After seeing people here get into a huff over someone enjoying Amy Schumer's stand up routine

After seeing people here get into a huff over someone enjoying Amy Schumer's stand up routine

No, you aren't, but it's hard to loudly not complain about things.

But also, if a person enjoys something you don't.... why the hell would you care? I mean, if it's not your college roommate listening to some terrible song on repeat or something, it probably has no effect on you, so why care?

I do think some people get triggered by female comedians.

You rarely hear much shouting about male comedians being desperately unfunny. I never found Seinfeld funny but I never went on about it. And I've never seen memes or rants about male comedians being unfunny.

But some people for whatever reason feel the need to get really worked up about female comedians they don't like.

I had a similar discussion with someone yesterday about Mass Effect: Andromeda. I mean, sometimes things just aren't for you. That doesn't make them bad or utter shit or anything, just not your thing.

For example, I don't go around actively campaigning against people who rub their genitals against balloons for sexual pleasure. Looning isn't my thing but that doesn't mean it's bad or immoral, it's just not for me.

Another thing I'm kind of tired of is this weird idea a lot of people have in their heads now that if you disagree with them or like something they don't you're automatically a shill. Like it's 100% out of the realm of possibility that someone might like something they don't like, so you must be some kind of corporate automaton promoting some evil agenda. It's good to be critical but sometimes this all just gets out of hand.

I don't really like Amy Schumer's stuff. I'm also not a fan of Lena Dunham or Whitney Cummings. So I don't watch them. I don't actively hope they'll fail or that bad things will happen to them. I just ignore them and watch Futurama for the 500th time. Not that hard.

I agree. You'll see people trashing Amy Schumer for being (barely) fat and making unfunny jokes about it, but then turn right around and praise- for example- Jim Gaffigan. His newest(?) special is garbage compared to his past specials and he makes so many jokes about how fat he is. He even may have stolen a fucking joke. I can't cite that because I can't remember who did the original, but the bit about not being able to slam your phone down on the receiver to hang up on people anymore has definitely been done already. I just wish I could remember who did it. If anyone knows, please link a source so I don't look like I'm just pulling something out of my ass to make a point.

The thing is, I understand that that's an easy thing to make a joke about. I understand that he probably came up with it not realizing it's already been done. People don't even take a second to consider that the same thing probably happened to Amy. Why would somebody with that much fame steal a joke? Have you taken a second to consider that most people probably aren't that stupid? I come up with bits all the time that I scrap simply because I feel like there's no way it hasn't already been done. I don't want to suffer from the Amy Schumer effect when I finally get onstage. It's sad that I even have to phrase it like that.

Despite all of that, though, people just go on to call Amy a fat, unfunny, joke-stealing whore.

I'm really not big on anything she's done in the last few years, but she used to be hilarious (in my opinion). She's just managed to let fame to get to her head, I assume. I feel terrible for her and the hate she receives. She's definitely one of MANY comedians who's latest specials have been garbage, but she's the only one you'll hear about on the front page of reddit. Why does she have to take all the heat? If we're going to bitch about comedians sucking now, can we talk about Jim Gaffigan? Steve Byrne? Trevor Noah? All guys that I love who's recent specials barely made me laugh out loud. But they're dudes, so they're still funny, right?

I love reddit, but fuck reddit. Not to generalize and say that all redditors are created equal, but damn. People are rude as hell.

Edit: To quote Amy Schumer; "I mention one UTI and everybody just thinks I walk around leaving a snail trail of cum. But a guy could come up here and literally whip his dick out and people would be like, 'He's a thinker.'"

Edit 2: I'm sorry for rambling. I have no idea how to make a quick point when I'm aggravated about something. Also, I love Trevor Noah. I just didn't care for 90% of his new special.

Wait a minute I think we should hold up and discuss that middle part there...

There is a difference. No one points at Dane Cook and says male comedians aren't funny. But they do point at Amy Sheumer and say that women comedians aren't funny.

"Stop liking things I don't like!" - people

Ah yes, this is definitely a fair point and is certainly a stark difference between Shumer and my examples. Thank you.

Assholes have more of their identity wrapped up in what they hate as opposed to what they like.

Family Guy made fun of it

You rarely hear much shouting about male comedians being desperately unfunny.

While I agree that people on the internet seem to get disproportionately worked up about female comedians they don't like, I wouldn't necessarily say that I rarely hear about male comedians...

Dane Cook was a comedian people would get so worked up about that .

Daniel Tosh and Anthony Jeselnik have also taken flack about not only not being funny, but making rape jokes.

People here are more obsessed with Amy Schumer than I am, and I actually like Amy Schumer.

I agree. I just googled that and it's a real thing apparently.

Also, I'm really glad that he mentioned the balloons, because Urban Dictionary has some very different ideas about Looning.

