A young Conan O’Brien.

A young Conan O’Brien.

hahaha, poor kid. It looks like his bangs start at the top of his head.

So that's why he became so funny.

he could pass for a girl in this picture

He looks like he could go for a nice cold coca cola.

Bad Luck O'brian

he got the "hold still boy, it's time for a haircut" haircut

Conan O'Tryin

Ur saying Conan isnt a chick? But those legs ... and those hips ...


After this picture was taken he vowed that gravity will not win control over his hair ever again

dear lord, whom ever released these images has got to be stopped.


I always figured his stories about getting made fun of at school were exaggerated...I guess not.

Who is Conan O'Brian? And why's she so sad?

With some peanuts thrown in the glass as well? That was a thing right?

Didn't say anything about him being a ginger, he's funny looking needs to be funny as a survival mechanism. I should know I was funny looking too.


Like this pic I found a few weeks ago?  http://imgur.com/OFjctV7

Like this pic I found a few weeks ago?

It gets weirder when you see him in Jeggings

It gets weirder when

That's a supercuts haircut if I've ever seen one.

He looks stoned


No we know why he's funny.

Whomstdve ever

Look at that smug bastards smile, he knew what he was gonna grow up to be! -_-

Well tbf, I bet he was a red headed weirdo back then too.