Adorable Dad Reflexes

She fucking sucks, dad totally owned her.

In 60 years, she can watch this clip again and have the perfect memory of her dad and childhood (I hope).

Don't worry, they re-post this every month, i'm sure she'll see it.

'git gud noob' - Dad, probably.

She went easy on him

"Remember that time I could have totally fucking killed you?"

That elbow was brutal.

Yay, Wing Chun! 😀

I don't know why she'd want to see a gif of her dad savagely beating her as a child though

It never ends till the daughter is married and becomes another man's responsibility! JESUS CHRIST, REDDIT!

He's awesome, and I love how they both bow at the end

Cool how the kiss signals the end of combat

I'm actually pretty impressed with his moves. Especially where he gets outside the elbow. I'm confident that dad coulda beaten the shit out of his 5 year old if he was really trying.

I say that to my kids all the time #dadssaythedarndestthings

IP Man is the only reason I recognized this style.

I wish my dad was a ninja too.


Wait, what?

Heck, if she tried, this video would be on worldstar not Reddit

TFW the porn account has to correct the dirty minds of others.

That's how it's done in martial arts classes. The training session is over when the master kisses the student, or vice versa.

"That's what you think.. heh" - Daughter

Agreed. Also, the palm-strike to the nose. Ever been punched in the nose? It sucks.

I'm confident that dad coulda beaten the shit out of his 5 year old if he was really trying.

What a legend.


Wing chun is impressive to watch when perfected. I once had a friend try teaching me some basics, after which he tested me and I ended up taking an elbow to the nose. 10/10 most fun i've ever had.

It's funny how as soon as the kiss goes through, no more hits, just bow and it ends there.



The worst part is: it doesn't even hurt all that bad in the grand scheme of things. It's just... annoying. Inconvenient. It only takes a little tap in just the right spot to make your whole head turn to absolute shit.

Five seconds before you were holding your own against this guy and now your nose is running, eyes are teared up...or is that blood?!...I can't see! Shit! He's hitting me again and now I can't even see it coming!

It never ends...till they're married.

That kiss melted my heart. Great /sub/aww material.

Then starts a different type of training.

Rule them with fear. Their eventual hatred of you means it's working

i wish my ninja was a dad too.

I just wish my dad wouldn't drink.


Did someone say porn?


I love Ip Man! Was it Wing Chun that was used in 'The Raid' as well? Or is that a different style?

- Hitler's dad

Only difference is this guy stops where my dad would keep going until I cried in the corner.

Porn! Where?!?

I would love that sub more if the content is varying like this rather than the hourly "look at my cat/pupper"



you see a father and daughter playing, but I see a innocent child being conditioned into the role of a child soldier. do i need to add /s?

LiTtlE gIrl DEstRoyEd bY maRTiAl arTS exPerT!


This video

was posted a while ago on reddit, and it's kinda similar to what's going on here. As far as I understand, it's some kind of Wing Chun exercise/game called "Chi Sao" or "sticky hands". It looks kinda sick.

"Grab your heals and get ready to squeal."

edit: shit. heels...

This one, The Dragon says, "You no can return!"

Different people, different noses, so there is some variance in how badly that cartilage is going to mess a person up but it does have some impact on breathing and I hope we have some understanding of how important breathing is to continuing to fight effectively.

I dad my wish was a ninja too.

Everybody Wing Chun tonight.

Looks like Ip Man's extended family is doing well...

"Grab your heals and get ready to squeal."

Pretty sure you mean "heels" unless this is some new MMO thing I haven't tried yet.

Different people, different noses

This is my motto in life.

Nah in The Raid movies, he uses Silat

'git gud noob'

git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.


I wonder if Reddit will have the same reposts 60 years later too.

Oh man where have you been? The Raid is one of the best pure action films in the last 10 years

To be fair Hitler did lead an entire country.

Maybe not, we typically frown upon rage comics from 10 years ago, so it's possible we'd actually get tired of some reposts.

Considering she sells pics of herself through snapchat, she is probably ok with this.

Holy shit it checks out

I ninja my wish was a dad too

RIP in peace /u/sarah-xxx inbox

This guy nose.

"General, he says he wants to fight 10 children now"

It's treason, then.


Not to be negative, but this is sped up compared to the

"Good son. Use your tears and become one with the water."

I wish my drink wouldn't dad




-Iowa or Nebraska, probably

He also got killed with a headshot at the end of the game, fucking noob

And every response sounding like they are an emotionally stunted man-child with the embarrassing /sub/aww speak.

Yes. Punch through the target. On the down side it really hurts. On the up side it really hurts them as well.

A perfect memory of how to defeat him. Finally.

My old Physics/Electronics teacher in school, Mr Jones, was a really nice, slightly pudgy middle-aged chap who looked like he wouldn't hurt a fly, and I held this viewpoint for the ~3yrs he taught me. Then I found out about the Wing Chun lessons he taught and went along to see what it was about. In my first lesson he did a class demonstration of Chi Sao, blindfolded, against someone who wasn't, and still didn't get hit.

Yeah, turned out nice Mr Jones was hard as fuck. I had a new found respect for him after that, and even more so when he demonstrated that he could kick me in the face without his shoulders moving.

with 400k+ karma from nudes I imagine her inbox is well and truly used to it


daddyofive is that you?

I once read a paper about fighting and it said when you hit someone aim through them as if your fist is coming out of the back. It never occurred to me to do this. I just thought you punched the surface and that was good enough. The upside is I've never had to test this. That's a good thing.


And Baby Yebin videos are in the recommended section! Now I'm going to be lost for hours.


I wish my dad wasn't Link.

More like cute-tality with that kiss at the end

ViCioUs fAtHer BEAts dAuGhter

Do not fight with the strength, absorb it, and it flows, use it.

She has her own nsfw subreddit. She's used to things being in her inbox.

I don't know but why don't you look at my puppy?

I don't know but why don't you

I just wish my dad was that Asian.

I see a young woman who can walk truly fearlessly into the world

This is the original

That's not the original

See, it does work!

Like that moment in Ratatouille when the harsh critic takes the first bite of Remy's dank ass dish


Into the Dadlands

at morgue: it's just a prank