Right. Unless someone is being forced to watch or listen to her or any celebrity, why get angry and bash them on the internet? Can't you just say "well this woman isn't funny, let's see what else is on TV"?

I've read that passage and she was like 7 years old. While I wouldn't have broadcasted it to the world like she did, the uncomfortable truth is that it not uncommon for children to be exploring their sexuality. Not sure if you've grown up with other kids or take care of kids, but kids do some pretty fucked up things out of plain curiosity, and adults often have to set boundaries.

I have babysat and sometimes volunteer at daycare centers, and I have caught kids doing things including: mount other kids that are laying down, simulate getting naked and touching each other like in movies, whip out their genitals, draw each other naked, spontaneously undress, etc. I haven't seen this, but I also recently learned that some babies go through a phase where they masturbate by rubbing their genitals against something. However, I would not call any of them sex offenders.

You're proving my point. You hate Amy Schumer. But you feel the need to vocalize that opinion because you hate women like her. The notion of her having power is threatening.

And you can't handle that like an adult, so you've lashed out at her - instead of what is actually causing you grief.

Would you call a male comedian who did the same thing, a drunken whore? Eddie Murphy's Raw was groundbreakingly crude, but none of the reviews said that he had indiscriminate sex and questioned his sobriety.

Funny, becuase most comedians I've seen came to Schumer's defense at the allegations. Including the ones she 'stole' material from.

The vast majority of her haters are sexist dipshits. Plenty of people don't like her, and that's fine. But the ones who loudly complain about her on Reddit? They've got something deeper going on.

Pretty much. If it's not women, it's an ethnic group. Or a religious group. Or the 'gay agenda'. Or 'liberals'. Or 'globalists'. Or, just anyone they disagree with - who they label an 'SJW'.

I'd pity them, if they weren't actively working to rob people of their dignities and livelihood.

Pretty sure it's not just "alt-right dipshits" who think Amy Schumer is a hack who steals jokes...pretty sure a lot of comedians who aren't "alt-right dipshits" think she's a piece of shit for stealing jokes...but do go on with the blanket generalizations.

Actually it was because other comedians and numerous comedy fans all actively campaigned against them which led to no one going to their shows.

Omg seriously. Reddit is so god damn up in arms that Lena is a molester (it wasn't really rape) to her sister and don't consider all you said above. Kids are weird, my little sister used to hump me like a damn doberman but she was 3 or 4!

I tend to give people who are accused of stealing jokes a lot of slack, because I think it's fairly common for a lot of comedians who dip into the same well of material. Especially if said joke is only one part of a huge set of similar jokes; when you're making multiple jokes of the same subject, it's not uncommon to easily replicate a joke.

Now, if it's consistent, or an obvious unique joke that was stolen, that's different.

Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia don't have careers because people stopped going to see them. Not because of Reddit campaigns to get everyone to hate them out of a sense of justice.

If you have that opinion, fine.

If you're going out of your way to vocalize that opinion at every turn, that's probably something else.

the bit about not being able to slam your phone down on the receiver to hang up on people anymore has definitely been done already.

Seinfeld definitely did that one.

I couldn't get through ten minutes of her special but holy shit the amount of nasty comments about her is ridiculous. I think she is just a scapegoat for all the chicks that don't want to fuck them.

You gotta love Reddit's massive drama on anything that isn't something not important like picking your nose in public should have a legal or illegal status. So, uhh... Reddit, what should we do about nose picking in public?

Just curious. How come there hasn't been nearly as much blind rage and howling on reddit over someone like Carlos Mencia or Dane Cook in regard to joke theft?

There are a lot of bad comedians out there. I don't know why reddit has such a hate boner for Amy Schumer specifically. I think it's mostly because she has a vagina.

I agree. Why bother with all the negativity unless it really has a major impact on you. Fuck it. Move on. Get off the bandwagon that everyone else is on.

Because they aren't relevant anymore. I'm mostly indifferent towards Amy because I haven't seen too much of her work. I thought what I saw of her tv show was funny and well executed but not funny enough for me to go out of my way to find more.

That being said there was a time when Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia were very strongly hated on the Internet. Also there was a good bit in the tv show Louis with Dane Cook in which Louis confronts him for stealing his "itchy asshole" joke. Dane's response was basically "you think you're the only one to get an itchy asshole?" and it sort of changed Louis' opinion because comedy and human experiences are universal; sometimes people have similar experiences and stories but that doesn't mean they stole a joke.

Anyway just my two cents.

Then that says more about your personal beliefs than Amy Schumer's comedy.

In other words, virtue signaling.

He is already reducing the national debt to the tune of a $1 trillion difference between where the debt was at this moment in his presidency. He has already brought back many jobs and gotten commitments for more.

Is that what your TV told you? haha

See? That argument sucks.

Yeah, the thing is that no one warns you about kids and sexual exploration because the topic is so darn taboo, but if you take care of kids, you will run across it, and it will be uncomfortable.

