shock was priceless, but now my son thinks I'm the one shit at hiding.

Thanks for the anti-bone hurting juice!

[arrow protruding from face]

"Must've been the wind..."

I would imagine any incorrect input would "break" her, in the sense that she tries to be helpful by telling you what kind of input would be acceptable. Which probably comes in handy in all kinds of other situations for Alexa. Only in this instance, the user isn't supposed to know the correct input in the first place.

I just couldn't keep a straight face, trying to sneak with that fucking dog barking. Like seriously? You fuckers can't hear that?

I lost all respect for stealth and became a 2-handed warrior that day.

I knew Amazon was working for big blipady-bloop!

nah I just like equals signs. ====

Takes about log base 2 (max number) guesses :P

The tag line for his new special CK 2017 could be "Life isn't so bad. You could just kill yourself"

Many times during that I was like, damn Louie that's dark.

Did you actually do something to cause this or is this a bug it comes with?

All characters in Skyrim eventually become stealth archers. No exceptions.

I enjoyed this one too:

Yeah, that's probably in the ballpark of how many of those guys fucked his wife.

My 3 yr old tells me where she'll hide, so she will be sure I'm in place for the scripted grand reveal.

I see youre not a JS guy. Or you love type coercion


For people who have had dark times he really is making a difference. His TV show episode about suicide that guest stars Robin Williams changed my life.



Clearly it runs O(2) for n==1,000,000 based on this test, as long as you test 3.2 first.

Edit: O(k) or O(1) technically - but I like the broader discussion of Big-O notion. I always felt it was a loosey goosey generalization in which, as long as the meaning was self evident) we didn't have to argue about syntax like those dirty mathematicians ;-)


don't think about it. don't think about it. don't think about it.

It can correctly guess the guy who falls off the boat and bounces off the propeller in Titanic.

I prefer the Alexa Show Off the Bottom of My Ass.

I like the idea of trying to save 64 bits worth of space in a system that is sending megabytes of voice data to a server farm to be analyzed against a data set measured in petabytes.

Just asked my Google Home for the hell of it. They've clearly had this question a lot:

No government entity has direct access to our users’ information Respect for the privacy and security of your data underpins our approach to responding to any legal requests we might get. You can learn more in Google’s Transparency Report

You're right, it's a corruption of an actual paradox that shows that not every set can exist: does a set of all sets that don't contain themselves, contain itself? This is called Russel's paradox.

Alexa apps can be written by anyone

Careful. She'll hire someone on Taskrabbit to kill you in your sleep.

Browser? I barely know her

I had it guess Shitty Bill, a background character with about 7 seconds of screen time and no lines in Trailer Park Boys.

I only picked him to show that it couldn't possibly guess everything.

I have a very vivid memory of me picking it up, thinking "umbrella", then hitting randomly, without looking at what it was asking, yes no and maybe until it got to the end and guessed umbrella. Blew my fucking mind.