A stream crossing another stream

A stream crossing another stream

Don't cross the streams guys...

See, the water coming from one direction belongs to this guy, and the water coming from the other direction belongs to that guy, but if the waters intermingle then all the water belongs to this guy because his water rights priority is older, so for that guy to keep his water he has to make sure the streams don't touch.

Source: live in a Western state. Water laws are weird. Plus I'm just guessing.

When we were younger, my brother and I used to go to the bathroom at the same time and cross our pee streams. We would then use this supercharged piss stream to defeat demigods who were trying to overthrow our city.

Is this a normal irrigation technique? It seems weird to me.

This remind me of those "Build a Race Track" things. I always loved overlapping tracks.


Meanwhile in Germany... http://i.imgur.com/J4C6hOb.jpg

Meanwhile in Germany...

If you've ever existed at the same time as water and gravity this should be fairly simple.


I'm gonna be honest-I have no clue what you mean, but it sounds nifty.

The way nature intended it.

erie canal over the genesee river, rochester ny:


erie canal over the genesee river, rochester ny:

Every inch of hydraulic head is important, although it seems like they lose a lot on the near side of the flume.


Def thought I was reading a great start to a "two guys at a urinal joke"....was slightly disappointed.

More water to more land. If the streams joined, the area in the front of the picture wouldn't be getting fed water. Now it is. This will be good for keeping the plants alive.

Hot Wheels!! Orange tracks, curves, loops, overlaps, and the coolest cars.

water higher up can go further than water down low, as it has to run down hill.

Humans: bridging the gap between nature's possibilities and nature's* intentions

* might just be mankind's intentions

Botanist here. Its natural! Those are Woodlings, friendly forest plants that help water move by providing them viaducts. The water provides the Woodlings water and the plant helps the water get where it needs to go. Its a great example of a symbiotic relationship.

Source: I smoked weed once.

Just make a 2 by 2 square in the ground, fill it with water. Bam, infinite water.

You're welcome, Flint.

This is better than mildly interesting.

This is moderately interesting.


What's the purpose of doing this?

Tbh I wasn't even expecting it to be a real sub

Plot twist!!

This guy probably has a "water easement" running through his property as part of his deed.

Gotta admit, I was expecting the Undertaker to throw Mankind off the cage at the end of this comment.

We can do that if you are into it.

Hot Wheels collectors are the group other toy collectors avoid. They're known to wait outside before the store opens and leave the car aisle a mess just to get their newest catch. If you ever go into a Toys R Us and see a bunch of guys in double denim, just walk away.

Water more land? With water? Brawndo has what plants crave.

Did I just have a seizure, guys? Send hlp.

It looks like almost every photo is of the toys new in box... that sounds like the opposite of fun.


here it is today:


weird history: they turned it into a subway system (after rerouting the canal south of the city, which you can still navigate)


now it's dry and abandoned but you can tour it

How could they not put up like traffic signs for fish on the side of that thing.

And in Sweden: http://i.imgur.com/faFttvZ.jpg

And in Sweden:

mankind is nature's intention

If you've ever played minecraft this should be fairly simple.

The whole reason for this ridiculous sounding conversation is "no".

Say Farmer Al and Farmer Bob have adjacent land. A stream starts on Farmer Al's land and flows down to Farmer Bob's land. Farmer Al has not been using the water, but Farmer Bob has been irrigating with it.

Farmer Al decides one day he wants a pond, so he digs a hole and dams the stream. Suddenly, Farmer Bob doesn't have enough water for his crops. Is he stuck, suddenly unable to feed himself?

That's why water rights are so complicated.

Edit: minor text fixes

Crazy how nature do that.

Yes, hot wheels are almost as bad as Legos...

Damn, that's tight

YES! Do they still do those?

I'm guessing this is "dry land" farming. Irrigation projects and water rights are very important to farmers. I would imagine that this is a farmer making the most out of his or her water allotment.

Edit: the farmer may not have rights to the lower stream so they're diverting it over the top.

I am not a water law expert, but I did date a girl who was getting her Master's in Watershed something something, so that's like the next best thing.

