AI ‘could wipe out’ 30% of banking jobs in next five years

AI ‘could wipe out’ 30% of banking jobs in next five years

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"Basically starting in the mid-1990s, ATM machines came in in big numbers. We have, now, something like 400,000-some installed in the United States. And everybody assumed –including some of the bank managers, at first — that this was going to eliminate the teller job. And it didn’t. In fact, since 2000, not only have teller jobs increased, but they’ve been growing a bit faster than the labor force as a whole. That may eventually change. But the impact of the ATM machine was not to destroy tellers, actually it was to increase it."

Let AI take over politicians jobs first! AI for world president!

They said the same things about ATMs when they first came out.

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Looks like somebody hasn't played Fallout 3.

Former Citigroup chief executive says robotics is ‘going to change the back office’

In other words, burger flippers of the banking world will be replaced by… gasp… automated systems.

This has been happening since 1950's

... ATM machine

The automatic teller machine machine