I'm pretty sure that I used to draw pictures of people 69'ing when I was in 2nd grade, and I didn't even know what oral sex was.

I don't know what any of that means. I know almost nothing about Amy Schumer other than she is a person that exists and people seem to absolutely hate her. I just don't understand why people would spend their time attacking a celebrity they don't enjoy instead of just paying them no attention. For example, I don't enjoy Toby Keith's music, so I just don't make anything to do with Toby Keith a part of my life.

It just doesn't make sense to me to go out of one's way to talk about how much you dislike someone that you can easily just ignore.

Bottom 20% of electoral college victories historically and his opponent won the popular vote by 3 million. Real big victory. Yuuuuuge.

Trump's approval rating is what, 37% now? Kicking ass and taking names.

I guess Chuck Schumer must be your uncle too, then. Or at least your second cousin.

EDIT: I didn't realize how many of Schumer's distant relatives were so easily triggered.

"Shh. Let people enjoy things." - Other People

And thanks for overgeneralizing people who hate a shitty comedian to stifle criticism. You are a stellar example of all that's wrong with differing opinions today.

They're second cousins. They've met like four times. Stop trying to make this political.

Right, but that's the difference. I think Jeff Dunham isn't funny, so I don't watch his stand up. I don't actively wish that his career would crash and burn though because aside from not making me laugh he hasn't done anything I'd consider a huge insult to the industry or its veterans itself.

I like you.

To also add, Joe Rogan confronted Carlos mencia at one of his shows and gave him one of the most spectacular embarassments of his entire career. Nothing like that has happened to Amy schumer.

Louis C.K. Made it his mission to destroy Dane cook by going on radio shows and shitting on him for being a joke thief throughout the entirety of his fame. So no..the treatment of her is uneven because people were much more brutal to the 2 you referenced. Also...because anytime someone has criticized her she says it's because she's a woman, which is bullshit.

There are people who don't find her funny, but there are a lot of /sub/redpill people who take offense if somebody finds a female comedian funny. They are foaming at the mouth over it.

Probably 99% of the people that don't like any given celebrity do exactly that. The people complaining are the 1%.

I have repeatedly heard that women aren't funny. Specifically woman comedians.

Hell, even Futurama riffed on that in the the Snu Snu episode.

"I like everything and everyone." - my dog

There are two types of people in the world. Those that make themselves better by improving upon themself, and those that make themselves better by trying to tear everyone else around them down.

Uhh didn't she admit to raping her younger sister multiple times? Personally couldn't care less about her career because complaining is all I really hear her do, I'm into funnier things I hope

Really? Chuck Schumer is her uncle? Interesting. Not really anything to do with the original post but a fun fact nonetheless. Might help me get some points at the local pub's trivia night some day.

I have never seen this or heard this

Southpark basically said this for an entire season, and Southpark bandwagoners took it at face value (hence the "muh vagina" references).

How can you ignore them and make a meme about them at the same time ?

It's the reason why there is so much hate following every move she makes. Amy spoke out against guns after a shooting at a movie theater that was showing her movie, Trainwreck.

I miss Dane Cook...

There definitely was backlash, but this was a decade ago so all the blind rage is long gone since a lot has happened. I specifically remember for most of the mid to late 2000s hearing "Carlos mencia/Dane Cook" and "unfunny, talentless hack" used together. Even to this day they've more or less faded into obscurity with the exception of a few minor roles here and there. I don't watch any of Amy Schumer's stand ups because I think she's the worst, but I agree with Joe Rogan that a.) There's only so much to joke about so eventually jokes will become similar and sometimes people unconsciously borrow ideas and b.) It's likely her writers' faults, but also brings up the question of why isn't anyone proofreading?

Holy fucking shit.

"Little fight, no bite"

That's why I only worry about Steve Buscemi. Did you know Steve Buscemi was a fire truck in 9/11?

Do you rate male comedians by how attractive their schtick makes them?

I'm an Amy Schumer fan but fuck me dead that special was bad . She was smug to the point of annoyance , her timing just was atrocious but the worst part was she was just really flat . I honestly thought she must have had the flu or something. Still I find her off the cuff stuff funny. Saying that I too one starred it so I was pretty pissed as well about the star rating being removed. I mean she is critical of people constantly in her material at least be woman enough to take a criticism when you bomb .

Thank you sane person

So, vagina, then?

I think it's hilarious watching how triggered these people are getting over Amy Schumer, though, because they're exactly the kind of people who go around whining about that sort of thing in the first place.

I think you woefully misinterpreted that entire season.

The point wasn't that women aren't funny. The point was that SOME women aren't funny, and you can't just call people who don't laugh sexist. "Muh vagina" is legit a quote from Amy Schumer, as "Women are funny, get over it" is a quote from a newspaper article about people not liking her standup.