Water rights -- especially here in the West -- are more important than your property rights. If someone has a claim over water that flows over your property you can do nothing whatseoever to impede that water.

So the need for permission is actually inverted: if you own land and want to do something that might modify a stream or ditch that crosses your own property, you need to get permission from the water right holder and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Or been outside before.

The demigods were skid marks in the bowl, right?

Minecraft isn't the standard when it comes to any physics really.

Anyone in /sub/rochester know what area of the city this is from? Can't figure out what it would look like now.

I used to work at walmart. They were the absolute worst. A couple of them figured out that the front door was unlocked at 7am for employees and would come while we were stocking shelves and try to pick through the boxes.

Used to work in Walmart's sporting goods, which in our store was right beside toys. The Hot Wheels aisle (because they got their own aisle) always had a bunch of creepy looking old guys in it. When I was new, I was always worried they were there to pick up kids, not cars, but the toys employees quickly corrected me. Those are just adult Hot Wheels collectors, and your comment only confirms how widespread this trend is.


Cost ya tho

but the flint biome makes it dirty again, its almost like the nether except instead of making water disappear it just makes it poisonous.

Because the streams don't cross.

Somewhere in the backstory a lawyer made a killing off of a water rights dispute.

Or this is a circular water system that inspired the latest Disneyland ride.

But how would you get permission from whoever owns the land it's on here to build this? Why would they agree to it?

I just accidentally clicked on a random part of the map below that Street View link and ended up here. How often does Google go inside buildings for Street View these days?

Everything streams to be in order here...

Locks are all over, in Scotland they use a lift/elevator to join canals at different heights.


Instructions unclear: stream now electrified.

Could be that guy's land and this guy's stream just goes through it

Slot cars!

Step 1: Build awesome track Step 2: Watch car fail to get even a third of the way through the track Step 3: Fight siblings with track pieces Step 4: Ice painful red track-welts

That was... exstream.

Sounds like my PhD thesis


make scalpels

Why can't you just connect the streams and ensure same amount of water enters and exits using Kirchoff's Laws


They've been starting to outsource their footpath imagery to adventurer-photographer kinds of people for about a year now. You register with them and tell them the places you're going, and if it fits with what they want to see image they'll contact you. They pay you a small amount for the work and send you a 50 lb backpack with the 360 degree camera protruding out the top, which you drag along wherever you go.

I wish nature was a bit more of mankind's intention.

There was a 3rd brother?

oh shit! that's on the way to the canal, that's the abandoned subway

you can tour it without leaving your desktop, how cool is that?

i think google is now extending street view to bike trails and hiking trails, but this area is completely unofficial, so that really is adventurous of google

nice catch, thank you

Wait are you telling me I can't build a Nether Portal IRL? What should I do with my Obsidian now?

They do cross though. They just don't commingle with one another.

I hope we've all learned something today.

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Album: Head is Important

Song: On the Near Side of the Flume

Water right are also time based as well. Boulder city for example has most of the water rights in the area because the city has been around the longest.

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Challenge accepted.


Canals were built to a standard minimum width so boats could go anywhere on the network, like HTML for the internet. And bridges are expensive so naturally they were designed to be as narrow as they could.

Hydraulic Head sounds like a great band name.

They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

In my city we have the only swing aqueduct in the world https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barton_Swing_Aqueduct

Electrolytes they're what plants crave!

Water? You mean like from the toilet?

Or a sexual maneuver.

The water would slow down quite a bit in that case, as the two currents intermingled, dropping sediment and requiring regular dredging.

So move a few squares over to another biome, make infinite glass bottles filled with clean water

Had to translate this to farmer "A" and farmer "B" in my head in order to understand this.

Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. Am I right?

Go on...

My sediments exactly.

Me and you, in the nude.

This is not the best stream pun in the world. This is only a tributary.

So no need for the fish traffic lights then.

I can't believe I've joined this conversation.


We post in rather interesting times.

Do NOT Google "gross ass image."

I see water you did there.

I saw the word "flume" and all I can think of is Bon Iver.